Sunday, October 16, 2011

No Simple Solution

many think that by changing the present government, all their problems would be easily solved! don't we learn anything from US? are they doing any better now? also, take Egyptians for example - are they doing any better after the so-called "Revolution?" well, while it's okay to topple any oppressive regime or even to change a corrupted system, but we've to understand that the problems we're facing now are way much complicated! for example, don't u think we can make our country free of corruption once a new (i hope better) government take in charge? would the policemen at ground, for example, stop collecting illegal money from foreigners? would they?

if u're using your rational (not emotion), you pretty sure know the answer - the problems are actually rooted from our very own society (regardless of your political ideology)! so, for me, the believe saying that by having a new gov would simply solve our problems is totally nonsense! and i don't understand why there are still many who believe this! folks, please use your brain la! ;) 

p/s: if you can't do anything to improve your own local society, stop criticizing others! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Early Retirement

3 types of income (which most of us aren't aware):
  1. earning income - from our monthly salaries
  2. portfolio (active) income - from our investment portfolios (e.g. stock, gold)
  3. passive income - normally from real estates investment
we could retire if and only if we manage to keep our 2nd and 3rd incomes stable - it's okay tho to go slowly from the first to the third step..but, the important thing to plan your future..

p/s: learning from my friend Fadzli (PHD candidate in Statistics)

Monday, October 10, 2011

our first step

"regardless of anything we do, our first step is always the hardest one - it's the moment where doubts, uncertainties, and fears come into our hearts, minds, and souls..but, once we manage to overcome all these negativities, the following steps would be much easier!"

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