Sunday, January 31, 2010

1+1 =2!

I hate when people keep using maths to back up his arguments especially those who are using maths in the wrong way! come on, guys! whatever reasons/arguments you have, i'll never believe that 1+1=3! for me, math is very direct..if it is 2, it means 2..not other than that! can't you understand me? stop bluffing!!

* i just read a book, in which the author used this "1+1=3" method to convey his message! hey, YOU JUST FREAKED ME OUT! get a life! for whatever reasons you might have, you seem STUPID to me..pullstop

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Culture of Whatever!

1.Whatever! Simple, but just good enough to end any conversation! i mean sort of "unhealthy conversation," such as "mengutuk rakan sebilik, bergosip mengenai rakan sebilik, dan etc." take the following conversation between A and B as an example:

A: hey, your hair is so messy!
B: Whatever, dude!
A: .........

------the end----------------

2. Whatever is a tool to show that you're lacking of interest talking with your friends about a certain topic/issue..example:

A: hey, that girl is so damn hot! i really want to ......
B: what?
A: i said that blonde girl is so hot!
B: whatever!
A: wth!

--------the end------------------

3. Whatever is also very useful/helpful when you are all of sudden losing your words while might be either you forget such words that you really wanna say or simply because you don't really know what you are going to say....the following is an example to illustrate what i mean by that:

A:do you know how to find a wavelength for this given sound waves?
B: it's easy, man!
A: tell me, then!
B: have to divide the speed of waves with this whatever value given!
A: got u, man! thanks a lot!

* note: that whatever is simply referred to a frequency of the waves, which is given in that case!

well, in this case, whatever really helps u!

*in whatever cases, this word is simply useful..but, the way u use it will determine the results..haha, i like to use whatever in all these three cases!

Take It 1 by 1!

Tonnes of HW's..yet, idk which one should I do first! here comes a question of it really necessary to always have your own priority list, every time and every place? yes, in my case, i really need to have that..and here comes another question: what factors should I consider as I'm making this list?....well, the question will never end there! it'll continuously provoke another question once you have the answer for the previous one!.....and the question goes on...........

but, in my case, i'll do the HW's one by one! i don't care which one should comes first..the thing that I really care is "how much I am into that subject!" if I really love my Digital Signal Processing class, for example, I'll do "its" homework first! hahaha..I solved my conflict!

p/s: right now, I'm really into this "one-TV-series!" [the name of it is censored due to my pride and dignity! haha], i guess it's not wrong for me to spend this Saturday watching its whole season! lol...JUSTIFY MY CASE!

Funny? YES, it is!

New Robot:
"You can now buy a nine thousand dollar sex robot.
It was actually ready five years ago, but the scientists wouldn't STOP testing it!"
-Conan O'Brien
har,har,har...I just can't stop laughing while reading this..It really makes my day! ain't it?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thanks MOM!

Thanks MOM for being such a wonderful mother, who is always there whenever I need you! I love you for being such a good cook, good listener, good lecturer, not-annoying joker, trustworthy buddy, and etc...and of course, your immense sacrifice in giving birth on me is something I will always treasure for the rest of my life..No girl will ever replace your noble position in my heart, THAT'S WHAT I CAN PROMISE YOU! --> [i know this is your real concern whenever I tell you that I'm now an adult and ready to get married, haha]

Selamat Hari Ibu - Hujan

Dengarkan lah lagu
Laguku ini
Ikhlas dari hati... Hanyalah untuk mu

Akulah anak mu
Anak mu yang selalu

Memang banyak dosa yang telah ku lakukan
Menyakiti dikau ku mohon maafkan

Selamat Hari Ibu...
Ku ucap kepada mu...
Walauku jauh disini
Ku harap kau terus menanti kepulanganku
Tuk menemani mu hingga ke akhir nanti
Aku janji...

Kau tak tahu ku sentiasa bersyukur
Punyai pari-pari iaitu kamu
Ku pastikan agar kau sentiasa bahgia
Ingin ku nyatakan engkau milik syurga

Memang banyak dosa yang telah ku lakukan
Menyakiti dikau ku mohon maafkan

Selamat Hari Ibu...
Ku ucap kepada mu...
Walauku jauh disini
Ku harap kau terus menanti kepulanganku
Tuk menemani mu hingga ke akhir nanti
Aku janji...

Selamat Hari Ibu...
Ku ucap kepada mu...
Walauku jauh disini
Ku harap kau terus menanti kepulanganku
Tuk menemani mu hingga ke akhir nanti
Aku janji...

* Mom, I don't want anything for my birthday except you are getting healthier and healthier! Dear Lord, I really LOVE my mother to the bits! Please grant her with good health and real happiness!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Small + Small = ???

ever think to start a new venture? if so, what would it be? maybe, for some, to start a new restaurant isn't really a bad idea! plus, thinking of how bad the economy has been for the last two years, this restaurant business seems more secure and promising! well, people are still enjoying their regular dinner outing no matter how bad the recession is! makan tetap makan! with such mentality, it's pretty hard to get this type of business out from our mind!

but, as you are walking along the Washington Street, here in Hoboken, you would notice that this area is fully-loaded with restaurants, from fine-dining to fast-food restaurant. but, one thing that really amaze me; these restaurants are attracting a very large crowd! wow, i thought i could only see this in Kedai Mamak all over Malaysia.

...hence, by simply observing this pattern, i bet these restaurants' owners are making good money! but, can they really make themselves a millionaire! tho they are making some profits i guess, the amount is not very significant!

so, it's very important to note that, to make outstanding profit, you must come up with big business idea.. consider this simple arithmetic; small idea +small idea = won't make the idea BIGGER! so, it's time for us to think BIG as to catch BIG FISH!

How to SEIZE An Opportunity?

The first step to become a successful entrepreneur is the ability to see and grab an opportunity! But, how to do that?

1) The Role of Ideas:

Some might think that having such a great and new idea is more than enough to kick-off a successful business. but, as reality is concerned, this is not TRUE. Idea will be an idea, regardless how great it is..Idea is inert..It's your responsibility to keep it alive, so that it would be developed into not only a great idea, but also it can satisfy the market needs.. Only then, you can be a millionaire! I'm listing some very known, yet rarely practiced steps as to generate the most profitable idea:
  • brainstorming
  • try and error
History has proven that getting your ideas evolve is a key to succeed. That's why, many major ventures, such as IBM, are built around different products from what they first envisioned. for record, IBM was then in wire and cable business until they found themselves making millions of dollars each year in computer business..Till then, they were in "try and error" process.

2) The Recognition of Pattern

This is what most experienced entrepreneurs have that keep them making more and more money. The late Herbert Simon, a Nobel laureate, described that the pattern-recognition process is not just a linear process, yet it involves both intuition and induction!

The trick is to see what others can't!

Rich Dad's Rich Kid, Smart Kid!

is it true that all kids are born smart? or is it possible that all kids are rich when they are born? or perhaps, all of us are born with these two important traits, being smart and rich? if all the answers are simply YES, why there are so many kids living in poverty nowadays? or why many of them are "drop-out" students? are they not smart enough to be, at least, staying in school till they finish their secondary education? or maybe, they are born both smart and rich, yet due to their poor, and bad environment, they are just getting themselves poorer and dumber day after day? so, can we blame their parents for this fault? or maybe, their parents are not lucky enough to have better jobs and, therefore, are forced to grow their kids in the filthy environment? can we blame their parents just for getting married tho they surely know that they can't afford to give their kids proper education and better life? or perhaps, all these parents are being so ignorant, and selfish? but, is it any way that these unfortunate kids can change their destiny? if their mothers are prostitute, can they get themselves out from their mothers' circle of life?

well, there are so many questions popping up in your mind, whenever you see these unfortunate kids? but, to only blame others is not a good thing too. so, i think it's the kids' responsibility to make themselves smart and rich..borrowing from a saying, "we are the one who engineer ourselves." Last but not least, we bear our own future! we are the one who can shape it!

as i was browsing internet to get myself prepared for my entrepreneur class, I found a really good book, not only for parents but also for kids! yes, i really want to be a "financial genius!"

...and the book is : "Rich Dad' s Rich Kids, Smart Kids."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FINALLY, it's iPad!

Apple does a very great job..With their new iPad tablet, I guess they would make lots of profit! Still, I'm being skeptical on how it would be different from other netbooks! To be clear on that, here is what Steve said:

“It’s got to be better at these key tasks otherwise it has no reason for being. Some people have said: oh, that’s a netbook. The problem is netbooks aren’t better at ANYTHING.”

So, I guess the iPad should serve much better than the current netbooks have to offer. Otherwise, there is no need to pay more on this tablet.

Well, speaking of the price, the cheapest is USD 499 in which you would get the basic model of this tablet with max storage of 16GB...The price varies, depending on how large the storage capacity you want, and also the service availability..The price can go up to USD 829, for the WIFI+3G capability, and 64GB storage limit..

This tablet comes with its own chip, called A4, with the speed of 1GHz..well, that is not really amazing since you can get faster netbooks with considerably lower price! anyway, 1GHz is not really bad tho!

..and it has a new application, called iBooks! similary to iTunes, this new apps has its own store..

..and of course, it is just 0.5 inches thin, and 1.5pound weight! that's superbly amazing! and possibly, it's the thinnest and lightest among the other netbooks so far! with the IPS display, it would give you the best ever screen-display while offering considerably low power consumption!

my last comment: of course, i will make this tablet one of my "must-buy" items while I'm in States! well, 499 is not that expensive, huh??

Wednesday is MY WONDERFUL DAY!

I really like Wednesday more than the other days! It simply because I have no class for the entire day! Looking forward to fill up the leisure time with good activities, such as sleeping and playing video games! lol

:0) (0;

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Summer Plan

What should I do in Summer? Perhaps, it's too soon for me to keep thinking about that..anyway, since my last summer was sort of boring, i want to make this time the best Summer ever! Yes, it is kinda sad to think that this would be my last summer in States! Thus, I have decided not to take any regular classes during that period! don't want again to confine myself in my tiny room, reading lecture slides, and etc...

Since taking class is out of my option, what else left for me? So far, there are only two things that are regularly playing in my mind: 1) doing a summer research, and getting a stipend for at least usd 3500 at the end of it. 2) studying abroad for one semester. Yet, the latter one will cost me some money as I've to pay for the airline fare..but, the experience is very priceless..

I know it's kinda hard whenever we have to make a decision! for almost cases, this would always cause us a severe headache..thus, up to this point, i can't even make any decision..whenever i really need money, the first option seems more attractive and favorable! but, thinking of learning a new culture and engaging with new people, the latter is more preferred!

i really understand the fact that the sooner I make up my mind, the better it would be..but, i also realize that "giving enough time and careful thought" is a part of decision-making process.. as of now, I'm still blurred!

p/s: any opinions and comments on this post is more than welcomed..especially for those who have gone thru one of these two options!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Windows 7 is COOL!

I just upgraded my OS from Vista to Windows 7. Of course, the gap between these two versions is too huge..and the later version, for sure, is much better than its predecessor..and, OMNET is working very well with this Windows 7..the only setback I've noticed so far is that it is not compatible with few softwares..Still, there are many, which have no issue with this new OS.. But, I guess, with this kinda progress of Windows 7, as compared to Vista, all software developers will soon release the Windows-7-friendly versions... :)

p/s: now, my computer reboots very more headache-lagging!

Sunday, January 24, 2010



Nothing is worse than you are,
You make my life terrible,
Plus, because of you,
I feel like;"I am such an idiot!"
Yet, after all disasters you have created so far,
You have forced me to do one good thing,
"Installing Windows 7"
and, if I am able to meet you,
perhaps, in other dimensions,
There is something I really need to tell you,
that is;

"I really thank you for being such a stupid jerk!"


p/s: i'm such damn bored! plus, this simulator just freaked me out!

Do It Now, or NEVER!

Today's world is nothing but a race..The faster you're, the more successful you would be..There is no more, "You're first, I'll be second" or "Ladies come first." Nowadays, the world doesn't wait for you..If you miss an opportunity, just forget it..It won't come to you again for the second time..The idea is, "You better grab it now, or never!" That's why, we see people now are becoming too individualistic.."I'm first, you're second!" People are becoming more self-centered..I think it is just not right to blame people for being such selfish creatures..It's the system that makes them the way they are now..Hence, by hook or by crook, they have to adapt with the current situation as to keep themselves alive! So, my advice is, "IT'S EITHER YOU DO IT NOW, OR NEVER!"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thomas Edison is Not An ENTREPRENEUR!

There was a tensed discussion in my class about this one great man, Thomas Edison. Yes, it's for sure, his contribution to the world is something that no one could refute..He was the man who has brightened our lives since many many years ago. Yet, there is one thing that many has been discussed for quite sometime, which is either he was an entrepreneur or not. And, of course, this issue has engaged me into a very lively discourse [myb, i should call it a debate] with my other classmates.

Before that, let's draw a very clear line between an inventor and innovator.
  • Inventor is a person who creates a new technical idea and employs some physical means as to accomplish the idea. The goal is to find a technical solution!
  • Innovator is a person who transforms knowledge for the betterment of the society as well as for the economic growth. The goal is to satisfy the market needs!
Entrepreneur, meanwhile, is a person who seeks for a business opportunity and, therefore, creates an organization as a means to realize his business goal. The aim is to make money!

Hence, by only going thru all these three definitions, we can confidently say that an innovator is simply an entrepreneur, while an inventor doesn't seem to suit for the entrepreneur title. So, whoever is an innovator, he is an entrepreneur.

Okay, let's put the above argument into our previous discussion, which is either Thomas Edison was really an entrepreneur or not. If you google the guy's name, you would find many articles about him. Many of them are referring him as an inventor rather than an innovator. So, as for the definition itself, we can now declare that Thomas Edison is not an entrepreneur.

Disclaimer: this is just my superficial observation in regards to this issue. I have no rights to claim my views is the right one! moreover, a view is just a view! it can't be told right or wrong unless it comes with a solid evidence..WHATEVER!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Awesomeness of Keropok Lekor!

Yesterday was my lucky day, i guess..I had a chance to eat keropok lekor, specially made from Terengganu..The taste was very pure tho it was a little bit stale, possibly due to 30 hours left unrefrigerated..Still, it tasted damn good!

Apart from that, I had finally decided to go for wireless graduate certificates, instead of the photonics one! Nonetheless, I was a bit disappointed since Physics is my favorite subject. [you really need to take few physics courses as to have the photonics grad. cert.] But, I believe, this is not the end! Physics had always fascinated me before, and it will always do thru out my life..Nothing is more beautiful than to know the creation of our universe, the existence of gravitational force, and etc...All these examples really amaze me while encouraging me to keep asking and questioning the reasons for all phenomenon happen in the world. Physics has also convinced me that whatever stated in the Holy Koran is nothing but the truth..The Koran is really the Words of God! There is NO DOUBTS on it!

Well, keropok lekor was really good! but, considering the fact that I haven't eat the real food since the last week, I was so grateful to have a grilled chicken sandwich for my dinner. At first I was a bit pessimistic to order this grilled chicken, thinking of how bad a grilled chicken I bought in one of Halal KFC Restaurants in Michigan about few months ago tasted. Yet, the urge to give this one more try is really worthy! This grilled chicken that I bought somewhere around my place was really good! The chicken was so soft, and the salads was really fresh! Thank GOD for making my day such a wonderful day!

p/s: off to sleep with such a good mood! looking ahead to have a wonderful day again! if possible, i pray that everyday is my wonderful day! Please God! :)

Elevator Pitch

What is elevator pitch? It is a brief conversation between you and an investor..In just 3 mins, at the most, you must be able to concisely and convincingly explain the following: who you are, what your product is, and the last yet the foremost is what makes your product differ from others.

The result is clearly simple; either you will be invited to a meeting room for further explanation of your product or you can be simply told to leave the building..and if you're lucky enough, you will have a few escorts sending you home!

Yet, as an entrepreneur, whose pocket is not that deep, you have to master this skill..It's very important to be able to convey your message in a brief time-constraint. Being able to do so, I could say that you're now on your way to be a millionaire. But, wait!! nothing in this world is so damn easy...To master in this area, it takes you lots of hard works and practices. As I was searching a few relevant articles on how to be good in this area, I found this one article, which simply describes five basic criteria to become an excellent elevator pitch:

1. Figure out what is unique about what you do
Your elevator pitch must have a hook. "I own a flower shop downtown" doesn't hold a candle to "I'm a specialty florist who deals in rare, South American tropical flowers that bloom in the winter."

2. Make it exciting
A superior elevator pitch increases your heart rate. It speaks to who you really are and what excites you about your business.

3. Keep it simple
It might be a few sentences, but no more than a paragraph or so. Keep it under 30 seconds.

4. Write it down
Write down your pitch, say it out loud, re-write it, and then re-write it again.

5.Practice, and the practice some more
The first few times you try out your elevator pitch may be a bit uncomfortable, but it gets easier. After a while, it will become second nature to you, and when it does, you will be glad you practiced.

You Better Drive Safely!

As I was browsing thru some websites, I found this article, talking about this new apps for smartphone users! Take a look!!

"When you’re driving a car, there’s not much difference between a pint of vodka and a cellphone. Either one is dangerous.

Researchers at the University of Utah say that talking on a phone has the same effect on your driving skills as drinking. No wonder some states restrict cellphone use in cars; Massachusetts is thinking about a ban on sending text messages while driving.

The best solution is self-discipline - leave that phone alone. Not enough willpower? If you’ve got a smartphone, consider installing a software app that’ll limit your use of the phone when you’re on the road. I’ve been trying a couple of them: iZUP, from Illume Software Inc. in Concord, and ZoomSafer, by ZoomSafer Inc. of Reston, Va.

There’s no need to manually launch these programs when you drive. Just install them, and they’ll know you’re in motion, thanks to the Global Positioning System chips that are found in virtually all smartphones.

GPS can do far more than provide turn-by-turn driving directions. It can also measure the speed at which you’re moving. There are cellphone apps that simply display how fast you’re walking or driving. And there’s an interesting program from Russia called CarSafety that can instantly detect a sudden deceleration - the kind that happens in a car crash. The phone immediately sends a text message to anybody you choose that includes your latitude, longitude, and approximate street address, so that person can call 911. This is one app I didn’t have the nerve to test.

IZUP and ZoomSafer use GPS to determine whether the phone is moving faster than about 5 miles per hour. When the phone passes that speed, the app restricts the user’s ability to place or receive calls, send or receive text messages, or run other software applications like games, e-mail programs, or Web browsers.

You’re not locked completely out of the phone. Each service allows for exceptions. For instance, both programs always let you dial 911. In addition, you can add certain phone numbers to a “whitelist,’’ so that calls from family or close friends can always get through. IZUP lets you whitelist software apps as well. That way, you can continue to run your turn-by-turn navigation software, but not the text messaging.

IZUP runs on BlackBerry smartphones and phones that run Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Mobile software or Google Inc.’s Android operating system. ZoomSafer is available on BlackBerrys, and a Windows version is being tested. But both programs are incompatible with Apple Inc.’s iPhone, because of the iPhone’s notorious inability to run two or more software apps at once. Such multitasking is vital for these safety programs, because they run constantly in the background and go into full effect only when you start to drive.

ZoomSafer offers a number of features not found in iZUP. When you start driving, ZoomSafer plays an audio announcement that your phone is now locked down. You can customize the audio; the company suggests a recording of your child urging you to drive safely.

ZoomSafer also gives you more ways to sidestep its safety features. For instance, it has a temporary shutdown mode that will neutralize the program for up to three hours. This lets a passenger in your car use the phone, but it also allows the driver to cheat. In addition, ZoomSafer lets you place calls using your phone’s hands-free feature even when the phone is otherwise locked down.

IZUP deliberately lacks these bypass features. Mark Thirman, Illume Software’s vice president of business development, noted that researchers have found that hands-free calling reduces driving safety just as much as using the handset. Besides, he said, iZUP is mainly aimed at the parents of teenagers, so the company takes a more hardcore attitude about safety.

IZUP costs $4.95 a month or $49.95 a year for a single user. There’s also an iZUP family plan that’ll cover up to five phones in a household for $9.95 a month or $79.95 a year.

ZoomSafer is much cheaper, at $2.99 a month or a one-time fee of $25.

Of course, the best solution of all is absolutely free. Just drop the phone and drive."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photoelectric Effect!

If you are interested in Physics, you might know this so-called Photoelectric Effect (PE)! For those who have heard this for the first time, here is the definition that I got from Wiki:

"The photoelectric effect is a phenomenon in which electrons are emitted from matter (metals and non-metallic solids, liquids or gases) as a consequence of their absorption of energy from electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength, such as visible or ultraviolet light."

So, here comes two important questions: what the hell this phenomenon has to do in our life? Should I do any better if I understand this concept?

Well, many would agree that this occurrence has significant contribution in developing our terms of technology advancement, and etc..but, for me, the way I see the important of this phenomenon is kind of different from most of scientists do..

Okay, here is my case:

I have been living in a comfort zone for a long time since I was a young boy..Many says that when you are abroad, the challenges waiting for you are very tough..You will no longer live in your safe/comfort zone..But, my experiences have told me a different story..for 1 and half years, I felt so safe up to the point I thought that I have learnt nothing during my stay here..I could easily get whatever I want..My friends would always be there whenever I need them..Yes, from one point. it shows the real friendship..but, from another perspective, I could say that I'm now being too much dependent!

So, to get out myself from this zone, I need a force to push me..Whatever force might do! but, I pray that, it is a good force..Similarly, to emit an electron from a matter, we need to give the matter sufficient energy...So, Dear God, I really hope that I could be a better person, who is no longer living in his comfort zone..But, to do so, I know that I should be a tough person..Please make me strong, God!

The Invasion of SPYWARES!

My computer is damn slow..from rebooting process to internet surfing, everything really freaks me out..even a simple process such as viewing my docx. documents does take me like forever..Come on! Well, I can partially blame myself for still using this tragic invention, Windows Vista..[one of my professors described Vista as a tragedy to our current technology, LOL]

Anyway, I realized my computer was invaded by some malicious spywares once my wallpaper changed automatically, my computer was getting slower and slower, my internet browser was frequently crashed, and few more symptoms..and, thanks to my anti-virus software which kinda useless when it comes to spywares..

But, thinking from positive side, this would be the most appropriate time for me to upgrade my OS. Yes, it has been awhile since I was thinking to have Windows 7. It's not I'm too lazy to back up my data, but I don't have any external hard drive to store them..Maybe, I should include a new hard drive in my wishing list.

Nevertheless, by hook or by crook, I still need to have Windows 7 installed by this weekend..OMNET++, a simulator used in my Modeling and Simulation (M&S) class is not well-working with Vista..Speaking of this M&S class, it was really embarrassing for me as I was one of the eight losers in that class who are still using Vista..The rest, the other 34 students, are now enjoying the robust Windows 7..Well, I should change my major from EE to CE, thinking how bad I'm in keeping up with current technology! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Lullaby!

Disclaimer: I don't own this video..I just took it from YouTube..

Credit to myvi1081 who uploads this video!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gearing Up for My First Class TOMORROW!

Tomorrow will be my first day in school since the winter break..And to know that my first class would be at 9 am, it just freaks me out! After weeks of late breakfast, I, myself, have no confidence to wake up at such early morning! Fortunately, I'm now living in one of on-campus buildings..It just takes me like 5 minutes to get to my class..Yes, that's the bright side of me moving into my new house..

But, that's not actually a serious problem for me..I just told my roommates to wake me up before 9 am..It's my luck since he, himself, has also a morning class..So, I think I can depend on him..:) [he is now sleeping while I'm still blogging] Yet, the most serious problem is that am i mentally prepared for my new semester? That's very important for it has been awhile since I stuffed my brain with hard topics..During my break, my brain was getting sick only when I had to plan my trip to Florida. Well, that was indeed not very hard since my other friends, who were also in the trip, had helped me a lot!

Like my mother said, "I will always trust you in whatever you're doing since you have grown up way faster than I could ever imagine!" So, as the only son in my family, I have to prove my parents that they could depend on me..Hence, I always keep reminding myself about this whenever I lose my confidence on certain stuffs. Therefore, first day of school has nothing to fear me! To all my new professors, I'm now declaring myself that I'm ready for your classes. And I'm looking forward to accept any challenges given to me during this semester! Dear God, please help me also..I'm nothing without YOU!

My Wishlist!

I need to restrain myself from buying unnecessary stuffs for at least 2 more weeks! Now, I have to start thinking to buy textbooks, and some stationery..and to do that I need money! Well, considering my current financial situation, I've to say NO to regular dinner outing, new winter outfits, new PS3 games, and etc..Yes, I definitely have to change my lifestyle! Being more prudent in my expenses! Maybe, I should live the same way again as I did 1 and half years ago..Actually, during my first semester here, I had to record all my expenses in a daily-basis so that there was no overdraft in my bank account..I was really short of money at that time..My friends and I had to cut our grocery's money..for example, there was always one meal per day..We couldn't afford to have more than that! To make it even worse, there were many times that we just ate fried rice with nothing since that's the cheapest and easiest menu for us! But, for me, that was a good lesson for us..and as a matter of fact, we did survive!

But, now is the different story! Although I am in the same trouble as I was before, the cause of the current problem is way different...Unlike before, I'm now running out of money because of my unwise expenses..Sometimes, I feel like I'm being such a big-spender! Quite a few times that I just bought certain things without really gave enough consideration..and of course, quite of sometimes that I felt that the things were just not worth the money I paid..

Well, human and desire are two complementary elements..One cannot stand alone without the presence of another..That's why, if you want to be a real super-rich person, the first challenge is to get yourself out from this desire trap..[this topic is thoroughly discussed in a book called, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"] Since I'm just a normal student, way far from being a super-rich person, I usually lose to my desire or lust..So, once my scholar money is ready, I'm also ready for a shopping spree! And here is my wish list:

1. LCD flat tv
2. Smartphone
3. New PS3 games
4. My sister and aunty's wedding presents

If i can buy all these items, I'm sure I will be in financial trouble again! But, who cares? LOL

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday's Outing

I just got back from watching The Book of Eli at Times Square, NY..The movie was just so-so..I have nothing much to comment on this movie..My advice for those who haven't watched it yet, or are planning to do so, DON'T GO! You'll just waste your money and time..Nonetheless, for those who are always sleeping in cinema, this movie is absolutely recommended for you..No Doubts!

Before I went for the movie, I just had a high-tea with Mr. Zamruni, at his residence. He is currently the Director of Malaysians Consulate General in NY..He, together with his wife, is living in Roosevelt Island, NY..Since I was from West Haven, Ct, visiting one of Malaysian families there, I had to travel more or less 2 hours to get to his place..I had to take 93-mins train to Grand Central Terminal, NY..When I said 93 mins, I really meant it..Then, to get Subway F, I walked like 10 mins from the terminal to a Subway station..Fortunately, today's weather was just nice..And of course, it was not that windy as it is used to..So, walking was not a terrible thing to do after all..When we arrived at Roosevelt Island Station, we did walk again for another 15 mins..Supposedly, we should take a red bus from the station to Mr. Zam's house..Yet, we decided to walk since it was not that far...Although it was 2-hour trip, it was kinda worthy since I had a chance to eat some of Malaysians foods, such as lotong, karipap, mee hoon goreng, and etc...yet, the sambal kacang just made the menu complete [sambal kacang is my all-time favorite food]

p/s: the public transport was awesome..from train to subway, they were really on time..when they say the train is coming at 2 pm, yes they really mean later than that!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Moving into my new apartment in two-day..Have to unpack my stuffs again..That's not an easy task since they are so everywhere..Everything is not in order..Hopefully, there should be no more pindah-randah after this..I'm so so so over it..I can't handle anymore mess, which occurred every time i'm moving from one place to another..I really need to settle down after this. Speaking of my new apartment, I just had a chance to meet with one of my new roommates..His name is Andrew..We just had a little conversation, asking each other's name, and etc...He seemed nice to me..Hopefully, my first impression is right...Really hope to tag along with them..

Today, I would be going to West Haven, Connecticut. It's not really far from here..Just 1 and 40 minutes by train..My friends and I will give one of Malaysian families there a visit..It has been quite a long time since our last visit..[well, our last visit is 2 months ago..okay, that's not sooooo long]. This family is so nice with us..The feeling is so awesome when we're there..It's like kids give their parents a hari raya visit..They will always treat us with good Malaysians cooking. Anywhere, instead of this family, there are many other families who are kinda close to us..They are treating us like their own kids..They have proven me that Malaysians are very friendly.

Okay, this is totally gay..Wohooo..I believe only a typical man would always put on a resolution whenever new year comes..Then, a week after that, he would definitely forget about it..I feel very sorry to this guy. If you're kinda this guy, my advice is, "Come on! face the reality..this sort of resolution will never suggestion is that, instead of doing it in yearly basis, why not you remind yourself to be a better person in daily basis. that should do better"

When I was in Florida, my mind really drove me crazy..I kept thinking of this and that stuffs. These stuffs should not be in my mind, especially when I was in vacation. But, I just couldn't get over it..Whenever I want to throw them away, they will keep coming to me in a more brutal way..Then, my mind would be restless again! I'm always dreaming to have a chance in which my mind is so free from thinking all problems and troubles..Only then, I can only have a peaceful mind..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Can't Live Without You!

I felt like something was missing! Everything was not right for this entire day! So, I gave my mom a call, having kinda 30-minute conversation..Well, that didn't work..Still, the same feeling overwhelmed me..Stuffed my stomach with yesterday fried chicken..Done with the eating! Still THE SAME! Watched two movies in a row..Felt a little bit happy..Unfortunately, the true satisfaction was yet to emerge...Finally, God enlightened me! All of a sudden, a picture of me drinking some sort of soda appeared in my mind..BINGO! That was the THING that I have been looking for the entire day..

Well, you won't always get whatever you want in just a second..I opened my wallet just to know that I didn't have any 1 dollar bill! What a luck! What should I do then? My roommates were sleeping at that time..I had no gut to wake them up..

But, nothing in this world is unsolvable..There would be always a solution for any kind of problem occurred. So, I didn't give up..Yes, I owed one of my juniors 4 dollars..That would be a good excuse for me to get the change...Then, I called her..Well, to tell you, I am very good in persuasion! I made up an excuse, telling her that I need to pay my debt at that time..No later than that..I said to her that I need the change as is it was an emergency..

As expected, I won over her [I'm so sorry, if 'you' read this] She was not in her room as I was calling her, asking for her help..To make it short, she got herself back to her room and I finally had my 1 dollar bills..Thank God, I could have my own soda..So, the lesson is: Always stock your ice-box with a lot of soda if you're kinda addicted to it like me!

NOW, I'm declaring myself to be addicted with soda..Just give me any kind of soda, AND you already make my day!

New Semester, New Determination!

I just can't believe it..This is the only time that i feel so damn excited to get back to school..I'm so DONE with this holiday..To say that my holiday is terrible, i have enjoyed my leisure-time so far..9-day trip to Florida, painting job at MUA, and etc...It means I have really utilized my winter-break..Hence, supposedly, I have no reason to feel bored during this period..Yet, I'm still looking forward to end this holiday, and start my new semester! BUT, why?

Okay, let's find the answer now! To do so, there are few questions that I have to ask myself.

Q : Am I taking any course that I really like for this coming semester?
A : Nope..nothing is really interesting

Q : Am I looking to get something throughout this semester? an AWARD, for example?
A : So far, nothing is in my mind..I got no email, letter, or whatever it is as to notify me for that any kind of accomplishment.

Q : Am I so excited to get along with my new American friends?
A : Well, that doesn't thrill me a lot..Maybe, I just feel a bit curious to know who will be my new roommates? Are they friendly? As of now, I haven't met them..Just barely know their names!

Q : Do I have certain targets to achieve at the end of this new semester?
A : Well, I have instead a lot of them..Thus, I'm not that excited since I'm pretty sure that I can't get all my dreams done by this one semester

Dang!! I still can't find the answer for this so-called over-excited feeling..Normally, if my holidays comes to nearly end, I would feel so depressed..Yet, this is really different of me. Nevertheless, I can't still rationalize my feeling so far..Thus, I'm giving up! So, here's my conclusion:

If i'm so damn excited to start my school semester, then that's good..It means now I have becoming a better person than I am before. If not, I have to find a way to motivate myself. Now, I do realize that there is something you can hardly rationalize with your logical brain that is YOUR OWN FEELING.. Then, here comes another conclusion, which is your so-called super ultra brain is not really very powerful after all..It needs to work closely together with your heart.. SUPER BRAIN + SACRED HEART = SUPER DUPER HOMO SAPIENS! Well, to listen to my heart, i have this lame, and pathetic answer for previous question; MAYBE NEW SEMESTER PROMISES ME NEW DETERMINATION AND HOPE!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm DONE With This So-Called Theme Park

400usd...Well, that's the price that I paid for 3-day visit to Disney World and 2-day play-around in Universal Studio, Florida..Yes, I know the price is kinda ridiculous and expensive..But, to think that it would be a great loss if I don't go to these two places during my stay in the States, 400 usd seems not much for me..Quoting from a friend of mine, "money is nothing as compared to your very own experience." I think I can't agree with him anymore..[His words may sound so lame..but it works for me!]

Okay, let's talk in term of economics point of view [tho i'm not majoring in economy, but i have some interest in it]..One thing that i can barely remember from my microeconomics class is the concept of marginal utility..To simplify it, i would say this concept in this way, "the utility (satisfaction) you gained as the number of good/service is either increased or decreased." Then, let's put this concept to my 5-day visit to these parks.

Day 1: Disney's Hollywood Studios - Since this was my first day in Florida, i was so damn excited..from 1 to 10, i would give 9 as to describe my level of satisfaction..Yeah, i was damn happy on that day..

Day2: Disney's Magic Kingdom - Many say that this is the best among the others..At first, i was so surprised that there were a lot of people there..Thus, this place seemed so happening..But, later on, i just noticed that most of the rides are designated just for kids..Not thrilling at all for an adult like me..Well, to consider how happening this place was, I was satisfied. I could give 7 out of 10.

Day 3: Universal Studio - From my conversations with some who have been here, many agreed that this place is a haven for adults as compared to its counterpart, Disney..Well, I agree that this place is for adult..That's why this place is no way happening as compared to Disney..The rides are so-so..Not much thrill..7 out of 10 is the best way to describe my satisfaction.

Day 4: Island of Adventure - Yes. there were a lot of rides that gave me headache! This park is more or less like a six flags park that I went last year..There is nothing much than the up-and-down roller-coasters..But, these are what thrilled me the most..I was a bit satisfied..8 would be the most appropriate number..

Day 5: Disney's Epcot - This is the most terrible one...I didn't have much fun..It was just a waste of money and time..I should think to go to other places, instead of being almost 10 hours in here..10 hours seemed ages! Hence, i would give 5 out of 10..

Yes, there is another kingdom that I should visit..Well, thinking that I can no more have my foots on any theme park, I decided not to go to the Animal Kingdom. Anyway, my judgement was so right, as my friend and I chose to have a-day trip to Tampa..I felt so much relieved when i saw the beauty of the Clearwater Beach, in Tampa..

But, all in all, I'm now satisfied with my 5-day visit to these two theme parks..All my tiredness seemed nothing as compared to the experiences I have gained..Thanks to my friends who had made my holidays wonderful.. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can't We Calm Down?

To begin with, I have a confession to make:

I'm sorry to cheat on you,
I'm sorry to fool you around,
I'm sorry to not even get to your expectation,
I'm sorry to break my promise to you!

Well, the idea of me having this kinda blog is more of sharing my experiences in the States rather than criticizing this and that issue..I want to wash my hands off [i've been watching so much Japanese movies lately that i can't get rid the phrase of my mind! ] from all bleak occurrences happening all over the world..I don't want myself ever again being influenced by the idea of this world is getting worse from day to day..I want to see my future in a more positive way..Like a saying, " To worry about the future will ruin your present happiness!" To be honest, considering what are happening all over the world, for sure this includes my very beloved country, I have no reason to stop worrying about my future..Would my kids have a chance to live in a peaceful place like I had during my childhood? What is the safest place to grow up my kids so that they would be free from any bad influences? Could they watch television without having to know that kids in other countries are being shot to death without any valid reason? Would they enjoy their meals if they know that their friends in other places are starving to death? And the questions goes on!

All these questions and worries just lead me to one conclusion!! If this is what the future is, I would prefer to stay single for the rest of my life. The idea of getting married is not a good option at all! Why should I get married if I know there is a high probability that my kids would be so mentally corrupted! Yes, I know this is pretty superficial judgement of me in regards to the world..But, I'm just the product of today's world, THE PESSIMIST! Who should I blame? The media? The people? or to the extend, the World itself?

Well, let me go straight to my point..I know, it is a bit cliche for me to comment on what is happening in my country right now...I know there are a lot of people giving their opinions and suggestions in regards to this issue in which my view seems no longer necessary..I know it's sometimes better to shut your mouth off in bad times..I know some people would think that this is a way for me to look smart...But, I believe I have my own rights to share my thoughts with others..

Okay, enough with the digression!!! I'm just wondering how can Malaysians being so radical to the extend that some of them were willing to destroy other's sacred places? Didn't they think the impacts of their immature action? Didn't they consider about others' feelings? Didn't they learn from their past? Or maybe there is somebody behind all this, who is wishing to destroy our country? Come on, folks! Whatever it is, enough is enough! We don't want the tragedy of May 13 to happen twice!! We are done with this so-called gaduh-gaduh!!

Anyway, thinking from the bright side, this feud leads us to one conclusion..There is a dire need for the unity! No matter what kinda background you come from, what religion you believe in, we are Malaysians after all..The responsibility to keep our country peaceful is OURS! We should take the blame if we fail to provide a better place to our next generation!

I agree that saying is always easier than acting! I do agree that it would be very unfair of me to say something without doing some backgrounds checks! Yes, I do realize that I'm not that good in which I have absolute authority to comment on this issue..But, one thing for sure, I do follow this issue since it was first blown up sometime ago! And because of that, I'm really sure of one thing:

There is no real action taken up till the present as to solve this issue..What I've seen so far, people are more excited to prove that our stand is right, and yours is wrong! They prefer to find others' faults rather than working together for the solution! This is what I hate so far! No one is really looking to solve it! Come on, folks! I'm personally tired of this! And I believe there are also many Malaysians who are now crying for the peace and harmony! Can't we calm down at this moment? And only then, we can come up with rational solution!

Friday, January 8, 2010

FINALLY, I'm Home!

I'm back in Hoboken..Today's weather is as cold as expected..I think Hoboken should be pronounced as a windy city, thinking of how windy it is today..Now, I'm really missing the so-called cold weather in Florida tho I kept complaining how cold the Florida was during my nine-day stay there..Well, that's very humane of me..Never ever been gratified with what I currently have..

Anyway, I feel so relieved now, thinking how finally I have my own bed to sleep...Although, I'm now kinda homeless guy, I'm so fortunate to have friends who really understand my situation..Thanks to my juniors, I have a temporary place to sleep, to take bath, and etc.. THANKS GUYS!

Well, in less than 2 hours, my favorite NBA team, the Cavs, will be entertaining Denver nuggets. They will be playing in Denver..I really hope that the Cavs will have an easy win! Go Cavs, Go James!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Few Interesting Facts When You Are Travelling!

Today would be my sixth day away from my so-called lovely home in Hoboken, NJ..I'm starting to miss my cozy comforter, my free laptop, and etc..Yet, as I'm missing my home, I do enjoy my single second in this Sunshine state, Florida..[speaking of Florida, or Orlando to be more specific, the weather is not really hot..Indeed, sometimes the windchill can be less than 30 Fahrenheit..WTH!!]

Anyway, this trip is a bit different from my other trips..Unlike before, I'm now traveling with my other buddies, who come from different schools all over the States...There are some, whom I haven't met quite a long time since we left INTEC for US..So, we are using this time to get in touch with others..From my view, I see no different in themselves..They are still my friends as they were about two years ago..And I hope, they would still be the same forever...We have had great time together so far..THANKS GUYS FOR MAKING MY HOLIDAY WONDERFUL!!

WAIT!!! I'm not done yet! I have some few facts to share with you whenever u guys are traveling..Please bear all these facts in your mind.
  • First of all, a group trip is all about sharing, all the way from foods, beds, clothes, and etc. If you think that you are such a damn stingy person, my simple advice is to forget any kind of so-called group trip.
  • Traveling is all about curiosity. Otherwise, it would be a total waste
  • Traveling is all about getting to know new people, new places, and etc..But, be cautious whenever you meet strangers..Don't let yourself being cheated by them..BE ALERT!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


As I am writing this, I just get back from South Miami Beach, Florida..It was 5-hour drive from Orlando, and now I'm super duper tired! I know it wasn't my longest trip. For the record, my journey to the Midwest during 2009 Thanksgiving breaks had forced me to stay in car for more or less 20 hours..Yes, it's almost a day..But, as a part-time traveler, I have enjoyed all my trips so far, including this Orlando-Miami-Orlando trip . Experience is just priceless..

That's it for this time..I'm too tired to think.. Night! :0)

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