Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blackberry vs iPhone3G

Right now, i'm using a Blackberry Bold far, everything seems so good...the only thing that causes me trouble is the fact that i haven't unlocked the phone yet...since, i have the AT&T data plan, unlocking this phone is not really necessary at this time being..

..and i'm really satisfied with this phone..there is no lagging unlike my previous HTC smartphone..for those who are interested to get a new blackberry with considerably low price, please let me know..who knows i could get a better deal for you guys..the following table compares the blackberry bold 9000 and the iphone 3G..the comparisons are mainly based on the features and systems embedded in both phones..

Tampa Bay (Clearwater Beach)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

It has been awhile!

It has been awhile since i let myself listening to any religious lectures..I was too busy w/ my studies till i forgot the fact that i'm also a Muslim..but, today, ALLAH gives me another chance to get closer to Him..and I really hope I could be a better servant to Him..and I would like to thank my friend who invited me to join this PIES lecture..the speaker was bro Fazrul..

What I have learnt during this one-hour lecture are:
  • Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is an excellent example for us..He has gone through so many hardships and tests, yet he still stayed strong for his people.
  • We, sometimes, forget the fact that we are actually Muslims..Our words sometimes are not true with our intentions..we like to create lies..
  • The importance of qiammulail (stay awake during the two third of night as to serve ALLAH)
  • The closer we are to ALLAH, the stronger we would be..
  • The importance to talk our problems to ALLAH..He is the most powerful and merciful...

*wow, i'm so refreshing...thanks God!

All The Best, My Dear Friend!

maybe I was being such a jerk friend to you..maybe, i never showed you how much i did appreciate you as a friend of mine...maybe i never told you how needy i was to have you in my contact list....maybe i was not brave enough to let you know my real feeling...maybe i was not smart enough to create superb jokes (not the stupid one) as to tickle you during your hard times...maybe i had to tell you lies as to not hurt you...but, there was one thing i forgot to tell you; I always pray for you so that whatever your dreams are, they would come to you sooner or later...and i guess, that's the only good thing that I had done to you...and I was proud to know that I did it..anyway, all the best my friend! be strong as you always promised me! :)


This following song has such extraordinary meaning to woke me up from being in a subconscious state..and now, i start to realize the fact that i have been moving in the wrong direction! by the way, the lyric of the song is as follows:

"Tuhan betapa aku malu;
atas semua yang Kau beri padahal diriku;
terlalu sering membuatMU kecewa;
entah mungkin karna ku terlena;
sementara Engkau beri aku kesempatan;
berulang kali agar aku kembali;
dalam fitrahku sebagai manusia;
untuk menghambakanMU;
betapa tak ada apa-apanya;
aku dihadapanMU;
aku ingin mencintaiMU setulusnya,
sebenar-benar aku cinta;
dalam do'a dalam ucapan dalam setiap langkahku;
aku ingin mendekatiMU selamanya;
sehina apapun diriku;
kuberharap untuk bertemu denganMU ya RABBI"

You can listen to the song at

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It was hard, but I did it!

I have to admit that it was pretty hard, but I did it! i know it was damn sad to lost your friend for such your stupidity, but, i guess, it's even worse to deceive him/her for your whole life..and I learnt one important lesson from this incident; don't ever lie to any of your friends..if you really have to, please do it in a very smart, it's more likely you're gonna lost him/her... (lie here means other than "white lies." hahaha) the way, human is very complicated to understand..every thing should be justified so that people won't blame you for any mistakes you do..hell yeah, i'm very sick of living in this judgmental society..why people are not allowed to do whatever they like? why people should have certain moral standards as to be accepted in any society? why should one meet someone else's expectations? ...and the questions go on..and the worse part is, the more i think about all of these questions, the more complicated they would, my conclusion is that, i don't care anymore w/ what people might think about me..i'd only do things that i really like...i don't care no more as long as I don't cross the line fixed by ISLAM..and Dear God, please guide me to the right path! Amin..

My Dreams!

i'm always dreaming to be "somebody" when I turn into 30..."somebody" here refers to:

1) i want to be "somebody" who has his own house when he is 30..personally, i prefer to have a small, yet luxurious house..i guess, a unit of condo would suit me the best..

2) i want to own a mini cooper (yellow would be my favorite one!)..again, i don't really like a big car..not energy-efficient..

3) i want to hold a full-time engineer position in any multinational companies..i don't mind working outside Malaysia as long as it could help me improving my skills..and of course, i want to publish my own papers..

4) i want this title..IR Mohamad Shahrir won't be complete unless i have this title...otherwise, the 4 years i spent learning engineering stuffs would be meaningless to me..

5) i want to perform my pilgrimage to Mecca with my mom and dad..

6) i want to have my very own nephews and nieces...(okay, this is depending on my sisters..hopefully, they would get married soon)

7) i want to be "somebody" who travels a of my "must-visit" places is Japan..i'm always amazed with the way Japan people live their lives...they are very committed with their, these people are "creative imitators!"

8) i want to have my own business, regardless of any...this business would be my side income..

9) i want to have all game consoles available at that time..

10) i want to be a healthy person tho i'm no longer young by that time...hopefully, there would be no serious illness that could hinder me from enjoying my life...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Updates!

1. Carefree!

I need to be carefree, meaning that I should free myself from thinking anything unrelated to me and my family..yes, the keyword is to be a self-centered, or a selfish person..and only then, i could have a very good sleep...

2. Live my Present!

..and I want to be like other teenagers, who just enjoy their present lives, without ever worrying about their futures...this is very crucial for me since i don't really know on how to enjoy my teenage life! should i seek help from those my "happy-go-lucky" friends? or should i define the word "enjoy" by myself?

3. My Passion!

..and i got a very big trouble...i just can't do one thing in a long period..the longest i could go is not more than a month..and after that, i would feel terribly, up till now, i don't have anything that i'm really into it...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Friends and Foes!

I don't understand why some people can easily betray their friends..these chameleons-type aren't real friends..and i'm pretty sure, all of us are aware about this type of people...yet, it's very hard for us to differentiate between good and devil friends? don't we?, as a Muslim, i mean a very practicing Muslim, the only thing that i could do is to pray to God, asking Him to grant me w/ real friends...i don't need them to be smart, rich, or perfect's more than enough to have friends who always stand beside me throughout my life..indeed, i do really understand the fact that, "a friends in need is a friend indeed!" ...and i, myself, will try my best to be a good friend to all my beloved friends... getting more and more excited!

..this semester is getting more and more excited...everyday, i feel like i'm getting dumber and dumber! i guess it is a good sign convinces me that i'm learning new stuffs, and for sure, i'm no longer getting myself doing the same things over and over again!, i can say that learning is no more boring..instead, it excites me from every aspects of my life...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Infinite Love!

"Wahai anak, kamu mungkin lebih bijak daripada kami, tetapi kamu tidak mungkin dapat mengatasi kasih seorang ibu dan bapa. Kamu hanya mampu mengasihi kami selepas kamu bijak, tetapi kami mengasihi kamu sebelum kamu lahir!"


my comment:

love your parents while they are still alive..don't ever disappoint them in one way or another!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Definitely Maybe!

I know it's very pathetic to watch the same movie twice! and, i know it's kinda miserable to watch the same romantic movie again and again! and for sure, i know it's kinda stupid for a guy to watch the same romantic movie more than once! hell, yeah..i'm a stupid what? lol..anyway, i'm really into this movie, "definitely maybe."

..hence, for those who haven't watched this movie yet, go and watch it now..believe me, it worths your time..the whole story is very true and realistic, even tho the ending is kind of delusive..

..for this type of story, i could give it 7 out of's pretty awesome!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's Hit The GYM!!!

here are what i'm gonna do throughout this semester!

1) get myself healthy foods, meaning that no more snacking, soda-ing, or eating stale foods..
2) get enough sleep, meaning that i would reschedule my bedtime, AGAIN! this time, i'd make sure it works as planned!
3) get ........................................ :p
4) get myself sweating, meaning that i'd come to GYM frequently...thrice per week, perhaps?



Far in Sight, Close in My Heart!

"Absence makes your heart grow fonder," is an interesting phrase to begin with..I guess, this happens to many people, especially me..we prone to appreciate somebody when he/she is no longer with us..but,why? i think this is probably due to the fact of me being a human..or should i say, this a humane part of me..haha...and, here comes another interesting fact: spouses, who are living separately or seeing each others less frequently, are less likely to, am really thinking to be a part-time husband when I'm married..ain't it interesting? lol

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Off to SNOWBOARDING! going to Camel Back Mountain for snowboarding..yeah, am so excited! let's rock the mountain, bebeh!!! haha... is very sunny...good for any outdoor, the temp is not too's around -1 to -2 Celsius..that's not too bad, i guess!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

In the LIBRARY on Saturday's Morning! WTH!!

as i'm writing this, i'm already in Stevens' library..well, i guess to be in the library on Saturday's morning is not really bad! hahaha...omg, am i NERD???????????


Alhamdulillah, the election process of choosing a new President of UMNO New York-New Jersey Club is now over...and now, i'm so happy to think that i'm no longer having this 'President' means that i no longer have to think where to get the money for upcoming events, how many audience would turn out, who should i invite for a forum, and etc...fuh, what a relief!

...and,i'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my committee members for their hard works and commitment for the last one year! u guys were so great and helpful! and AGAIN, please forgive me for all my misdeeds and wrongdoings!

...and not to forget, i'd like to convey my congrats to the new elected President, bro Amer Shukri Abd. Rani...and i hope, together with his new committee, he would drive this club to the higher level than it is now! All the Best!!

p/s: am so happy now.. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Missing My "Sambal Kerang"

When I came to States, I never really missed any Malaysian foods, such as Roti Canai (pancake), Laksa Johor, and etc..for me, food is just a food, regardless where it comes from..i don't mind to eat sausage everyday, if I have to do so...getting good/tasty foods is not really my long as it is halal, and not harmful to my health, i would be just fineeee! but, idk why, this time i'm really craving for so-called "sambal kerang!" I'm now really missing my days in Malaysia..whenever I felt like to eating "sambal kerang," i could get it thing changed! am really thinking to have a wife right now, so that she could cook for me! hahahaha...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No CLASS for Today!

...due to severe snow condition, all today's classes are cancelled..well, for me, it doesn't really make any difference. FYI, i have no class on Weds for this whole semester..

...but, the real difference is that today is extremely cold...can't help myself to get out from my comforter...research has always proven that a cold weather will always limit our thinking do brain is freezing, and of course, i've no interest to do any study

anyway, happy holiday, my dear Stevens buddies!

p/s: this is the second time my school is closed due to weather condition..the first one was last year.....

Monday, February 8, 2010


1. My Aunt's Engagement!

In less than a week, my aunt will be engaged! It's kinda sad to think that I won't be there on her very big day. She is very special to me, and honestly, I really love her to the bits! Well, Mak Jai, I will always pray for your happiness. may you have a good life, together with Uncle Lah...

2. My New Smartphone

Finally, I bought myself a new smartphone. Well, it is not a brand new! but, who cares? Now, I'm thinking to get myself my second present! am still undecided..if i were to buy a new HDTV, i have to discuss with my roommate first since my new house is small..well, to be frank, my current roommate is not a partaay man! well, what would you expect from a guy, who takes 24 credit hours this semester..haha..he's really crazy, but really a nice guy! he's the one who wakes me up for morning class!

3. Snowy day!

Tomorrow will be, get prepared to walk on slippery road! and, do not forget for a snowball fight! :)

4. Wireless Course!

I'm really into this it very much! indeed, i'm so amazed on how complicated man could be in developing this wireless system..the growth is very rapid! well done, researchers!

Monday, February 1, 2010

3 papers + 1 readings are DUE soon!

i guess this would be my only post for this whole too busy with school! project papers are due at the end of this week, a sheet of business idea must be handed by Thursday, and bla bla bla...and not to forget, my MATLAB project is also due soon!

well, that's my life as a college student! i deserve that!! now, am really considering either to pursue my grad studies or not!

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