Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why we need (-) ions more than (+) ions?

To answer the above question, we need to clarify few things:

What is metabolism? Is it important to our health?

It is basically a process of absorbing nutrients from blood and discharging waste out of body. It is a all-time process, begins from the day we are born and stops when we die. This chemical process is very vital in any human's life. Low metabolic rate would weaker the cell body.

What these (-) and (+) ions have to do with the metabolism?

Study shows that (-) ions in the blood would increase the metabolic rate in our body. European scientists also conducted a research regarding the influence of ions to the human body. They proposed the following hypothesis:

Negatively Charged Ions are beneficial to the human body in four major ways;

1.Strengthens the functions of autonomic nerves.
2. Reinforces collagen (tissues that are resilient and tension-related).
3. Improves the permeability of the cell's prototype plasma membranes (improves
4. Strengthens the body's immune system.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Money or Health?

if you were given between money and health, which one would you choose? i guess, those who believe in capitalism would prefer money than anything else..they are so into money!! but, what about the others? so, here are some products that i found kinda interesting..they are not really different from other products..only, they are producing ions, which are found to be very essential in sustaining ones' health..feel free to look through these products:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Journey to the West!


-->we're planning a trip to California during this coming break, between Spring to Summer far, the idea is to go to San Fransisco, L.A, and San Diego..this trip will be 5-7 days..

--> so far, we already got 3 persons, who have given their commitments to join this trip..hey, everyone is welcomed to join this trip..the more, the merrier..the many, the cheaper! lol

-->here are some suggested plans:
i) the duration is between May 13- May 20 (so far, we have agreed on this)
ii) our first stop would be at SF..then, moving down to LA...and the final destination is San Diego..
iii) we might consider to go to Las Vegas (go out of Cali) if we can extend the date..

--> any ideas in regards to this trip is more than welcomed, such as the must-visit places, what should and shouldn't things to do, and etc...

Step 2

"Second" steps of being a successful engineer:

--> i should be more critical in everything i do..there's should be no more, "do first, think later!"..a good engineer is someone who thinks consequences for every action he might take..

--> i should handle problems in a more positive way..since i'm no longer seventeen, i couldn't behave/react childishly or bluntly...anyway, a good engineer will always remain calm tho he is under bad circumstances..well, only those who can control their emotions in good/bad times can always make good decisions!

--> i should be more optimistic!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Step 1

"first" steps of being a successful engineer:

--> i'll be concentrating more on technical more politics, or whatsoever, that has nothing to do w/ engineering stuffs..this's so important as to build up this so-called engineering mindset..the way you think is very crucial to determine what course of action you might take..yeah, like my professor said, "when you see something, you should see it from an engineer's perspective!"

--> a good engineer is indeed a great problem solver! so, instead of seeing a problem as a problem, one should see it as an opportunity..meaning that, an engineer has no fear facing w/ problems, given that they are technical or not...

--> "engineer is the best and coolest profession in today's world." yes, i should keep reminding myself that this statement is TRUE! hey, can anyone tell me other professions, which had contributed to this world as much as engineers did? hehe (am joking!)

--> keep telling myself that i would eventually become an engineer! i should, from now, be able to imagine myself having my own engineering firm! hehe...(law of attraction!)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I wish I were...

i wish...

1. i were just a genius, smart guy, who can easily understand things...
2. i were just a billionaire, who has no worries spending money in any way i like..
3. i were just a handsome, perfect guy, who can easily get any girls i like without having to put so much efforts flirting with any of them..
4. i were just an ignorant, care free guy since i do believe that ignorance is sometimes simply a bliss..
5. i were able to be with my parents for the rest of my life...
6. i were busy doing things that i really like, not those that i have to do...
7. i were able to speak in many languages fluently...only then, i could see life from various perspectives..only then, i could describe myself as an open-minded person
8. i were able to express my feeling to people..e.g how disgusting they are from my perspective
9. i were just a small little kid, who bears no responsibilities in life..
10. last but the most important, i wish i were being such a very devoted servant to My LORD!

...but, if everything is so damn easy to get, then life is becoming meaningless, and colorless! there is no challenge, and no one could ever be proud with himself since everybody is the, always be thankful for whatever u are having right now, and keep doing something to better yourself in one way or another..and don't forget to seek help from GOD since HE is the one and only who can help you during your good and bad times...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moving One Step for Betterment!

hey, u know what? 1 and half years from now, insha Allah, i'll be graduating from my current school, meaning that i'll start working in less than two years..and i'm both thrilled and feared to know that..

but, am i prepared for that?

..technically, i'm not ready yet..up till now, i haven't found my real interest..i'm still in a state of actual problem is that i couldn't keep doing one thing for quite a long time...i dun't have that stamina!

..and there is one thing that really scares me: i don't have really this kind of engineering mindset..and i have no choice but to build that kind of mindset from today onwards..hehe

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is finally here!

I guess, winter is officially over..and, i am really glad to know that spring is now here, meaning that there is no more bubble jacket, no more snow cap, and etc....and one more thing, spring break is just a day from now..but, the bad side is that i don't really have any plan for this break...

....what a sad guy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Week, but....

This week is the busiest week ever...two tests, followed by some group meetings, and etc...i know mine is "nothing" as compared to those successful, and great people like Bill, Bill Gates works 24/7, that is why, he could be such a billionaire...i'm not sure the fact is true or not, but that was what i have been told by my lecturer..yet, i'm pretty sure, he is such a busy guy! no doubts!

...and thinking from the bright side, keeping yourself busy is such a good way to avoid you from thinking useless things, like a saying, "an idle brain is the devil's workshop!" but, to be honest, i'm physically, and mentally exhausted right now! i really need a break...

..but, as Ust. Hasrizal said during an interview with MHI (if i'm not mistaken), those, who can enter JANNAH (Paradise) are those great people.. and as far as i'm concerned, great people will never ever give up...and there is one more thing that really keeps my spirit up! i quoted from fazrul's fb status:

"Antara 'Saya tahu" dan 'Allah Tahu" - dua perkataan berbeza yang membawa attitude berbeza dalam memahami ihdinas siral al mustaqeem. Bila kita amalkan 'Allah tahu', kita akan menjadi amat resourceful dalam hidup seharian dan tidak cepta hilang semangat."

..and if God-Willing, i'll try my best to keep myself survive! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"if it is to be, it is up to me," by Syeikh Omar

I just finished listening to this lecture, "if it is to be, it is up to me" by Syeikh Omar..i guess it is appropriate for me to share with all of you what i got for this lecture..the following is some notes that i was able to take..sorry for any mistakes and grammatically incorrect:

MASTER PIES - "if it is to be, it is up to me!" by Syeikh Omar

Islamic perspective (the lecture):

-clearly right.
-when one is very close to Allah: Hadith - when he grabs something, it is like Allah grabs that thing.
-Allah's will is one's will - if only one is close to Allah
-working under Allah's will --> working things that have been destined.
-if you become loyal to the cause of Muhammad, Allah will be with you!
-surah Ta Ha:
- chest : - the intelligence of oneself
- can strecth and shrink
-are we comfortable with our Islam? ashamed, perhaps?
- we must have certain level of understanding of Islam.
- so that, we could be independent from any abuse (inside or outside)
- Nuh (conveyed message of Allah (da'wah) for 900 hundred years.

-the attitudes of mu'min:
- reaches for the stars (but never ask for any difficulties to reach the stars)
- Rasulullah said, "don't ask for difficulties"
- there is nothing easy except what Allah has made it easy
- your goal must be very clear, don't be vague!
- do it something that is very useful for human being
- don't just do it something randomly with goaless attitude!
- study Islam in an organized way
- understanding of the goal (broader than knowledge - specific)
-has complete determination
-admit one's weaknesses -->seeking support from his brothershood!

-surah al-Falaq:
- lesson: Ibn Qayyim: a believer should never take a test by himself, unless he has five believers with him -> there is a need to have partnership/companionship
- especially when your family is not supportive in Allah's cause!

-understandig of the will of Allah:
- ask Allah to give one support!
- when u have determined to do something for the sake of Allah, then let it to Him
- determination is very essential --> but, one should have clear goal
- one must be aware of one's weakenesses --> find someone with have specific strength that one is lacking of.

-two ways of getting closer to Allah:
- doing things that are mandatory
- extra things like tahajjud!

-sweetness of doing tasbih is different when you are in different situation. i.e. one is in Allah's cause with one is not part of the cause
- to avoid of being hyprocritical.
- when one is saying bad to you, your soul would be dirty. only the time of remembrance of Allah, your soul would be cleansed.
-it is impossible that Allah won't help one, who is in the cause of Allah
-if your will is line with whatever that Allah has decided to you, you are part of making history
-the rise of Islam is happening --> Islam has been the center of discussion --> e.g: doing da'wah
-it's a trick of syaitan to alter your priority when you are working in the cause of Allah
-every test begins with communication --> one should perferct his communication --> so that one can move people in right direction by creating the emotion
-calling Muslim to shariah, but calling non-Muslims to Allah
-look for one's family first to seek support
-if you ask Allah's help, but you don't work for the cause of Allah, then you just make Allah like your luckycharm
-starts from firaid
-change begins with choice
-life is a choice we made
- be a person who accepts the will of Allah --> Allah's will is in line with where history is moving


-be with the people, who make you better
-to have behavior to engage in constructive people
-to look from perspective of behavior
-perfect imaan - one who loves things for Allah, and dislikes some for the sake of Allah

-how to build relationship with Allah:
- doing something that is easier for you for the sake of Allah first
- can you do something consistently for what Allah has made easier for you?
- eg: fasting
- read something that you like and easier for you
- make firm what you are already good..and then add on!

* spread the words of Allah to the mankind if it is only a verse!"

St. Patrick Day's Parade in Hoboken!

..many had turned up to join the St. Patrick's parade, just now...since this is kinda Irish celebration, most of the people appeared green! here are some pics that i managed to shoot..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go Cavs!

The Cavs defeated the Nets by 19 points..and of course, Lebron James was the man of the match, i guess...he was simply too good for the Nets...anyway, the game was a bit boring...The Nets not even gave the Cavs a good game...

...since i forgot to bring my camera to the game, there would be no pics i could show you..anyway, one thing i'm pretty sure about this game is that it did attract big crowd..but, ironically, most of the them were Cavs' fans..only a few did support the Nets..

...anyway, the Orlando Magic is coming here on Friday...again, they will go against the Nets...based on the previous records, i could say that the Magic would have an easy win over the Nets as the Cavs did..

...what a pity Nets...even me, who is living in New Jersey, is not a fan of them...hehe

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i was used to complain every time i didn't get what i do really want..especially, when i have put too much effort on seemed like this world acts unjustly to you, and you're just the victim of this unfair system! but, the more you think about it, you would eventually realize the fact that you're behaving not better than animals; complaining and complaining!

my point here is, how could you, with such comparably limited knowledge, could know what is really the best for you! yes, you could and should plan your future..i want this and that when i am at this certain age..indeed, i do really agree that "those who fail to plan is planning to fail!" but, regardless of how perfect or thorough your plan is, ALLAH's plan is always better! He, the Almighty, knows what you and your comrades don't know! so, bear in mind that, whatever it is, ALLAH will never act unjustly to patient, and keep asking for ALLAH's favors so that He would ease your affairs in this dunya and Hereafter..amin..

* spread the words of God to mankind even it is only a verse!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


....thank God, finally, i get my resume, i just need it to be proofread, before i could submit it to my advisor for final approval...

...and next is to draft my proposal for this summer research...hopefully, i could get it done by the spring break...

...speaking of spring break, i have no plan so far..staying on campus for the whole week, maybe? hahaha...that's not a good idea..indeed, it would be my worst holiday ever if i do far as i'm concerned, some of my friends are going to Texas..or should i say, they're gonna have a road trip to Texas...ain't it crazy? haha...but, i guess that's what we, the youngsters, like the most; doing the craziest ever thing while we still can..

....but, just before the break, i have to prepare myself for two midterms, and one test...the first one would be on this Thursday...please pray for my success! amin..not to forget, my group mates and i have to submit a report for our design 6 project...this project is more likely gonna be our senior design far, we have decided to work on an autopilot airplane...speaking of this project, it would involve lots of image processing, which i have no idea so far...hopefully, my group members could guide me...but, one thing for sure, i'm already excited to learn this new stuff...

....besides, i haven't completed my previous wishlists yet...LCD HDTV? wedding's gifts? and etc....i wish i could buy all these things in one shot..but, due to my current financial condition, i have to say NO to any irresponsible spending...haha...but, i always believe in one thing; if i was meant to have all these things, i would get them eventually..ALLAH will help me in one way or another..but, with one condition, which is i have to, first, fulfill all my responsibilities as a Servant to My LORD!

Aku Ingin Mencintaimu - Edcoustic

I found this video on youtube...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ecuador or Norway? of course, not Malaysia!

summer is getting closer...i can't wait to feel the heat since i'm so done with this cold weather..unlike the last summer, this one is promising a new experience for me, i mentioned in my previous post, i'm planning to do a research project for about 10 weeks..and of course, other than priceless experience i might get, my school is also paying me 350usd/, in total, i could get around 3500usd, together with free summer housing..yet, i'm still undecided on what project i might be working of now, i'm pretty sure that i'll be working in wireless communication area..and the deadline to submit my proposal is due in a month..i guess i should start seeing my faculty more frequently...

anyway, as i'm preparing myself to do the whole 10-week research in Stevens, i just got an email from Dean Shepperd...he offered us, the scholar students, to do part of the 10-week research in other countries like Norway, Ecuador, and Malaysia..yet, the airline fee would be on our own expense..the school will only cover our tuition fee while we are there...

so, from all these three choices, i have already discarded one of them; environmental research in UKM, Malaysia...of course, among these three options, this one is the cheapest one...yet, quoting from Dean Cescmibasi, my undergraduate dean, "well, since you are from Malaysia, i don't think you might want to do the research need to find new places so that you'll get new experiences." and i think he was, i am left with two, here are the pros and cons for both options:

  • Ecuador : the research would be conducted in 3-week time..and it will be about sustainable engineering stuffs..i guess, it would be more like green engineering...yet, as far as i was told, the cost for the whole trip would be more or less 3000usd...that'll cost lots of money...

  • Norway: the total cost is yet to be disclosed..i bet it would be lower than the Ecuador one..nonetheless, this research is yet to be confirmed since they need certain number of participants from our, if there is inadequate number, the collaboration would be cancelled..

...and i haven't decided on either of these trips yet...the excitement to get knowing new places and new people is, undeniably, overwhelmed...i have to admit that..but, i have to consider many stuffs before i could come up with a decision..for example, i have to consider about my health insurance, visa, and etc....anyway, now, i'm preparing myself to write a proposal for my research in any ideas about wireless communication??? please let me know!

...and on the other hand, i think i can now feel the spring breeze...the today's weather is really's above freezing it a sign that the winter is already over??

* the only thing i would be missing is that there is no more snow fight when the winter passed..sigh!

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