Saturday, June 18, 2011


i was used to think that independence is the best attribute that one person should possess - either physically, mentally, or even emotionally..usually, these independent people are the one who manage to own and understand themselves at their very best level..indeed they aren't easily influenced by surrounding, they are free thinker, and etc..more importantly, they can derive a great sense of worth within a simpler world, true independence would push us to act rather than be acted wonder, in today's society, independent people are the one who are cherished and celebrated as the great human beings..

but, i just realized that independence fails because of its lacking of one aspect - team work..instead of merely using one's full capacity, interdependence requires a very strong team fact, it allows people to cooperate together so to accomplish greater independent people believe in themselves, those with interdependent attitude emphasize on good communication among their team members, and more importantly, they have trust on their peers' capabilities..and, this concept agrees with one famous saying, "two brains are always better than one!"

however, to become interdependent people is very much difficult than we may requires one person to adapt with his/her surroundings, and sometimes, (s)he has to compromise over some of his/her principles so to allow the group to succeed..thus, interdependence demands, not only strong mind, but also resilient heart - sensitive people would be less likely to succeed! hence, interdependence is far more matured, and advanced concept than the independence..

*i found this lesson on "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," by Stephen Covey!

note: pic taken from Google

Just Insane!

i'm so pissed off to read the following article (just click on the link provided below)..why these clergymen are so stupid? don't they know that Freedom of Movement is a basic right for all people, regardless of their gender..please don't taint the beautiful image of Islam! anyway, please read the article and judge it by yourself..

one excerpt of the article:
"There are no specific traffic laws that make it illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia. However, religious edicts are often interpreted as a prohibition of female drivers. Such edicts also prevent women from opening bank accounts, obtaining passports or even going to school without the presence of a male guardian."

Sunday, June 12, 2011

to all Bloggers

"Reflections of the Social Media Revolution" - The Summit for all bloggers..check out the following link:

Thursday, June 9, 2011


can we just see a person as an individual, not by his race, religion, or even his family line?

for example, if i made any mistakes, can people put all blame only on me, instead of my religion or race? if i was lazy, it doesn't mean all Malays or Muslims are lazy..if Bin Laden was a terrorist, it won't justify that we, the Muslims, approve violence as a means to speak our mind..these are merely 2 out of thousands examples, which occur in our everyday lives..well, you may disagree with me, but can we just agree on the fact that each of us is created distinctly, and therefore unique..can't we? if you're on my side, we should now stop identifying people by their color, or even gender...

kids are color-blinded as for them everybody is their friends - Pic taken @Washington Park, NYC

Sunday, June 5, 2011

my new Passion - Photography!

these are pics taken during my 9-day road expect some lame pics since i'm quite new in this photographic area..good advices are more than welcomed! thanks

Canyon Area, Yellow Stone

Clear Sky @Yellow Stone

Sunset @Lake Mendota, Winsconsin

Blue Lake, Yellow Stone

Port of Cleveland, Ohio

among all, i like the last pic the most for the pic simply describes the importance of renewable energy (windmill) to sustain our continuous development (background sky crappers)   ;)

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