Friday, April 30, 2010

My Snippets!

i found tennis is so indulging lately..if possible, i wanna play it twice a day, 7 times a why, but i really want to be good on this sport..but, thinking how busy i would be for the next two weeks, i should say "goodbye" to this sport temporarily..

...anyway, there are many projects, and exams that i should be dealing so exhausted..and not to forget, i need to keep track on my research project, which will be starting right after i come back from norway..and to make it even worse, based on my rough calculation, i will only have one real solid holiday before i start my fall semester..well, it seems so exaggerating, but it applies to me..

...btw, my close friend will be having a minor surgery on this monday..i wish him well..i really want to meet him, before the surgery, yet i have an exam on the same day..anyway, i will always pray for his quick's very hard indeed to fall sick during the final exams period..i know how he's feeling right now..but, as far as i've known him, i believe he's a strong man, who is not easy to give up for thing like this...

..right now, am still observing on the progress of Aminul's case..personally, i'm so pity to him, and his family..i'll pray so that his soul will be placed among the good ones..anyway, i have no dare to comment on this issue so far..i don't want to speculate things that i, myself, don't really know..well, as a saying, "it's easier to speak rather than to act." but, i noticed that there's a group in the fb that tries to be the hero for this advice for those who join this sort of group, "sudah-sudahlah membuat provokasi...hormatilah perasaan orang yang terlibat: keluarga si mati dan keluarga si polis!" if u don't have any solid evidences, pls don't's better to be silent rather than talking rubbish..

...right now, am working w/ some of buddies to set up a focus group, that serves to discuss on entrepreneurial/business topic..yeah, i really want to create a society that knows how to do a good business..we're still in the process of finding people, who can really commit on our agenda..hopefully, everything would work fine..insha Allah

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Passions!

here are some things that i found so indulging:

1) anything related wireless comm.. + wireless security scheme...

2) tennis..well, am no good in this sport so far..yet, i found it so interesting and cool...yeah

3) yellow used to like yellow while i was a small kid..but, as am growing up, my favorite color changed from yellow to now, i start to like the yellow one again..go yellow!

4) white is what my mother used to scold me, "hey, do u have any tee instead of the white one?" sorry mom, i just found white tee to be much more sexy..idk why! but, the funny part is that, no matter how specific i have planned to buy a tee, such as the color, the design, and etc, i would finally end up buying the same white and plain! pity me...

5) other "scholars," all his articles are very humane..he does really know on how to be a good Muslim, while at the same time being a normal human...

6) karaoke-ing...i know my voice is not that good..but, it's enough to attract some of my floor mates to come over to my room, listening me and my friends karaoke-ing..what a shame!

7) bold head..i just found it more neat and sexy! wait, am no homo!

Kalaulah Tidak Kerana Syurga...

here is a great article from's not a philosophical piece, yet it has such a great meaning to those who aims Jannah as their ultimate goals..enjoy the reading!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So far So Good! yeay

Trip to Norway:

Few things to do for the trip:

1) I-20 - sent to the school authority to get a new signature..expected to get it back within this week

2) Passport & Visa - both are good..

3) Flight ticket - already bought..cost me about to my mom..hehe

4) Insurance - got already, for a month-period..anyway, it ain't so expensive, cost me around 50usd

5) Faculty advisor - talked to her already...seemed like she was ok w/ my 3-week absence from the research slotted time

6) Credit card - this is what i'm worried about...have applied for it..but, seemed to me like i won't get any..then, i'd be in such a trouble while i'm outside the US..the only reason that hinders me from having credit card is the fact that i don't have any SSN..come one, it's not i don't want to work..i did apply for it..but, i had no luck yet..but, will find the solution for this...i must have one no matter what..if not, i'm DEAD

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time does fly really really fast!

me..otw to Miami..and stopped at this beach..yet, can barely remember its name..this pic was taken bout 4 months ago
i was at Lake Placid, border of Canada & US..
this pic was taken a week after i arrived in States.., everybody starts to lock themselves on their study chairs, revising for their final less than a month, Spring semester would be over..for those in their final year, this semester would be their last academic session..after this, no more quizzes, no more headache preparing for tests, and etc...and to these people, i wish them all the best..and of course, no matter how far we are apart, i will always cherish all the time we'd spent together..

...anyway, i need to admit that the time does fly really really fast..two years was so short..i still can remember clearly my early days in the weird i was on those days, how my seniors helped me and my friends on our banking stuff, how helpful and nice they were, taking us around Manhattan, and etc...well, it's not that i'm graduating this, i'm a rising senior, meaning that i still have one more year to spend in the States..yet, the "good-bye" feeling is already there..i don't know why!

...well, one year is not really a long way to go..i've so much planning to accomplish here...and i'm so pessimistic that i could get all these things done in a year..and this is what i'm starting to regret myself..if only i start it earlier, i'm pretty sure, this isn't gonna happen...

anyway, NYC is such a great city, full of energetic human beings..and i'm yet to see any better place to live in....but, don't get me doesn't mean that i'll stay here forever..i just want to grab/take as much knowledge/experience as possible before i'm back in Malaysia...and of course, i want to first feel like a New Yorker before being a good

Friday, April 23, 2010

Summer Research in ON! yeay

Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah, the Most Almighty, and the Most Knowing...

..i got an email, this morning, from my professor that my proposal for summer scholar research has been approved..thank God! and apart from being able to do a research during the summer, i will also be sponsored to take 3 weeks classes in Norway..everything from the tuition fee, and housing will be fully paid by my school..moreover, they'll also pay me a weekly stipend while i'm in, i'm so excited now! the way, i'm fully aware that i'm gonna have a very tough days ahead..from what i've been told by my friend, who had the opportunity to do the research during the last summer, i'm gonna be very busy, working in a lab from early in the morning till late, i think i should prepare myself from now on..

...anyway, i'd to thank those who have given so much support and have convinced me to apply for this summer research position..well, among them are my parents, my aunt, and some of my close friends (u know who u are...thanks for the resume, anyway! it helped me a lot for the applying process)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tok Pa is coming to NY soon!

Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah, who promised his faithful slaves victory and was a good day for me..i managed to attend my morning class, after a long absence! lol

...anyway, while i was in a lab this morning, i got a call from 'someone' i knew back then..he told me that Tok Pa is coming to NY this May...and Tok Pa wants to see the Malaysian students over here..well, that's good i guess...with his current portfolio as a Malaysian International Trade and Industry Minister, i'm sure the students have many questions to ask.. the way, the meeting is not confirmed yet..thus, i don't want to elaborate that matter in further details..but, i prefer to share w/ u my own view about Tok Pa.. be honest, I wasn't familiar w/ Tok Pa few years ago, since he's used to be a low-profile politician..but, as my friends and I met him last year, for a breakfast, i've becoming excited to know him personally..yet, till now i haven't the chance to do so..

..but, looking back to my first time meeting him, i was so impressed with his personality..tho he's a senior politician, with vast experience in administrative stuff, i found him to be a very humble person..he spoke to us like he's nothing...and he spoke very softly, like a father used to talk to his beloved son..but, i know, he's a tough guy, tho his physical appearance doesn't seem so..besides, he's very simple in his dressing..and one thing that i really revere him is the fact that he's very comfortable dealing with us, the students..and i still remembered when i was late for the breakfast, and he was already there...well, he could come late for the breakfast since we're not the 'important' figures anyway..instead, he chose to come early..

..anyway, that's Tok Pa, i've known from my own matter what people might say about him, he's still a very kind and nice politician to me...and that belief will remain the same unless it is proven otherwise..and for that, i'm kind of excited to meet him when he comes to NY..

Ungrateful People!

alhamdulillah, after performing my morning prayer, i took a few mins to look back into myself.., it's a self-reflecting process..(i haven't done this for awhile since i was so busy chasing this and that in my life)..before i proceed let me tell you the importance of self reflecting process in one's life..Lao Tzu, the profoundly honored Chinese philosopher once said that, "Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment." Looking from Islamic perspective, on the other hand, a self reflecting process is indeed very essential for our spiritual enlightenment as Allah has mentioned in few verses in the Holy Koran (34:34, 6:50)..moreover, a month of Ramadan is purposely set to encourage the Muslims to check themselves, either they are still on the path of Allah or not..Ban Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, had developed 13 virtues, in which he would evaluate his conduct relative to these virtues on daily basis...

..anyway, back to my story, i checked my self by asking two basic questions: what guy has i been lately? how grateful i'm for all the "nikmat" given to me? after pondering a while, i got one answer for both questions..i realized that i've been a guy, who was too greedy, and was never content with my life..i always wanted more and more..well, to look from the bright perspective, it might be good for me since i'll be improving myself to become a better person..yet, the reality was different..what will happen if i fail to get what i've expected? here comes the question of gratitude..

..well, when talking about gratitude, it reminded me to a Malaysian guy, whom I met in the States..yeah, we're enjoying such a good r/ship so far...sometimes, i feel like he's my father in here, and most of time, i would enjoy picturing him as my own brother..and when i was at his home a few months ago, we talked about one big man can be very ungrateful..yeah, he said that as a Muslim, we need to believe that Allah is the Most Just! but, how could we define this justice...well, to begin with, i'm not gonna speak on Justice from Allah's perspective since it is out of my knowledge to do so..indeed, we are forbidden to describe God's characteristics..but, we need to understand this concept from human's view...okay let say you really ask Allah for certain things because you think that you might need them..then, when Allah grants your wish, you would become happy and start to ask more and more...but, when one of your wishes is not granted, you would feel so sad and down, thinking that Allah has forgotten about you..this is actually the characteristic of those ungrateful people, including me...what a poor!

..but, now i realized that ""Every cloud has a silver lining." Instead of thinking what i didn't get, i should start remembering all those "nikmat" that have been granted to me so far..for example, a "nikmat" of having a good & supportive family, a "nikmat" of health and the list goes one..well, sometimes i did overlook them...but, when Allah took one of them, only then i would realize its importance to my life..well, i think i need to change this attitude..i've promised myself that, from today onwards, i would start to think more on positive side..and of course, i need to become a very grateful human if i want to get blessing from Allah..

* the purpose of this story is not to bragging myself (i know some of you might think so)..i don't care what u might think of me since i'm very sincere in writing this..i really hope that people could take lesson from my mistake..i don't want people to commit the same mistake as i did only because nobody tells them not to do so! insha Allah, let's pray that Allah will grant us with His Blessings!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Women's Rights in Islam!

alhamdulillah, i was fortunate to spend my evening, attending a lecture on "Women's Rights in Islam." this program was hosted by Muslim Student Association in Stevens..and the speaker was a Muslim physician from New Jersey (sorry, i'm just bad in remembering people's name)..the event was attended mostly by Malaysian students..and there were few non-Muslim participants..and of course, the discussion was alive, basically because of the presence of these non-Muslim brothers and sisters..

..well, the speaker started his lecture w/ a very surprising statement, which, based on prior knowledge on Islam, was very new to me..he said clearly that there were many rights being mentioned in Holy Koran, but nothing is related to women's, that was something that i have neglected before..his basis argument on this issue was that, in Islam, men and women are both the same...there's no such gender bias existed in Islam..and thus, there is no need to fight for men/women's rights...according to him, the story of women begins when Adam (p.b.u.h) and Eve were sent to the Koran, both were responsible of the misconduct..and then the second story was during Prophet Muhammad's (p.b.u.h) first revelation...when he first got the revelation from Gabriel, he was scared..and the first person he told was his wife, Khadijah..and based on Islamic history, Khadijah was the first person who embraced both cases, there were none that showed that Islam did discriminate between men and women..

..and then the speaker talked about the three most debatable issues, concerning the women's rights in today's world..the first one is the issue of wearing hijab..many argue the difference between women and men's dress code..why should women cover most of their bodies, while men's dress code is from their belly button to their knees..if Islam is fair, why there is a difference in term of dress code? well, according to this speaker, we need to look this issue from biological perspective since women and men are created in different do their needs..naturally, there are many possible parts on women's body, in which men could be attracted to...thus, there is a need for women to cover those parts...and vice versa..but, the ultimate goal of having such a dressing code for both men and women is that to give a signal that she/he is not available, unless through one condition - marriage..and he also spoke about the 8 qualities of women's dress code..

..and the second topic is the issue of equality..some says that Islam is denying the potential/capability of women..yet, in today's reality men are no longer better than women..but, why in Islam, even in worshiping events, women are discriminated...for example, men are encouraged to perform worshiping activities in congregational way, but women are preferred to do them privately (in their house)...but, according to the speaker, the purpose of those orders is to optimize the function of both men and women...and in Islam, men and women are completing each others..he gave one big example, in which man used to be the only working person in a family, while women stays at home, taking care of her kids...the man really needs the comfort from his wife, after having such a tough day at work..what will happen when the man comes back just to notice that no one is at home? who's gonna to console him? because the only person who could this is his wife..neither his close friends, nor his colleagues..

...and the third and the hottest topic was about polygamy in was such a long discussion, in which i choose not to write here...and i'll let people, who are reading this blog, to comment on this issue...but, one thing i need to clarify about this issue is that, polygamy is permitted in Islam..neither it is an order nor a law that everyone should abide..and i'll say in a simpler way that it is an option for men, whom think they are capable to do so...and me honestly, i have no argument since i have no intention to marry more than one woman..for sure, i can't be fair if i have more than one wife...that is enough to discredit/disqualify me from taking this option..

..and the conclusion from this talk is that, in Islam, men and women perform orders given by God due to one and the only reason, " because God said so!" and the justifications behind them come later..indeed, if any of these orders cannot be justified, then let it be that way..

*please excuse me if there is mistakes in discussing this issue..and please let me know if there's any

It was a great conversation!

"May God bless u, Mak Jai!"

alhamdulillah..i just had a great talk w/ my beloved aunt...i thought she might be a changed person when she's married..yet, she is still the same as i'm used to know her...and of course, i'm so delightful about this..

..and i told her everything from my study to personal life...and most of the time, we talked about personal stuffs...Mak Jai, thanks for being there while i really need somebody, whom i can trust, to share my story with...and for sure, thanks for the advice and the, i could see a way out of my problems.., it was kinda funny when she said that i'm now a really changed person...for her, i'm used to be a strong one, who didn't really want to share my stories w/ others...and indeed, she's happy w/ my changing attitude..again, thanks Mak Jai for knowing me in that close..

..anyway, as she said, one can't really see his/her future, no matter how great he/she is planning for it..she told me to let everything to God, since He is the Most Knowledgeable one! and she did convince me that i need to refocus on my priorities once again..

..and to Mak Jai, here's my reply: yes, i'm a changed person..i started to realize that life is not always being on your side, regardless how hard u've tried..sometimes, you're up and sometimes, you're at the bottom..and in life, i have to accept the fact that i need to lose something in present, as to gain better thing in future..and of course, i really agree w/ u that love among human beings is fake...and the only pure love is between man to his God! again, i admit that i've certain ego, and i'm ready to change it! anyway, thanks for lifting up my spirit once again, mak jai! i love you to the bits!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

after all, we're all the same! was not so good for me..but, as i was strolling around Hoboken by myself, someone texted me...well, it's kinda rare for her to text me at unusual time like this..yet, she did tell me that she had a bad day..she didn't get what she expected to..knowing her from my own view, i know she was not this weak..

..but, i was confused on how to console her..well, girls sometimes are hard to think you're doing the right thing, but end up the other way from their perspectives..yet, i guess that's why many people say that, there is no need for a guy to understand his girl..instead his task is to love her..i do agree w/ this..

..anyway, back to the story, i told her that i was having such a bad day too..but, i stressed the part that i won't give up..and i remember i replied by reminding her to take a lesson from what had happened to her today...that's the reason why God test us, so that we could be a better's not God doesn't care about us, it's indeed a way that God shows His love to us... make it short, she said, she'll try her best to make a lesson from today's bad day..and the funny part is, she offered me to tell my problem to her..(haha..see, how things're indeed in a bad shape, but, when you notice someone is in trouble, you would always want to help him/her)...but, i refused to share my part of story..

..and my point is that, don't feel so bad about yourself...there's always somebody out there that has much difficult times than you have..i told myself that, "after all, we're all the same!"

The Need of Partnership!

..i just finished my interview w/ a Malaysian entrepreneur about two weeks ago..this entrepreneur is my senior's, it was pretty easy (w/ such a tremendous help from my senior) to arrange a phone interview w/ him..

...basically the interview was to know in more detailed on how he ran his business for the last 5-6 years...the questionnaire was prepared by my lecturer..that was very least, i could know on which direction should i conduct the interview.., there were many questions, from personal to business questions..but, there was one point mentioned through out the interview, which i consider to be very helpful for me...he said that, "it's impossible for one to have a perfect knowledge in any, to make sure that your business is doing well, you need somebody to help you...and that somebody must a trustworthy person, and could work on the same pace as you are! and here comes the need of partnership!"

..although this partnership topic has been thoroughly discussed in my entrepreneurship class, in which some do agree, and while the rest disagree, i still believe in the importance of partnership..let's not discuss in business perspective since friends could back stab their own friends for the sake of money...yet, let's discuss on daily-live perspective..

...okay, to begin with, let me be clear that sometimes in live, no matter how great you are, you always need someone to cling can't and will never stand by yourself..and then comes the word, "marriage." in marriage, when a guy marries to a girl, it doesn't mean that the guy is weak or the girl is such in insecure's indeed a complementary r/ship..a guy sometimes might look problems from gentleman's perspective, while a girl always see things in different ways from the guy..and i do believe, this difference, most of the time, will lead to misunderstanding, or else sometimes it could be even worse, up to the point they decide to break-up...although these people know the importance of completing each others, they just ignore, for me, in any r/ship (partnership), each of them should be tolerated to each other..and i don't see any loss, if both of them work on the common thing, instead of the differences..and this is what, i guess, Najib does mean in his 1Malaysia concept..

..but, people may argue that partnership in marriage and business is two different things, like the sky and the earth (haha, mcm langit dan bumi)...they might say that in marriage, both partners are loving each others..and love is such a powerful tool to still connect them going thick and thin in their lives..but, in business, this "love" thing doesn't exist..for any business partners, the most important thing is money..they are willing to do everything as long as they have big money..that's why, they could end up betraying one another..and here is my business, if your ultimate goal is to amass wealth for your own purpose, then partnership might not be a good way to begin with..there were such many cases, proving this..but, what if your goal is to accumulate money so that you could help the society? what if your goal is to help the needy? since the money is no longer the real aim, no one would fight for it..and the purpose of doing a business is no longer to help "oneself" but to serve "the community." and i know this is so ideal concept, and no one (especially business gentlemen) would agree w/ me..but, for those who choose not to humble themselves to money, then, this suggestion would work fine w/ u..and remember for Muslims, who have faith in the Hereafter life, don't make yourself work hard for money, but the money, itself, won't help you from the Hell.. a saying goes, "Don't work for money, but let the money works for you!"

Networking Event!

...i can't sleep tonight...maybe because i'm so happy that i did manage to finish all my hw's even i was not in a good mood for the last two weeks...thank God, i survived the worst/meaningful experience in my life (now, i'm a learned person)...anyway, let's go straight to the point..

yesterday, i was fortunate to have a very pleasant evening w/ some engineers from URS..during the dinner, i had a chance to talk w/ them about my future career opportunity..well, at the same time, i was taught on how to conduct myself when i'm in any business event..i honestly hate the latter part since there were too many protocols.."wait, you cannot put your spoon like that! put it this way...bla bla bla!" those etiquettes kill me, seriously!

...anyway, i just had a good talk w/ Matt (now, a structural engineer in URS and also a Stevens alumnus)..we talked various of topics, and i was surprised to know that he spoke more than i did expect..and while we were talking, there was a guy, sitting beside me, asked Matt a very funny question..i cannot remember the exact question, yet it was something like this, "Matt, how do you remember all stuffs you learnt in college?" lol..everybody on the table was like, "WTF!" the way, for me, it was indeed a good question..and to be honest, i almost asked the same question to Matt..lucky me! tho Matt was shocked when he heard that kind of question, he did answer it..he admitted the fact that it's almost impossible for someone to remember everything..yet, if one could remember most of them, it would give a good advantage for him/her in term of career advancement..and later, he shared w/ us 2 things about his current work..first, he ends up doing the same thing over and over again..second, there is nothing most frustrated except when your proposal is rejected by the management team.. anyway, at the end of the dinner, he did advise us to carefully chart our future career life, the same opportunity doesn't come twice..once you miss it, than you can just forget it.. the way, to all my friends who are graduating soon, i wish u guys my best whatever u think is the best for you...don't care much about what others might say..they have no right to condemn and make decision for you since they don't really know are the one who can decide your own future...always ask from God to guide you to the right path!

* i don't have pics, taking during the dinner, to share with u...i just don't like pics!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pelan-Pelan Kayuh!

...dua orang sahabat sedang berbual-bual mengenai kehidupan seharian mereka..

A : weyh, ak bengang ar dengan kelas *******

B : lek ar, ak pon ko tu pon jgn la over-stressed..

A : ntah la..ak pon bengang ngan diriku...nak katakan ak bodoh, x der la ak dh bacer buku nie like 1000x dh..still x faham lg

B : ak pon ak x der la mengelabah cam ko!

A : huh? boleh pulak tenang kan...minggu depan exam kot!

B : ko percaya x pada pandangan yg "time is a treatment!"

A : huh? aper ko merapu nie?

B : dalam life nie, x der semua mende yg ko nk, akan dpt sekaligus...semua perlukan masa!

A : tp...

B : org yg terburu-buru nie kekadang selalu salah wat keputusan..

A : so, aper ak perlu wat sekarang?

B : senang jerk, "PELAN-PELAN KAYUH!"

A : haha

* lol..idk whether this story has successfully conveyed my msg or not...anyway, what i really want to stress here is the importance of "time delay." sometimes, people are just too rushing in their lives..i don't blame these people (including me) since they have been taught that life is a race..if you were late to grab one opportunity, there's always somebody, who will take it from you..but, they do forget the fact that time is indeed a good treatment for any, my advice is that "pelan-pelan kayuh, lama2 sampai juga ke destinasi!"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm a Malay, and will always be a Malay...

..i heard many negative perspectives about overseas Malays...many says that these people are less Malay, unpatriotic, arrogant, and etc....and one of my close friends did reprimand me to repent..according to him, i'm now less patriotic since i'm no longer using my mother-tongue language for my everyday purpose (Facebook, for example)...but, the funny part is that he didn't know that i do speak Malays w/ my Malay friends..and i could say, even tho i'm now in the States, i do speak Malay more than i speak

..yet, i do accept his opinion that language is one of important elements in any races...but, we need to accept the reality that English is now very important..not only in education, but also in business-like environment..but, while i do stress the importance of having a good command in English, i have never degraded my own language..both are's just a matter of place and time...if you want to attend bigger crowd, then you might consider to use language, in which all could understand...

..anyway, i do apologize to these respected's not i'm trying to prove that 'i'm right, or you're wrong.' it just me, trying to clarify my stand on this issue...anyway, i do appreciate your concern about me..but, my advice is that, don't be too fanatic w/ one belief/ more open...only then, we could distinguish between right/wrong..

p/s: i love you, my friends!

Let's give a meaning to OUR INDEPENDENCE!

how long have our country been independent? more than 50 years...what do we know about being an independent country? well, we can have our own people to manage our country, we can do whatever we like, we can shape our own future, and bla bla bla.... but, no one dares to ask one basic question: are we, the people, truly being independent?

..well, to answer the above question, we really need to look back into our society...we need to ask our people whether they are proud of being Malaysians or not...are they still admiring the Western people and their culture? are they still thinking that whatever comes from the West is the best? is there any inferior feeling among our people? all these are just a few out of thousands questions that we need to ask ourselves and our people...

...and after all, in order to become a true independent society, we do need to change our mentality..from just being a good follower, we need to tell our kids that someday, we, the Malaysians, could lead the world! we need to tell our kids that there is no more shortcut to be successful...we need to keep telling our kids that we are no longer a weak society, which needs helps from the gov to survive...we need to remind our kids that someday, in our own way, we could change the world to be a better place to live..we must tell our kids that we could become a great nation, in which the people are living in love and harmony...we should tell our kids that their great great grandfathers were great, so that they could be proud w/ their own cultures..and only then, we could proudly say that we are now an independent nation and society!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Mentality..

..i was asked by my entrepreneurship professor on why did i enroll in his class...he was amazed by the fact that many of the Malaysian students did take his class for the past few a quick response to his question, i told him that most of the Malaysians are lacking of entrepreneurial skills..and we're here, in this class, for that reason...indeed, the entrepreneurial culture is not there in Malaysia..and as expected, he was surprised by the fact...

..although it was just less than 1 min conversation, his question kept playing in my mind..from that time onwards, i'm always wondering on how much dependence we are, the Malaysian, on the jobs provided by the government..whenever, there is a high unemployment rate in Malaysia, those unemployed people will simply point the mistake to the gov..the government is doing his job la, too much bureaucracy la, and so on...i'm also wondering, is there at any time, these people are blaming themselves for their mishaps, and sufferings? aren't they feel responsible for themselves? if they do, i'm pretty sure that our economy would thrive into the next successful level..we, the college graduates, are the one who determine our country's future...we should no longer have a mindset that there is always a job waiting for us when we finish our college...the world has changed, so should our mentality...

..hence, to make it simple, i just want to stress that a country will succeed only, and if only, their people are term of economy, i guess, every one of the college graduates must acquire this so-called entrepreneurial skills..otherwise, let's just forget our ambition of being a developed country by 2020...

Friday, April 16, 2010

It was just terrible, yet.........

..i'm done w/ my first elevator speech..i thought it was simple, yet it turned to be the most terrible presentation-experience i had ever have..basically, it was just 3 mins presentation...u would be an entrepreneur, trying to sell your business idea to some potential investors...these investors would then decide either they are interested w/ your idea or not once you finish ur presentations..[for my case, there was no real investors..just students, acting like investors].

..but, of course, there is only one entrepreneur resident in my class..the others are just undergrad + grad students..yet, most of these grad students are working in business area...hence, they are more critical in evaluating any business idea as compared to me, and my undergrad classmates.. begin with, i was the first out of three pitchers presenting yesterday..i just simply knew that it would be very hard to be the first one..but, i decided to give it a try...normally, the whole class would take like 20-25 mins to condemn the ideas presented by the first pitcher...the second & the third would then have easier task due to time constraint..

...thus, i had expected from the very beginning that i would be thrown w/ many killing questions...and it happened indeed! my first question was like, "how could you make money from this?" and the questions went on and on, till at one point i was like, "were they trying to kill/harass me?" but, as the entrepreneur resident told us, the real pitch would be much tougher...if you were not be able to convince the investors in 30 seconds, they would simply send you home...there would be no more chance since these big guys just don't have time to entertain your rubbish idea...and i think, it would be more insulting as compared to what had happened to me yesterday..

...but now, i do really understand that to be a good entrepreneur is not that should know everything so that you could present yourself better in front of should really know what you are actually doing..and i have to admit that, being in a business/management area is not easy as i'm used to think...and i dare to say that, studying engineering stuffs is much easier! but, it doesn't mean that i'm giving up to learn about business...i love both stuffs: engineering and business...but, for the latter one, i'm still unable to grasp the whole concept..

..nonetheless, the only thing that cheered me up was the fact that my prof was kinda happy with the way i did my presentation...indeed, he was shocked, i guess! unfortunately, he was a bit pessimistic about my business idea...he didn't see that it could really hit the market...and it's indeed true as it was a really bad idea!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Snippets!

1) Trip to Norway

Well, it was a big decision to make! but, thanks to Razaleigh (not the real name), who have convinced me to choose myself rather than others, I have decided to go to Norway, instead of the Midwest game..and till now, am still feeling guilty to my badminton partner, who had been working very hard, preparing for the tournament...yet, i'm a bit lucky since Syaz (also not the real name), had agreed to replace me! Not to forget, to Azam (this name is fake), who had no hard feelings when i said no to our trip to the West, which was scheduled to be a week before the Midwest game...

2) My buddy's success!

To whom it may concern;

..good job, buddy! i know u could do better than that! and since the time i met you, i know you could end up being somebody in future! i just saw a hidden talent that i rarely found in others..tho, we're far apart now (lol), my support will always be w/ u! that's what i can promise! and to tell you the truth, i'm very proud of you ! :)

3) My Aunt's Marriage :)

..i'm more than happy to know that my aunt is now married to a guy, whom i called as Uncle Lah (i called him Pak Lah before, but i just don't like the, i changed it to Uncle Lah..hopefully, he won't fall asleep easily)...

4) Elevator Pitch:

Today, i'll be doing my first elevator pitch...during that pitch, i have to convince my classmates to invest into my venture...well, now, i should think as an entrepreneur, and not more as an engineer, which means everything i see should turn into $$$$$$$$$$$$

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't Worry, be Happy!


...not feeling good lately? don't worry too much! it is just part and parcel of life..indeed, it is a process to become more matured, and grown-up man! yet, i have to admit, it is gonna be a very long and tiring process...i'm pretty sure, there is a point in that journey, in which you might feel so terrible...but, once again, don't get yourself worry too much about that..quoting from a song, called "Don't worry, be happy":

"In your life expect some trouble
But when you worry
You make it double!", it is very true...if you want to listen the whole song, just click on the following link:

...the song is simple, and direct! no bombastic words at all...but, it could cheer up your gloomy days! u can take my words! :)

Dear Cat...

Dear Cat,

..i'm really sorry that i have been pushing you too much! it was just a matter that i couldn't accept the fact that i'm gonna lose you...and to be honest, i'm still and will never be able to believe that! but, that's life, i guess...sometimes, u have to lose one thing so that the others could gain something...

..but, i still cherish all the time we've spent together..all the happy & sad times, i will never a saying, "people come and go, but memories remain." it was such awesome when i saw u laughing whenever i made a joke, tho most the time, it was such a silly joke! well, i'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen again! lol...but to "protect" the sacred of our memories, please don't share them w/ others..i just don't like it for whatever reasons!

..anyway, as you said, "let the time determines for us..if we are meant to, we will eventually be together," and here is my reply, as i forgot to mention it before, " i do believe in destiny..but, i'm more to believe that we could change our destiny if we want to!" but, whatever!

..till then, i promise to stop bothering you in one way or another..and, you can keep my a man, i'm nothing if i break my promise!

adiĆ³s amigos

  • merapu di tengah has nothing to do with my life or others!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smart, and Independent Guy!

...if i were to choose one Malaysian to be my role model, i'd definitely select Hassan Marican, ex-CEO of Petronas..tho, i have never met him personally, neither have i talked to him in any occasion i attended, i still revere him as my hero! no doubts on that...

..since i'm very keen to know him, i asked one of my friends, who is currently working in Petronas..according to him, Hassan Marican is a very smart, committed, and humble-to-earth guy...he had been working very hard to expand the business of Petronas...otherwise, there should be no way for Petronas to be listed as one of the 500 most fortune companies in the world..

..and, as a Malaysian, i'm a very proud of you, Mr. Hassan! (please excuse me for not using the right title to address you..i just don't like the title stuff). i hope that Allah will reward you for all your good deeds and hard works to build this nation...and, i do hope that, sometime in future, i could be as good as you are! or, maybe i could be much better...and of course, you've set a high standard for being a successful Malaysian...

...once again, GRACIAS, Mr. HASSAN!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Syed Mokthar al Bukhary: 50 facts about him!

50 Perkara daripada Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary:

1. Ada sebab kenapa saya bekerja seperti tiada hari esok.
Agenda sosial dan kerja-kerja kemasyarakatan itulah antara sebabnya kerana saya mahu meninggalkan warisan untuk anak bangsa yang kekal berpanjangan.
2. (berkenaan know who) Bangsa lain tidak mengapa tapi orang Melayu kena berdamping dengan orang politik sedikit-sedikit.
Tapi masalahnya kita tidak mahu melalui kesusahan kerana banyak yang mahu senang dengan mendampingi orang politik semata-mata.
3. Tiada apa-apa rahsia.
Saya ini hamba Allah yang biasa, budak dangau macam saudara semua juga. Tuhan jadikan manusia ini sama sahaja. Proses kematangan saya yang membezakannya dan saya percaya sesiapa pun boleh menjadi apa sahaja asalkan mereka berusaha dengan tekun. Tetapi tentulah ia memakan masa kerana tiada jalan singkat untuk mencapai kejayaan.
4. Saya mengenali kekuatan dan kelemahan saya.
Apa yang tidak mampu saya buat maka saya akan minta orang lain tengok-tengokkan. Saya melalui jalan yang susah tapi itulah jalan yang kekal.
5. Kita perlu menggunakan kepakaran mereka (bangsa Cina) kerana mereka jauh lebih maju dan mahir daripada kita.
Apa yang kita kurang faham kita berkongsi dengan tujuan untuk belajar dengan mereka. Apabila sudah faham baru kita boleh menjaga kepentingan kita.
6. Saya sedih melihat sistem sekolah pondok di Kedah.
Saya ada cita-cita mahu memodenkan sekolah pondok. Kita kena maju.
7. Saya terlibat dalam perniagaan ini kerana saya tiada pilihan lain.
8. Untuk memajukan perniagaan, memang kena banyak sabar dan kuat berusaha.
9. Tidak ada jalan singkat.
Saya belajar tentang perniagaan ini sejak kecil lagi dan saya juga biasa kena tipu.
10. Saya pun suka kemewahan.
Saya pun suka tengok dunia, ke Tokyo , New York dan London . Saya pun suka pakai baju elok. Tapi kita hendak bermewah setakat mana, hendak pakai baju banyak mana, hendak tidur dalam berapa rumah satu malam, hendak makan pun sampai larat mana ?
11. Dalam hidup ini kita sebenarnya tidak ada status.
ada masa di atas, ada masa di bawah.
12. Ketika Allah memberikan kemewahan, kita kena turun ke bawah, tengok mana-mana yang boleh dibantu.
Allah beri rezeki melalui kita untuk kita tolong orang lain. Rezeki itu bila-bila masa DIA boleh ambil balik. Jika ada orang korporat Melayu yang tidak mahu turun ke bawah mungkin kerana bayangan duit itu lebih kuat daripada yang lain.
13. Korporat Cina turun ke bawah membantu.
Orang Cina ada pelbagai persatuan. Kita tidak ada; kalau ada pun berpecah. Orang Melayu kita tidak mahu bekerjasama kerana perasaan dengki menguasai diri. Sudahlah tak mahu berusaha, apabila orang lain berusaha mereka marah.
14. Rezeki yang ada itu sebenarnya untuk orang lain.
Memang dari segi hukum pun begitu. Kita kena keluar zakat dan fitrah. Tetapi zakat fitrah banyak mana sangat. Islam agama yang adil, ia minta sedikit saja. Oleh itu, kalau ada duit yang lebih ia seharusnya dibelanjakan dengan baik.

15. Saya tak kisah kalau saya tak buat semua ini.
Saya boleh tak buat apa-apa dan balik ke Alor Star. Tetapi saya rasa hidup ini sia-sia. Orang Kedah kata kalau mati nanti mata tidak tutup rapat kerana tanggungjawab depan mata kita tidak buat. Orang lain ambil kekayaan kita, ambil hak kita dan pergunakan kita, kita masih tidak buat apa-apa !
16. Saya ada emotional attachment kepada agama, bangsa dan ummah.
Saya bukan individualistik. Diri saya tidak penting. Pangkat dan gelaran ini kepada saya tidak mustahak .
17. Saya sedih media tonjolkan saya begini.
Saya malu kerana orang Cina kaya beratus-ratus kali ganda daripada saya. Tapi saya tahu orang Melayu kalau hendak berjaya kena kerja kuat tidak kira siang malam. Kita ada kekuatan yang Tuhan beri melebihi daripada bangsa lain. Tetapi untuk maju kita perlu berusaha.
18. Saya asal daripada tidak ada apa-apa.
Apa yang saya tidak tahu saya belajar, minta tolong daripada orang. Saya tidak malu. Saya bukannya mencuri. Saya usaha sendiri. Sikap pemalas dan pemalu ini yang orang Melayu kena atasi. Kita kena berani kerana benar. Apabila kita dapat keuntungan dan rezeki lebih, bolehlah kita menolong orang.
19. Kaya itu bukanlah kepada diri sendiri.
Kaya itu adalah kepada kumpulan perniagaan ini, kepada bangsa dan kepada orang ramai. Saya hanya memegangnya untuk sementara sahaja.
20. Saya tiada keinginan untuk menyimpan kekayaan ini untuk anak dan isteri.
Duit ini tidak akan kekal. Saya percaya hanya perkara yang baik yang kita lakukan akan kekal. Bukan duit yang akan melindungi saya nanti tapi apa yang saya lakukan sekarang.
21. Saya perlu terus mencari peluang dan perniagaan lain supaya kita terus dapat bantu orang lain mengembangkan diri masing-masing.
Saya bukan buat semua ini untuk diri saya semata-mata.
22. Ada juga yang saya usaha tapi tak dapat dan orang tak tahu.
Apa yang saya dapat itu yang jadi masalah kononnya Syed Mokhtar sapu semua. Bangsa lain memegang pelbagai kepentingan dalam ekonomi, siapa pun tak kata apa. Ini masalah orang Melayu. Di kampung orang Melayu berpecah kerana politik, di bandar berpecah kerana ini (wang).
23. Saya percaya kalau rezeki itu Allah beri kepada saya ia bukan untuk saya tetapi untuk orang ramai juga. Orang tidak tahu banyak syarikat yang saya ada ini gagal dan tidak maju kepada saya tetapi orang tidak tahu.
24. Banyak orang percaya bahawa dia mesti ada RM10 juta atau RM20 juta dalam tangan baru hidup boleh selamat.
Ini yang menyebabkan mereka hanyut daripada menolong orang lain. Mereka lebih takutkan diri sendiri. Mereka lupa bahawa kekayaan tidak boleh membantu selama-lamanya.
25. Orang kata saya tidak ada duit tapi banyak hutang.
Orang berniaga mana yang tidak berhutang. Tapi mesti tahu bagaimana hendak meminjam dan membayarnya semula. Ada cara boleh kita buat. Tapi sebelum berhutang RM100 juta mesti sudah fikir bagaimana hendak membayarnya balik. Mesti ada tanggungjawab. Banyak orang mahu senang tapi tidak ramai yang mahu bertanggungjawab.
26. perasaan setiap kali mendapat rezeki.
Saya ini kata orang Kedah, lebai kodok bukan lebai pondok. Tapi saya tahu hal-hal asas. Kalau mahu saya minta terus daripada Tuhan. Tuhan beri manusia akal dan fikiran. Kalau hendak pakai baju dan seluar biarlah padan dengan badan.
27. Kesenangan yang saya perolehi ini datang dengan tanggungjawab (bila pinjam bayar balik dan buat amal jariah).
Kalau hendak dibandingkan dengan bangsa lain, perniagaan saya ini tidak ada apa. Tetapi walaupun sedikit tetapi yang sedikit itu ada berkatnya.
28. Saya suka kalau nikmat sedikit yang saya dapat itu orang lain boleh berkongsi sama.
29. Saya kadang-kadang kecewa dan sedih melihat anak orang alim yang sesetengahnya lupa diri setelah mendapat kekayaan.
Saya pun sama seperti orang lain suka hendak ke luar negara tetapi kita tidak boleh lupa kubur kita dan asal usul kita. Di kampung kita mungkin ada jiran-jiran yang perlukan bantuan .
30. Kalau tidak mungkin saya sudah ke Haatyai dan jadi nakal.
Saya manusia yang banyak buat kesilapan. Tetapi saya insaf, beristighfar dan jalan lagi. Sejak awal saya ada kesedaran mahu mengekalkan hak kita sebagai orang Melayu.
31. Saya kata kepada diri sendiri kalau kerana itu saya terpaksa bersusah sedikit pun tidak mengapa.
32. Kekayaan ini Tuhan beri kepada saya untuk saya menolong orang lain pula.
Saya percaya kepada keberkatan rezeki. Hari ini kita tolong orang, esok lusa orang akan tolong kita pula dengan cara yang lain.
33. Kalau pun tidak sanggup tunggu 34 tahun seperti saya berilah sedikit masa untuk faham selok belok perniagaan, Insya Allah boleh maju.
34. Kita jangan cepat putus asa.
Putus asa boleh tapi kena cepat-cepat kuatkan semula semangat untuk bangkit balik. Jangan jadikan agama hanya satu tempat untuk kita bergantung apabila kita susah. Tanggungjawab ibadah adalah tugas seharian.
35. Lifestyle?
Saya tidak ada lifestyle yang kena masuk kelab sana dan sini. Tapi tak semestinya saya tidak boleh turun ke kelab. Orang Melayu kalau hendak ke depan mesti ada cara hidup yang fleksibel, boleh naik dan turun.
36. Lifestyle ini sebenarnya satu penyakit.
Saya biasa pakai Mercedes tapi sekarang saya pakai Proton Perdana untuk sokong kereta nasional. Kereta itu pun cukup untuk bawa saya ke mana-mana.
37. Tiada sebab kenapa orang Melayu tidak boleh maju.
Ini saya berani perang dengan sesiapa pun. Orang Melayu boleh maju . Kalau saudara jadi wartawan saudara kena tanam semangat suatu hari nanti mahu ambil alih akhbar ini. Tidak ada sebab kenapa ia tidak boleh berlaku.
38. Kejayaan dan kelemahan orang Melayu bukan disebabkan oleh bangsa kita dan agama kita.
Ia berkait dengan sikap dan cara kita berfikir. Gigih, tekun dan tidak mudah putus asa merupakan kunci kejayaan kita. Tapi perkara ini kurang wujud dalam cara orang Melayu berfikir.
39. Tuhan memberi peluang kepada siapa saja yang bekerja kuat.
Apa yang ada pada saya ini hanya usaha. Kalau anak dangau macam saya boleh, tidak ada sebab orang lain terutama mereka yang dari pekan tidak boleh.
40. Kita tidak usahlah selalu mengulang-ulang perkara yang boleh memberikan kesan psikologi negatif kepada orang Melayu (kereta dan rumah besar).
Kita kena kurangkan bercakap tentang kereta besar dan rumah besar . Sesiapa pun mahu pakai kereta mewah tapi bukan itu matlamatnya.
41. Orang Melayu sebenarnya kena membantu diri sendiri, kena bekerja keras dan fokus.
42. Sikap merendah diri perlu sentiasa ada dalam diri seseorang walau setinggi mana pun kejayaan dicapai.
43. Apa yang saya buat ini (kerja-kerja sosial) semuanya bermula daripada didikan orang tua saya sendiri.
44. Saya sendiri berhutang sambil berniaga dan buat sumbangan amal jariah.
Saya tak mahu tunggu hutang habis baru hendak buat semua ini. Saya takut kalau hutang habis saya pun mati dan apa pun tidak sempat saya buat.
45. Saya biasa saja.
Hidup saya tidak berubah, dari dulu beginilah. Saya terima apa saja nikmat yang diberikan oleh Allah. Tidak ada segelas air, ada setengah gelas pun saya bersyukur.
46. Kalau kerana sedikit bantuan itu mereka lulus peperiksaan dan hidup mereka menjadi lebih baik, saya sudah gembira. Saya tidak boleh buat banyak. Alhamdulillah, lebih baik buat sedikit daripada tidak buat langsung.
47. Saya tiada minat untuk beli kapal layar atau kapal terbang.
Saya fikir kalau saya beli sesuatu biarlah orang ramai boleh pakai. Saya suka kalau saya beli sesuatu yang mahal, biarlah orang ramai boleh pakai.
48. Saya gembira dapat membantu.
Saya mahu orang lain merasai (kesenangan) apa yang saya pernah rasa. Saya tahu bagaimana perasaanya. Saya kata kepada diri saya, apa yang saya dapat saya mesti beri orang lain merasainya sama. Jangan beri kurang, lebih tidak mengapa. Itu yang membuat hati saya seronok.
49. Saya rasa saya ingin menyumbang lebih daripada ini.
Saya kata kepada kawan-kawan ini baru warm-up saja, kita belum berjalan lagi.
50. Saya rasa kita terlalu banyak ketinggalan.

my comments:
  • I like Point #2. The Malays, now, are too prone to have strong r/ship w/ politicians instead of having a strong foundation in business itself..
  • Point #4 is just true..No one is perfect..there is a need to complement each others..
  • # 38 is the known fact among our people...yet, we are still constrained with the "tak apelah" or "skit-skit sudayh" way would we succeed if we are still in this set of thinking..
  • Point #29 - sometimes people just simply forget their roots when they are at top...
  • okay, i cannot agree anymore w/ point#9...failure is indeed a learning process....those who dare to fail will eventually succeed..
  • Point #51 (i add myself): "Actions speak louder than words." it's now time to act rather than just talking...okay, this really applies to me...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let's give a DAMN to those timid/skeptical souls!

To be honest, i was not in a good mood lately...too many shits just happened..and, those shits were things that i did care the most...WTH!

But, as i browsed through internet just now, i just found a link to Tony Fernandes's blog ( This was one of the articles that he wrote the best..and of course, the line that i like the most is the following:

"For too long we have been a nation of losers and we always whack those who try. We ridicule them instead of celebrating ambition, innovation and guts."

Tho he was quite harsh in his above comment, but i guess he's right in the first place. There have been too many small minded people in Malaysia, whom I consider to be very selfish. Many just don't care the future of their children.

..and then, Tony finished his article with a kinda softer tone. He wrote, "So to all the cynics give Malaysia and Malaysians a chance. Embrace the brave, the visionaries, the dreamers and the innovators. Embrace positive energy." Tony, i just wanna say that i'm very proud of you...just give a try, and we'll see the results..yet, be sure to always put people's interest above the others..

...and as i said that there were many shits, haunting me recently..and i've decided to not entertain those shits...hey, remember, "to cure heartbreak/failure is to quickly move on!"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It was just awesome!

i just got back from UNITY show, an ethnic kinda event, which i thought was so awesome...well, like the past year, there were more or less 10 ethnic + frat society performing for the show..MASA (the Malaysians Students Association, which i'm one of its members) was part of the show...unlike the last year, this year event was pretty awesome (last year was also good, but this year i felt much better since i could watch all the performances!)...and as expected, this year winner was IUA (Indian Undergrad Association)....these guys were so talented to make people laughing..their performance was also cute...

..anyway, just forget about who won or lost! at the end, it was mere a title, which people might cherish for short period of time...after that some time, people will just forget about it...but, one thing that i believe everyone would remember, and cherish for the rest of their lives is the fact that many people gathered together to watch the show...people from all over the world (well, i'm just aggregating) sit and laugh together, while at the same time learning (tho it's not too much and deep) about other cultures..for me, that's the most important... MASA performers, u guys were doing such a great job...i could understand the hardship of preparing all the stuffs since i was being at that position sometime ago...anyway, i'm still wondering why Taicho (Haidhar, not the real name) is always being the defeated far as i can remember, there is no such time that he's being the hero of the show...hahahaha..ok, i'm joking...

...anyway, i'm thinking to know more about KSA, now! haha..

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The TRUTH has finally prevailed!

well, don't get me wrong! i'm not gonna speak about serious stuff's just me, trying to tell u guys a story based on my real experience..

okay, let's be clear...this post is not intended to badmouth somebody..neither it is to tell that, "i'm right, and you're wrong!" kind of stuff..the actual purpose of me writing this topic is to let the people, who're reading my blog,to take a lesson from it.. begin with, let me ask you this important question? how could you know that someone does really care about you? or to be more precise, how could u know that he/she is honestly concerned about u? well, i was naive back then...whenever people did me something good, i was thinking that he/she did care about me..then, i would try my very best to show my appreciation to him/her...for example, i would give that person my utmost respect, i would suppress my feeling so that i won't hurt him/her in one way or another, or i would love him/her as much i loved myself...

...but, it was actually my bad to care too much about him/her...when i'm getting older and older, i learn a very harsh fact that nobody does sincerely love you as much as your close family do [close family could be your parents, your sisters/brothers, or your aunt/uncle who you do consider as your own mom/dad]..the other persons who seem to love you are actually the liars..they would be with you, whenever they think they could gain something...otherwise, when you're in a needy state, [contoh, bila kamu memerlukan rakan/keluarga untuk membantu kamu ketika majlis perkahwinan kamu] they won't be there for you...they will create so many excuses to explain their absences, being that they were very busy with works, they were short of money, or zillion of lame/pathetic reasons..regardless of how good the excuses would be, they are actually telling you one thing [ramai yg x sedar], "hey, who are you? i don't really care about you!", my advice here is don't love somebody too much since they would never do the otherwise! love your own close family, and don't give those persons your damn care!

--> to Mak Jai (my beloved aunty) & Uncle Lah, happy wedding day...Mak Jai, i'm so glad and happy that you found somebody, who really love and care about you...i pray to GOD that you will be happy for the rest of your life...i'm very sorry, and kinda sad that i'm not there during your big day...i believe our late (atuk& nenek) will be happy to see you, wearing your wedding dress...damn, i miss u a lot!


I'm so grateful that i finally did finish my entrepreneurial report, the worst report, am looking forward to refocus myself into my summer research..i've never been reading any research papers lately due to the abundance of hw's..(as a matter of fact, there are still many hws, which are due soon..but, i don't care too much since the deadline is next week! well, procrastination suits me the best)

p/s: am so in love reading the scholar papers...give me new insights! plus, today i just got the newest edition of Popular Science, which is supposed to be in my mail-box like few weeks, got something to read before sleep.. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Are you really a Muslim? or just bearing a Muslim name?

..i am such a lucky guy, who was born as a, i was grown up in a Islamic community for almost my whole life..most of my friends, and neighbors are a nutshell, i could say that i was never been exposed to any other religions/beliefs except Islam..nobody was challenging me about the truth of my religion..thus, i didn't care too much to know more about Islam..for me, to be a good Muslim, it was really easy: praying 5 times a day, fasting during Ramadan, and doing some few ritual activities..yet, i did all those stuffs because i was told to do so, being they were my parents or my religious school teachers..whenever i started asking some basic questions, such as why should i do this or that, i was telling to keep my mouth make it even worse, i was told to memorize some basic principles in Islam just to pass my exams (in Johore, there were many free religious schools back then)...i didn't have to worry much about the reasons behind all of those principles since i would never been asked in the, who cares to know?

..but, Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah), due to my so-called excellent results in SPM, i was given an opportunity to further my study overseas (to be specific, i'm now studying in "Uncle Sam" country, US) in the country, which Muslims are being a minority group, is indeed very, Muslims are more known as terrorists rather than, every single action is being scrutinized..but, this so-called "terrorist" status, doesn't really affect me..the worst part is that, my faith is now being challenged by some of my atheist friends..they are asking many questions, which i, myself, don't really know the answers..for example, why God creates the mankind, if He knows that they would cause war rather than peace? are you sure, you are praying to God, not your conscience? if the universe starts with a great explosion, called the big bang, then what comes before the big bang?...and the questions don't stop first, i felt such humiliated and shameful for not being able to answer all these questions..i was told by many, back then, to stop asking some questions that could shake my, instead of confronting and arguing with these atheist friends, i took such an immature step: trying to avoid from discussing any religious issue with them..i would try my very best to divert them whenever they start talking about the religion..yes, it worked very well for a while..

..yet, after some time, i did realize that this solution was not very helping me at all...i was not actually solving the problem, but i was mere running away from it...thus, i decided to learn more about my very own religion..but, don't get me wrong..i'm not questioning my own religion, yet i'm learning it by asking some, i hope that, my effort will be blessed by God since He is the only one, who is the Most Powerful and the Most Merciful..

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