Saturday, October 30, 2010

Letaklah Sesuatu Pada Tempatnya:

..maybe, because of the demand of present world, everybody is trying to be well rounded..a doctor, for example, might not be satisfied just by acquiring medical knowledge..engineers try to outsmart the real economists when they talk about economy..academicians (this is the worst case) on the other hand prefer to prove their intellectual in all possible areas (politics, economy, education, etc)..but, the question remains the same: is it possible for one to be good in everything especially in just one time? 

before, we go further, let's define the real meaning of being all-rounded person..i was told by many that, to be well-rounded is very easy: you should have very strong knowledge in your particular niche, and merely general understanding of other areas..if this is what we mean by being WELL-rounded, then, i should suggest to substitute/replace the word WELL with other word which has similar meaning to "cincai" in, in a nutshell, there is no such well-rounded person existed in this world..

okay, let's assume that we accept the definition mentioned above..also, we acknowledge the fact that it is implausible for one to be very good in all areas in once..only then (if you agree with me), we could further discuss our main topic: "to put something in its actual place" (this is the basic concept of fairness in Islam)..

but, looking to current situation, of which everyone is trying to outsmart others, i have come up with this one simple question?

"should we consider the opinions of one person, tho (s)he is not the expert of that particular area?"

so, to make this discussion even simpler, let's consider these few examples:

1) when the academicians try to outsmart the politician while talking the problems of the people:

more often than never, academicians will try to picture themselves as the smartest creation in this world (i'm not referring to all..i believe that many are still tawaduk with the knowledge they have)..but, i just feel awkward when academicians are trying to elaborate the problems of the people as is they know better than the politicians..but, don't get me wrong..i'm not saying that politicians are smart..indeed, most of them are just bangang...yet, this kebangangan doesn't invalidate my arguments that academicians have no right, and hence aren't fit, to talk about the problems of the people..but why? let me ask you, how many academicians are really going to the ground and communicating with people?? out of their 24 hrs, how many hours that they spend out of their study table?? you cannot simply back up your argument by inserting some theories from  your prior readings..that just doesn't make sense to, the best person (tho still got many things to improve) to talk about people's concerns is nothing but the politicians..

2) when politician try to make education-related-policy:

this is really making me uneasy..why should we let these politicians to decide the fate of our education..they don't fit the job at all..the power should be passed to the experts, which is academician..that's why, i believe that educational agenda shouldn't be's the most important aspect that defines the success of a country..give back the power to academician..let them decide what's the best method to educate our kids..hence, the minister of education should be selected among the academician, and not by appointing any dumb politicians..

3) when engineer talk about economy, and try to be as the best known person in economy:
4) and, the list goes on..

but, while discussing this topic, i should make myself very clear..i'm not saying that we should not participate in any discussions of topics other than our niche areas..yet, i'm telling that we should know our limits when talking about things that we, ourselves, are not familiar with..don't say things that you don't really know..i think this is the best way to  make any discussions, when involved various people, more objective when we know our roles..don't take others' roles..knowledge is very powerful..but. don't use it as a tool to bring disaster to the people..indeed, the knowledgeable persons are very humble with their wisdoms..remember, Allah is the only one that has the highest knowledge possible..other than Him are very limited! ;)

SPM 2010: Good Luck!

lagi 3 minggu, paper pertama SPM 2010 (bahasa melayu) akan bermula..rasa takut, cuak, dan nervous..the fact that i was no longer high school student..still, i feel so nervous about it..but, why?

last year, saya bersama rakan2 laen ada menganjurkan satu program motivasi bersama student form 4 dari dua buah sekolah di Mersing..the theme of the program was "a good start for a better tomorrow," which mainly centered on achieving excellent results in the 2010 SPM..we applied slightly different approach so to motivate them: merely based on reward-system, in which if u strive hard, and thus get good results, u will be granted with various kind of opportunities..we, at that time, didn't believe, and therefore ridicule the concept of punishment..

we also ruled out some redundant rules during the camp period..for example, we just enforced one basic rule, which is time punctuality..other than that, the students are free from any bounds..they can go to the talk w/ tee tucked out, flip-flop, and the best part is they are treated as friends rather than participants..even to the extent, our very own facilitators merely wore kain sarung while giving talk..the point of doing such things was to demonstrate the needs of concentrating on the content of the event, and not otherwise..why should we bother to ask the students to always tuck their tee in, while we simply know that these students won't do the same thing when they are out in town? why should we ask them to wear formal/school shoes during the camp while they don't feel comfortable with it? these are the arguments that i personally talked to the teachers from both schools when they challenged our camp rules..luckily enough, they submitted to our rationales, and thus gave us as much freedom to conduct the camp in a way that we though might benefit the students..for this understanding, i'm so grateful..

anyway, thru some feedbacks from the students, the program seemed like to be successful..but, for me personally, it was not sufficient..i desired solid numerical data so to evaluate the program..hence, we decided to take 2010 SPM results as our true indicator..and, i pray to God so all these students are granted with determination and perseverance while taking the test..i also pray to God so to make their ways easier than they might all adik2 Summer Camp SPM 2010, i wish u guys all the best..i, personally, will always pray for ur thrive.."tho SPM is not everything, but it's a key to a better hard, pray hard, and act smart!"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mutually Exclusive

i just learned from a movie, of which i forgot its title, that men and women are way different from each others..they barely have the common..and the salient different (as being mentioned in that movie) between them is the following:

WOMEN: when they talk about their problems to someone (especially guys), they don't expect the guy to give them solution..what they really care is for the guy to show his empathy towards their misfortunes..for example, when they say that they got troubles with their co-workers, they don't want the guy to guide them to get out from the problem..merely listening to their stories is good enough for them..thus, this explains the reason why women want their partners to listen them, instead of being their problem solvers

MEN: for men, there is one basic rule: "I speak what i really mean!" and thus, when men asks solutions for their troubles, they do really mean it..they don't really care about all those emotional feelings..for them, the quicker they got out from their problems, the happier they would be..they are more excited to see the results, rather than the process..that's why, they prefer to share their problems with their male buddies..also, men, typically, consider being emotionally needy is a sign of weakness..hence, they would rather act cool regardless of how severe their problems are..

i think by knowing this spectacular behavioral differences between men and women would be really helpful to sustain any kind of relationship..the common mistake for most of failed marriage is due to the lack of understanding of this side is expecting the other to behave the same way that (s)he does..when this happen, it will create a conflict of interest..typically, both would be hurt at the end of the day..

I can guarantee you that, by any means, we couldn't change the nature of both creations..they are created so to be mutually exclusive to each others..i used to think men and women in the following method:

in basic probability theory, two events are mutually exclusive iff:

let's assume A = men, and B = women..and thus, 

P(A n B) = P(A) * P(B)   

going further by considering conditional probability:

P(A/B) = probability for A to happen, given the B event happens.

P(A/B) = P(A n B) / P(B),

so for mutual exclusive case, we can simplify to the following:

P(A/B) = P(A) * P(B) / P(B)  = P(A)

this applies to P(B/A) = P(B)

hence, it proves that each events (men and women) is independent of each others..they could survive w/o the existence of one another..but, to be more successful, they should work on different note..they should forget the fact that they are different, but to complement each others..that's why, it's against the rule of nature (as well as Islam) for humans to get married with their same genders..for homo couples, they might have better understandings towards each other's feelings, yet they are not complete...therefore, sometimes, the reason for us of not being perfect is to let others to fill the gap (this explain the idea of getting married..yes, i mean heterogeneous kinda marriage)..and i like this one particular notion, "the men's responsibility is not to understand their girls, but merely to love them!"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


resah, lemas, sakit mata dan hati, bernanah telinga bila berbincang dengan manusia yang bersikap pessimistic tidak bertempat..semua benda ada saja salahnya..even yang baek pon dicungkil/digali agar kesalahannya nyata dan terang..kenapa tidak dilihat dari sudut positif terlebih dahulu?..mengapa tidak diperbetulkan dengan cara yang  tidak membinasakan??mengapa harus bermusuh? bagi air percuma pon salah??? bg wang ehsan kepada warga emas pon salah??! bila byk gula2 diumumkan dalam sesuatu bajet, dikatakan pula bajet itu bajet raih undi? bila tak diberi, dikatakan tidak menjaga kebajikan rakyat?? inilah manusia..bila kuasa menjadi ILAH (sumber kecintaan), kebencian menjadi kebanggaan..malah, ada yang begitu berbangga mengkafirkan sesama yang laen..ader pula yang dituduh khianat kepada negara bila mana memperjuangkan hak2 bangsa laen.. bila anak muda hilang minat nk ambil tahu pasal negara, dituduh pula anak muda lebih pentingkan hiburan dan tidak matang! wahai manusia2 terlibat, ubahlah perangai kamu dahulu..bersihkan sistem, jadikan Allah sebagai sumber kecintaan hakiki..only then, we would have better living!

Monday, October 25, 2010


the wisdoms of knowing our death is getting closer:
  • we'll appreciate more about our present life so that we won't waste every single second, doing useless things
  • we'll tend to make peace w/ others, rather than keeping them as our enemies
  • we'll not keep our money to ourselves, since we already know that it won't stay w/ us forever
  • we'll be more brave to take up as much challenges as possible as we know we've nothing to lose in this world
  • we'll try our very best to spend time w/ those we love
  • we'll have no fear doing right things as we know nothing could stop us, except Allah
  • we'll remember Allah all the time, since to Him we shall return..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kahwin Muda:

i know this topic is kinda pathetic to talk about, especially  when the author himself is still in college..but, as of my own view, it's very critical and substantial topic..indeed, some students did suggest to discuss it in our last year kedai kopi..yet, unfortunately it wasn't picked up as the discussion topic..

speaking in term of economically p.o.f, m'sia is really in a dire need to increase her own far as i'm concerned, the birth rate in m'sia is increasing, but in a slow pattern..this is due to the fact that many people prefer to concentrate on charting their career path in the early stage of their lives (appx. 10 years after college)..or perhaps, some of them (especially guys) are more concerned to have a considerably stable financial condition beforehand..and the list goes on..but, whether we realize or not, the ability of China to catch up w/ the US economy is mainly due to their large populations (and of course due to some other reasons, such as change of government policy, quality of their education, and thus their human capital)..if you learn any basic economics course, you would know that there are 5 major factors that contribute to GDP. (GDP: a measure to evaluate one's country well-economic being..tho, some economists argue on its reliability, it's still assumed to be the best indicator so far)..and one of them is domestic consumption..hence, logically, for a country with  larger population, the domestic demand would be, the dependency on export/import for example would be lesser..yet, this didn't apply to m'sia..when US economy was in recession, Malaysia was also largely affected..why? simply because our economy is mainly driven by export/import..our domestic consumption is too small so to cover the loss due to reduced export/import activities..

so, tho this topic seems lame, but it has a very big impact to our country generally..but, it is important to notice that, the divorce rate in m'sia is quite, the average happiness in marriage among our people is simply low..then, here comes to this simply question: "are we thoughtful enough while considering our life-partner? i am fervent believer that love is very powerful..but, other factors such as mutual understanding is also substantial in any successful marriage.." well, i guess you guys should see the contradicting here, right? at first, i hint the importance of early marriage (from economic point of view)..and later on, i mention the fact that MAYBE our married couples are not happy (due to improper consideration while choosing their spouses. this is like i don't encourage people to get married in their early ages..well, simply bcause youngsters are more impulsive while making decision..rationale is typically left aside)..

well, in my opinion, the answer (whether to marry early or not), is in individual's hand..but, for a simplicity, if you have found a right person, at the right time, i guess, getting married is the best option..but, what is the right time? well, you'll know by yourself..but, for those who have good financial condition + found right person, my advice is: TUNGGU APA LAGI JANG OI! NIKOH JE LE!"

but, for those (espc. saudara-mara), who keep bugging me for the fact that i'm still a loner, here is my reply..

  • i found it's very easy to get a gf..but, to get someone, whom you take her as your soul-partner is relatively hard...for me, i'm more interested to find the latter part..i'm done with all this gf's, this explains why it's hard for me to have one, right now!  ;)  --> i'm looking a girl, with characteristics mentioned in the song! ;)

Train - If It's Love

I was Surprised for..

i was actually surprised for the following reasons:

1) shallow perspective on politics:

i think everybody should know that politics is more than merely supporting one political party..politics is thus  not about gaining money or power..instead, politics covers almost every aspect of our lives..if someone says that (s)he doesn't like politics, and thus has no interest to know it, i know (s)he is nothing but ignorant..come on guys, if you reject the knowledge of politics, it means that you are lacking one of human surviving skills!

2) charity is not a big issue in many "supposed-to-be" Islamic countries:

 i was so intrigued to the fact that Americans had spent billion of dollars merely for charity cause (refer to Newsweek, Oct issue)..but, looking to the other Islamic countries, where does the billion of dollars go? building hundredth-stories of skyscrapers? building the longest bridge or whatsoever? well, i don't mind if the money used to develop first-class infrastructures coming from the excessive one! but, when thousands of people are still working days and nights, cutting daily expenses just to survive, all these big buildings just don't make sense to me..

well, back to the charity topic, Allah has mentioned repeatedly in many verses in Holy Koran that to succeed both in dunya and hereafter, one should perform regular prayer, and also do charity..but, for our current society, charity is something small in value..we do that only when we have free times, or excess money..but, many forget, it's not how much time or money that is counted, but the determination to do should be nice if we could spend one hour/week so to do this charity thing..guys, it could be anything..i'm pretty sure there are many places that need part-time volunteer in m'sia..but, if you cannot find one near to ur place, you can just simply go to nearest shouldn't be any excuses for not doing that..

3) stupid judgmental attitude is rampant in our society:

always than never, when we see people, we tend to judge them: from their personality to the way they eat (redundant)..but, as we are judging people, don't we think that others are doing the same thing to us? see, this stupid attitude is not stopping would spread to the community in the way that any contiguous disease would do..guys, it is really not good..when you are being too judgmental, you would create a sense of superiority within yourself..yes, i'm better than him in this way, this guy is stupid, and bla bla bla..when you are being too obsessed with yourself, then it's hard for you to accept any good and sincere advices given to, from being just a judgmental guy, you are now a very close-minded person..bear in mind guys, once we can stop judging people, we would treat people equally..and this is what Islam has taught us: to see people equally..also, i read this equality concept from a book, called "life as we make it!" i would recommend this book for u! very soul-replenishing! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"The Stoning of Soraya"

"A drama set in 1986 Iran and centered on a man, Sahebjam, whose car breaks down in a remote village and enters into a conversation with Zahra, who relays to him the story about her niece, Soraya, whose arranged marriage to an abusive tyrant had a tragic ending."   
-source IMDb

i would suggest this movie to all..and, it is based on a real story! very touching, and tragic! anyway, i pray to Allah that every women in today's world would be treated fairly, so to stop any discrimination against them! let's say no to "GENDER BIAS!"  ;)

Monday, October 18, 2010


in the last verse of Surah Muhammad, Allah has reminded us as follows:

"Behold! You are those invited to spend of your wealth in the Way of Allah: But among you are some who are miserly (and stingy). But, those who are stingy are (misery) at the expense of your souls. But Allah is free of all wants, and it is you who are needy. If you turn back (from the Path), He will replace for you another people; Then, they would not be like you!"                           (47: 38)

The line (in bold) is something that we should be afraid of..I pray to Allah, so that we are not among the one who will be replaced by others..believe me, there is nothing worst other than living without the blessing of Allah..but, how to know whether we are blessed or not? here are some guidelines:

  • do we hate sins? if yes, we are safe, inshaAllah
  • do we hate those who are doing good deeds? if no, alhamdulillah, we are in good shape!
  • do we like to be among the good one? if yes, it's probably that we are included in the mentioned group
  • which one is our priority? present life of hereafter? i guess, the latter is the better choice
  • and many more...
this is what we call "self-reflection!" we need to check ourselves in a more frequent basis..remember, regardless of how far we have been deviated, there is always a chance to return to the right path! if we were to choose other path (other than Allah's path), we are indeed the one who are lost! as being mentioned in the above phrase, "Allah is free of all wants, and it is you (us) who are needy!" i sincerely admit that it's kinda hard  for me to ameliorate myself..the challenges are mounting..but, it's better doing something rather than none! it's ok to change a bit by bit! but, it should be consistent! ;)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


now, i can officially declare that i'm done for scholar, all the scholars (including me) were required to present our research works during yesterday exhibition..well, it was not like a regular, but merely a poster, i stayed there for more than 2 hrs..and within that period, i got the opportunity to explain to quite a number of guests..and of course, the hardest moment came when some of my professors dropped by, and asked few questions (tergagap jugak nk jawab, at first)..but, as time passed by, i was used to that (al-maklumlah, x pernah ader poster presentation before this)..but, the experiences worth the hardships..

"my poster: the pic is a bit blurry"

and of course, there were like 20 more other interesting posters during the exhibition..alas, i don't have their pics with me..and, while waiting for guests to stop by, i had such wonderful chats with my counterparts..we talked a lot of things, and mostly about how interested we were while doing the research.. and as far as i'm concerned, all these guys are so innovative, and motivated..and, one of the projects that really interest me is something related to surgical equipments..and anyway, i got to meet my "long lost buddy" during the day..and what surprised me was the fact that he was also doing the summer a matter of fact, we were in the same group for our Design 1 project, in which we managed to hit the first place for robot competition..well, the competition was merely among our batch! 

but folks, my point here is that, for our country to become developed, we need to train our human resources to become more innovative and creative..and to do so, freedom is one of crucial key cannot be creative/innovative if your freedom is suppressed! i think u got what i mean! ;-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hey folks,

sebut pasal politik, semua benda negatif muncul dlm benak kepala: rasuah, wanita simpanan, salahguna kuasa, (liwat), tikam belakang, khianat, dan mcm2 lagi..tapi ramai yg tidak sedar inilah politik, hasil didikan ala-ala barat, bilamana agama dipisahkan dalam sebarang pertimbangan politik..agama, dalam erti lain, hanya terpakai di dalam masjid/surau..

ramai juga yg berpendapat bahawa orang politik ni suka BERBOHONG! they never walk their talks..but, i don't think it's a true accusation..good politicians never lie, but the stupid one does! for any experienced politicians, (s)he doesn't have to make lies so to convince people favoring his side..the only thing he needs to do is to spin the story..spinning and lying are different in meaning..i'll give u this simple example:

let's say a politician receives one news from his reliable source, and the news is as follows:

"aku nampak Datuk X keluar makan dengan seorang wanita muda semalam..namun, selidik punya selidik, rupa-rupanya hubungan mereka tidak lebih daripada majikan dan pekerja"

so, for a good politician, it's very easy to spin the story..he might blog this way:

"aku nampak Datuk X keluar makan dengan seorang wanita muda semalam!" - from reliable source..

then to spice up the story, he can just simply add this one line:

"saya musykil, apakah hubungan antara mereka berdua agaknya?" (it's not a statement, but a question?)

simple, but it's enough to evoke doubts among his readers..remember, there is nothing could shake one's faith other than DOUBT!..see, senang dan mudah nk convince people to favor ur side..but, Islam has provide some good ways as to discredit this art of spinning..i'll talk about it in my next post! ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010

good news!

i just got an email from my research advisor, telling me that she's happy with my work over the a matter of fact, she's satisfied with the research poster that i submitted to her last week..Thank God, this is really a good motivation for me to work harder in future..and, hopefully, my research presentation (which is on this coming Weds) would be fine..

..not enough with that, i was informed that my second eldest sister would be engaged soon (about a month from now)..and as a matter of fact, she is finally settling down with a guy, that i, myself, do approve! Thank God! congrats, angah!

..oso, i got a good review from my business professor as related to my case-study paper.. (i spent almost 6 hrs on that).. ;)

..but, i do realize one thing:


yet, i also believe in this verse from Holy Koran;


and also this one quote;

"always cherish for every little good things in life!"  ;)

too phat, dian sastro, dan yassin alhamdulillah

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daughtry - September

Ground-Zero Revisited

woah, yesterday has been a wonderful day for house in the morning, playing badminton at noon, shopping at late evening, and ended up watching movie at night..and the best of all was that, we did all those things together..yes, it was called, BROTHERHOOD! sounds pathetic, but it's real! 

anyway, i won't be talking about brotherhood..everybody knows how important it man could stand without the support of his brothers! okay, enough with that..

actually, we were planning to go to Woodbury outlet for winter-coat shopping yesterday..yet, considering how tiring it could be, we decided to change the plan..instead of taking 1 and 1/2 hours train to Woodbury, we agreed to just settle for Century 21, around 1/2 hour trip via path train..

so, speaking of century 21, it's not as good as Woodbury outlets, yet is way better than the Burlington..but, the fact that we are boys, we don't care too much about brands! as long as it's good and comfortable, we'd be fine! ;)

the interesting fact about Century 21 is that it's sitting just in front of Ground Zero, "the site of the World Trade Center, which was destroyed in the September 11, 2001 attacks!" thus, every time i walk by this site, my heart would start pounding damn fast. my mind, on the other side, would try to visualize the "attack" and all possible chaotic situations occurred at that time..i'm so pity to all victims as well as their family members..

but, with so much conspiracy theories behind this "ridiculous" attack, more often than never, i got myself confused..and up till now, i couldn't really convince myself who was the mastermind of all this disaster...but, for sure, whoever he(she) is, he is surely genius and animal..for whatever reasons he(she) might have, i just don't care..violence is always irrelevant, and thus should not be condoned in any civilized society..

..yet, to put all blame to Muslim community is indeed unfair..there is yet to be a solid evidence to clearly proof that Muslims were the attackers..and, if it was true that Muslims were part of the attack, it's unfair to relate Islam with terrorism! indeed, as this case is concerned, i take  unapologetic stand! i won't be tolerated if people trying to make fun of Islam..Islam, in principal, doesn't allow her followers to resort for's forbidden..Islam is a religion that promotes peace and harmony! so, i consider it to be offensive to equate ISLAM with TERRORISM! we, the Muslims, respect other religions, so should the others! ;)

p/s: i hope we could stop spreading so much conspiracy theories..i just don't really care...we should have moved on instead..past is past! no matter how much we cried for it, it won't, we should deal with our present, and plan for our better future! ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mencari Makna Kehidupan!

linkungan usia 20-23 tahun merupakan tempoh yang agak kritikal bagi hampir kesemua individu..ketika ini, tiada apa yang mustahil..semuanya bisa dilaksanakan..persoalan mengenai ideologi sering menghantui pemikiran golongan ini..which one is better? capitalism, socialism, communism, etc?? percaya atau tidak, ramai yang cuba berpegang kepada ideologi yang berlainan daripada kedua ibubapa mereka..ini adalah lumrah..

pada ketika ini jugalah, mereka begitu takut dalam menentukan arah hidup, lebih2 lagi mereka yang berhadapan dengan pelbagai pilihan..ramai takut akan tersalah pilihan..namun, percaya atau tidak, majoriti akan berfikir semula mengenai keputusan yang dibuat sebelumnya pada usia mereka mencecah 30an..dan, more often than never, they would regret with the decisions they made antecedently..this is normal, and indeed, it's a part of living process..

pada usia ini jugalah, ramai yang bersikap rebellious..apa sahaja idea mahu ditentang..pelbagai hujah dikemukakan hanya untuk mendangkal segala norma2 masyarakat...mereka lebih gemar kepada perkara radikal..tidak hairanlah, mereka ini paling senang dibakar dengan hasutan2..rasional diletakkan ketepi, idealistic menjadi pegangan seharian..namun, percaya atau tidak, inilah a mandatory process yang patut dilalui oleh semua insan normal..typically, this is the time an individual builds his/her own characters! kebanyakan yang di zaman mudanya pudar dengan idealism, mereka akan kekal begitu buat selamanya...hence, don't be afraid living with your own belief/ideology!

pada usia ini jugalah sepatutnya mereka menimba segala mungkin ilmu di dunia dan akhirat..usia ini, seperti selalu disalaheertikan, bukanlah masa untuk sekadar berfoya2..yet, it's normal to have fun, but, it shall not b the priority..indeed, Islam has never forbidden us from having sort of entertainment..and me, personally, i don't have any issues on what type of entertainment you'd's up to u! as long as you're happy, and it doesn't cross any borders fixed by Islam, entertainment is fine! tapi, priority hendaklah di letakkan dalam membina masyarakat madani..peranan golongan ini sebenarnya amat besar dalam memastikan negara terus maju dan aman! 

Presiden Soekarno pernah berkata,Berikan aku 10 pemuda, akan aku goncangkan dunia!”.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Diet for Winter!


i guess i should put more weight before the winter kicks off! well, i'm thinking of learning new cooking could be anything as long as it's cheesy! yes, IT MUST BE CHEESY! *in high spirit mode*

Monday, October 4, 2010

Holy Koran and Its Miracles:

salam folks,

today was not really a good day for me..only got one class, and thus made feeling so UNPRODUCTIVE! i know it might sound pathetic, but here i am: too much class will make me sick, but with barely none, it would also make me feeling uneasy!

well, speaking of class, i don't have really much this semester..for almost every subjects, i just had one 3hr-class/, that's it! i quite get use to it, which means i'm no longer falling asleep in the middle of the's a good progress, i guess

again, speaking of class, it reminds me of assignments..kinda ironic..tho, i'm not really tight in term of class schedule, i have a lot more assignments than i could ever imagine..but, that's fine! and again, speaking of assignment, it reminds me of one incident, occurred yesterday..while i was pretentiously concentrated  doing my  paper, one of my roommates came into my room (closet is much better to describe my room right now)..and unlike usual, in which he came with foods and drinks (ok, this is what i always imagine my roommate would do to me, but it never happens..pffft), last night he came with the translation of Holy Koran..and as expected, he showed me some verses of Surah Taubah, and told me to read and make sense of them..just after i finished reading the all four verses, i instantaneously recalled the issue of Masjid @ Ground Zero..i was so surprised, and i was like, "Oh God, this is so amazing! you have warned us wayyyyy before this issue surged!" 

of note: Read the translation of Surah Taubah, verse 107-110..

after the incident, i was telling myself that maybe this is a sign for me to start finding guidance from the Holy Koran..and it's hard to admit, i have taken the Koran for granted..i just read it, without ever bothering to know the meaning in a real sense..i feel so bad, and i hope Allah will forgive me! so, from yesterday onwards, i've promised myself to get myself familiar with the content of Holy Koran..and the following was what i found while i was reading the translation just now:

Surah Ad-Duha (Verse 10):
" Do not shut off the beggar (without listening gently)."

Surah Al-Inshirah (Verse 5-6):
"So, surely with every difficulty there is relief." (Allah repeated twice)

Surah At-Tin (Verse 4-6):
"We have truly created man in the best forms, Then We bring him down (to be) the lowest of the low, Except those who believe and do righteous deeds: For they shall have an unfailing reward!"

Surah Al-Alaq (Verse 4-8):
"He, Who taught (the use of) the pen, Taught man that which he didn't know, Alas!But man oversteps all bounds, And he considers himself as self-sufficient, Surely to your Lord is the return (of all)."

well, all these verses are very close to me..they almost made me crying, and they scared me to the death! folks, i hope you guys don't misinterpret my intention's not that i'm bragging here, but i merely wanna share what i have..nobody is better than others..we're all the learners! and keep on learning, buddies! our journey is far far away! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Should I go for it?

hey folks,

last week has been a very long, and thus tiring week for me..too many papers to read (& review), a long due research, and of course a bunch of homework (case study, and etc)..but, thank God, i managed to go through all these hardships..well, i cannot complain much, i guess, since that's the price i have to pay for being a student..and, as a matter of fact, am neither planning to get out from school soon, tho..hopefully, grad school will treat me well next year.. ;)

well, i have been talking (if u notice) so much about  attitude lately: patience, perseverance, positive-minded, and etc..all these attributes are (as of reality) very hard to adapt..believe me! but, regardless of how difficult they are, we still can have all of them..yet, how to begin! frequently, the hardest thing as to change ourselves is "the believing" process..we have to, by any means, convince ourselves that this change is, no way could we escape from it..and always than never, we would have self-conflict..and here is what happening to me everything i wanna do "better" things:

i always ask myself these two basic questions?

  • do i really HAVE to change myself for this? 
  • is it worthy for me to sacrifice my "happy" time as to strive for the better?
and, honestly, always than never, my answers for both are the same, which is NO! well, am lucky enough since the thinking process don't really stop, most of the time, i would change the question so it sounds more like this:
  • do i really WANT to change myself for the better?
and, guess what, my answer for this is always YES! thus, here is my conclusion:

" it's not that we HAVE to change ourselves, instead we WANT to be better person!" folks, being a better person is our one has right to ask you to do this and that..but, believe me, you won't lose anything if you strive for the best..and Allah has mentioned this in the Holy Koran, in which humans (us) are His Best creating among the others..and of course, in life there are only two options left for each of us: either to become REALLY successful, or REALLY failure..there is nothing in, if you cannot get yourself among the top, you surely know where your position is! ;)

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