Wednesday, March 30, 2011


lately, i've been thinking a lot about my past years - e.g. what i've done throughout my college years? how many people i have inspired? and etc..

but, to the best of my knowledge, i found that my contribution was very minimal..maybe, from the bright side, i may forget what "good" things [if any] that i have ever done..yet, i don't really care much - it was my past; nothing i could do to fix them..

so, here is my advice to all my juniors;

"don't be afraid to explore new things and ideas..don't be afraid to dream BIG...don't be afraid to say/do things that you really believe..and the most important thing is don't show excessive respect to others, being that they are religious leaders, lecturers, or your lovers! plus, don't be "plastic!" 

again, here is my another advice;

"do seek knowledge at anywhere, and anytime; do explore your inner-self, do respect yourself for what you are by doing things that you wanna do, and not what people want you to do; and the most important thing is do worship GOD with your true heart! plus, do chase your dream by throwing away anythings that will distract you from achieving IT!"

thus, at least, 30 years from now, i'd know that i have done "something good" for my juniors! [if this blog were still existed by that time] - to all, SAYONARA! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

my Dream

i believe everyone has his/her own dream, regardless how BIG or SMALL it may be..i got one too..but, mine is something that, i'm quite sure, couldn't be achieved during my lifetime..or maybe, it is just impossible to begin with..nevertheless, it is this dream that keeps me alive! it is this dream that motivates me every morning! in fact, it is this dream, which always reminds me to work hard!

so to those [you know who you are] who belittle me for having such BIG dream, you are already a criminal by my definition..and, by law, a criminal should be punished accordingly..yet, don't worry! i won't do any harmful things to you..for me, it's simply enough to just ignore you and your existence - and, that's how i punish people!  ;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why should we feel INFERIOR

as a Muslim, we should be proud to be one;
as a Muslim, there is nothing we should be afraid of, except the wrath of Allah;
as a Muslim, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE; 
as a Muslim, we should be the richest man in planet;
...and etc

“Jangan kamu berasa takut, jangan kamu merasa gentar, engkaulah ummah yang TERTINGGI dan MULIA jika kamu BERIMAN.”                                                                                             (Ali Imraan: 139)

p/s: i believe as a true Muslim, we shouldn't settle for mediocre..we must be the best among the rest..we should compete, and work hard! being "poor," for example, is not in line with the teaching of our religion..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the Best advice

" do whatever you think is the best for you..yet, remember, for whatever decisions you may take or paths you would choose, you always have your own families that love you very much! "

this is the Best advice i got so far; and specifically, it comes from my mom..i'm so grateful to ALLAH for giving me the best, and the most supportive ALLAH, i pray for their happiness..and i will take that support as a token for me to work harder and harder..and this reminds to this one of my mom's favorite songs;

Monday, March 14, 2011

IIT - Indian Institute of Technology - World's Best Educational Institut...

the Privileges of being older

when we got older, we could do many (i.e. non-zero) unthinkable things while we're young:

1) we don't whine over petty things, such as when we're hungry, unhappy, and etc
2) we become more optimistic for we know we have nothing to lose in this world (the fact that we'll b dead sooner or later)
3) we tend to please our parents in any way possible, while we, ourselves, compromise our own happiness
4) we become more responsible towards ourselves for we realize we got no one we should constantly cling on whenever we're in trouble
5) we don't be afraid of darkness - in fact, even ghosts don't scare us anymore..anyway, does ghost really exist??? .haha, this reminds me how scared i was while i was a kid
6) we tend to make every things working by our own, before seeking help from others
7) we start to believe that, "if others could do, so could i"
8) we believe we could make the world better than it was, with our own way
9) we stop doing unnecessary things, which bring no benefits to us, and people surrounding us
10) we start to be very selective in choosing friends
11) ......

*the list is made solely based on author's may be wrong in one way or another..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

my New Rules

here are my new rules on using internet;

1) no more following unknown blogs
2) no more reading unimportant blogs or news
3) no more surfing on random topics
4) no more reading politician's blog, except chedet
5) minimizing entertainment - yes, i need sometimes..haha

* i know, by abiding all these laws, i would be the super-lamest person in the world..but, i know it's for my own good.. ;)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Racial Tension!

is there any racial tension in malaysia? i don't think so..if it was, the situation isn't as bad as we might do i know? go ask your Chinese, or Indian friends, if you're Malay, about this issue..and i can bet you, of 10 people you ask, only one would barely notice about this, don't get yourself easily influenced by some politicians, who play all these racial sentiments..they do that for the sake of their personal interests..nothing has to do with US, the, stay clam, and stop degrading others..respect your friends, regardless of their races, for we're all the people of Malaysia..yeah, about the rights or privileges, i still believe it should be done based on merit system..if you were working hard enough, you will succeed - that's it! ;)

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