Saturday, November 26, 2011

Uncertainty vs Opportunity

1. 20-30 years ago, if you had your college degree, you don't have to worry about your future - every good things is guaranteed  for you from job, girls, and etc.

2. now, the landscape has changed - college degree is nothing but merely a ticket to get you into job interviews. with thousands of fresh grads every year, in addition to the extension of retirement age for government servants, it seems impossible for public and private sectors to cater to these huge human supplies.

4. plus, with the uncertainties in global economy, we can't afford not to be worried about our job security - e.g. Lehman Brother, used to be the 4th largest financial institution in USA, collapsed in 2008, RIM announced in July this year to cut-off 2% of its workforce (about 2000 employees), and etc..

5. if you asked me what our future would be, my answer would be as simple as this; "BLEAK!" 

6. i'm not being pessimistic (in fact, i hate to be one),but i can't, all the time, be in a state of denial - keep telling myself that everything would be fine, or the government would take care of my future, and etc..

7. in fact, i've always been told to get my umbrella ready before it's raining - yet, i don't really know what kinda umbrella that i need to get through this coming stormy rain. in fact, i have to make sure that the umbrella that i'm gonna pick would be the sturdiest, and thus would be able to protect me till i die.

8. but, thinking from another perspective, life is nothing but a test! ain't it? your ultimate goal is to get into Jannah (with God's blessing). so, seeing this uncertain future as is a test, there must be a way to get ourselves out from it..don't ask me what is the way, since i, myself, am still searching for it!

9. but, i can simply tell you how to find that way - it's as easy as you decide which foods taste the best for you; you can't decide based on others' recommendation, right?? instead, you have to try it by yourself. it's the same as searching that way  (yet, this one is more tiring and daunting) - you got to allow yourself to be on the wrong track so that you can find the right the late Steve Jobs once said, "keep looking, don't settle!"

10. i still remember how a friend of mine, used to work in Wall St., was very optimistic about the future of real estate business in the State, while majority of other business players were being skeptical.. he used all his assets (knowledge, networking, experience) to convince some angel investors to dumb their money to buy all these far as i was concerned, at the time he told me, he managed to get half million dollars..

11. i bet once the housing price is picking up again, he can easily retire, and settle down at his own private island, while waiting for easy money to flow into his pockets every month..and. i'm not talking about thousands of dollars of income per month, but more and more than that! and, i'm positive that the time would be coming soon! 

12. i believe the only reason that allow him to be a millionaire (i hope so) is for being positive, while understanding the problems he's facing of! 

13. so, taking from my closed friend advice as we talked about this few weeks ago, we should take advantage of another, yet to come, disaster - from European failed economy! so, at the time being, let's prepare our bullets, so that when the time came, we would prevail! 

14. and last but not least, always BELIEVE in GOD! He asked us to worship HIM for a reason! bear that in mind ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

biggest mistake

i've realized that my biggest mistake so far is for being impatient - i don't like waiting, and thus, i can't wait to see results of all my efforts. my impatience, tho has led me to some successful events all this while, is the only reason that keep pushing me back! in fact, all the successes that i've enjoyed so far were merely at average level - nothing was really outstanding..

now, i'm so determined to change my attitude towards life..indeed, i should start treating life like a marathon race, not a sprint! better planning would eventually end up with tremendous success! i'm now looking for a very BIG success, and won't be settled for the average one! ;)

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