Thursday, April 28, 2011


"Graduating Seniors" - this pic is taken after the Senior Day Expo!

senior day expo is over - our "reconfigurable projected keyboard" was working well yesterday!it's now time to celebrate life after a very tiring semester! everybody is happy, and i'm so satisfied! wait, i got one business plan due next week! haha..let's give that damn thing a very best shot!!!!!
among all the visitors that came to our booth yesterday, there were 2 girls that keeping me happy after they tried our projected keyboard!

" wow, engineers are awesome! this product is great! i wanna be an engineer!" - one of them said!

and, i believe they were from business/management school since they asked us about our plan to market the product! hahaha

Sunday, April 24, 2011


disclaimer: the following post is taken from my friend's blog.. check out his blog at, and you will find a lot more interesting entries, which cover almost every essential stuffs in life..enjoy the reading, comment would be available right after this entry;
"We search constantly for love, a nature of humans, to want and wanting to be wanted. To love and to get love. I am no expert in this matter, by far I am a novice. A novice that doesn’t have feelings, not that I don’t want to feel, it’s just that I can’t.

You know how we all think that the first is always the best? The one that you’ll remember the most, the best that you can experience? All subsequent are downhill from that. The first date, the first wedding, the first sight, all are precious and significant to us, the first anniversary…

But the thing about love, which puzzles me, is that it does not follow the rule of nature, where the first one to cross the finish line is the winner. Love, rather, go against every single logic and thinking, it works on its own realm. 

The best love, is the last love that you can experience, the one that when you’re battered and stripped  down and you have absolutely nothing, and the world is all against you, yet you know there is your other who still stands by your side.against everything, with you. [my favorite lines]

The best love is when you’re 90 yet you’re still holding hands, wrinkled the face and hands, weak and counting days, yet you still have each other. That you feel calm and fulfilled.

With regards to love, we should gun for the last, the one that has no other right after. Throw out the logic and thinking, because to be happy, we need to search for our last love. The love that would last forever."

my comment:

this post reminds me of one particular scene in "Growns Up" movie;

guy    : do you know that you're my 26th girl? [note: i just make up the number]
girl     : i don't care how many girls were before me as long as i am your last one!    ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


have you ever been in situation in which people asking you silly questions like, "tengah makan ker?"  "tengah buat kerja?" or even worse "tengah buat apa sekarang" whereas it's clearly that you are on phone with him/her...haha..sometimes,i found it to be very funny, but most of the time, it just seems stupid..

dudes, can we be more selective or thoughtful before we start talking? or are we really a society for asking stupid questions? hahaha..

but, as i was  going through the twitter updates recently, i found some people trying to make big of non-important issues, such as 1malaysia email, ***** sex video and etc..dudes, instead of discussing the feasibility of having 1malaysia email, or anything sewaktu dengannya, could we actually engage in more crucial issues, such as Lynas issue? or are we not only a society that asks stupid questions, but also discusses dumb issues? hahaha

Saturday, April 16, 2011

[mini] - LIBRARY

nowadays, you can easily get one e-book reader with considerably cheap price; yes, very cheap since there are zillions brands of e-book reader are now available in the market - so, the developers are now competing with the price so to get buyers  - the cheaper their product is, the more potential customers they might have! yes, it happens almost everywhere in technology-based business; plus, with "reverse-engineering" technique, people can easily come up with new "model" of iPhone, for example! thus, it makes me wondering what Patent Protection is actually doing! 

well, back to the actual topic, though there are many cheap e-book readers, i don't find any of them to be very appealing since i'm still an "old-fashioned" reader. I STILL LOVE paper-based BOOKS! well, it's kinda different for me to read "book" on black/white screen..if you were like me, the old-fashioned reader, you might know that each book would give you different "SMELL!" it's that smell that keeps you reading the book over and over again! with the e-book reader, the smell is gone!

so, i've decided to not invest my money buying the e-book reader! but, somehow, i need to "spice up" my reading experience! haha .. so, i found all these cool pictures:

i call this as "biblio-bed"

simple, but seems so appealing to me

another creative design: "biblio-chair"

well, combing all these, i might have books everywhere in my future house: in my bedroom, living room, as well as my office room! it may sound too "BOOKISH" tho! hahaha "happy reading, guys!"

Sunday, April 10, 2011


i pray that someday in the future, Malaysians would finally have open access societies, in which people, regardless of their regions, religions, or races, would have fair access to quality education, good jobs, reliable social security system, and capital. Plus, i wish at that time, the middle-class would be substantially empowered in which their voices and concerns are attentively heard by the gov in charge. I also hope that the role of gov during that time would be minimized as much as possible so to allow the creation of small-government system..The debate that would take place in Parliament would be more matured, and have more substance! i wish, at time, people in every places can speak and write well in English. Also, difference in term of faith would not be manipulated by any group, and every people respect each others. and i really hope entrepreneurial attitude would flourish in every societies - only then, we could live happily ever after!  ;)  

Saturday, April 9, 2011


[note]: it has been sometimes since i posted anything on this blog; hence, please excuse me if there were many major grammatical errors. but, who cares? haha


1) my final-year project is on it's final stage; Alhamdulillah, we finally manage to get the prototype working. well, it's not perfect tho; still, i think, it's enough for this coming expo. i'll post about it later on

2) my scholar project is also on it's final phase; we're doing digital video broadcasting (dvb) using gnu-radio. well, it's quite fun since it's my first time using USRP; yet, due to time constraint, i can't give 100% commitment on this project; i feel sorry for my partner.

3) well, this is the most killing project ever; my friends and i have to evaluate market opportunity for one of Stevens's inventions. we have to recommend to the Stevens faculties for which market they should look into. i know it sounds a bit exaggerating, but that's what we have to do.and up till now, we haven't decided yet; still in clueless state tho! ok, now i hate business & marketing..haha

4) ................................................... i'm trying to get my mind free from any works; and so far, it's not working. "tidur malam pun mimpi pasal these projects." but, i take these workloads as a challenge for me to growing up! hahaha

5) my last word, I HATE MALAYSIAN POLITICIANS; THEY JUST BECOME DUMBER DAY BY DAY! they piss me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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