Thursday, September 30, 2010

Connecting the Dots..

well, memandangkan baru selesai menulis 2 papers (business, and wireless), mood menulis masih menghantui jari-jemari dan, untuk menghilangkan "hantu" ini, i'll write something today..

Fri, (09/24/10)
i attended a free talk, organized by al-Maghrib was held at a nearby college, called NJIT..well, the highlights of the talks were as followed:

  • we should stop the name-calling..fundamentalist, liberal, or etc, means nothing, but just to add confusion among the people..the content is much more important than the labels itself.
  • strive for the's very rare too see Muslim scholars to speak on this issue..most of them talk much on the ibadah, and etc (lame)..

Sat (09/25/10)
my other fellow Malaysians and i attended Eid celebration, in the presence of YAB Prime Minister at Malaysian Consulate, NY. I have indeed a good time talking with a Singaporean lady, whom by a chance sitting next to me..the highlights of our talks was:

  • Malaysia is so rich with natural resources..but, why you guys cannot really compete with us? a question, which i cannot answer..but, i got her point..everything begins with the attitude..please compare the attitude of Singaporean guys, and our guys..see any differences? if you do, you probably know the answer.

then, i got to listen to the PM's speech..i noticed some were not even bothering..but, i did listen attentively..and the most important message conveyed was:

  • the government is committed to transform Malaysia, both socially and economically..good job, Datuk Seri! 

Sun (09/26/10)
meeting with JPA officers from Washington DC..they updated us with new updated policies, such as NO OPT, and etc..but, i managed to grab one important advice from Pn. Ruziah:

  • whatever you're doing, do it sincerely (the question of attitude, again?) 
Tues (09/28/10)
me, and my other four friends were given an opportunity to involve in a meeting between Stevens top managements and MOHE Secretary General & his delegations. it was about 1 and 1/2 hrs meeting..and then, later at night, we had dinner together. After the dinner, i voiced out my concern about the new policy, that preventing students from doing OPT, adopted by certain sponsor..the KSU agreed with me, and the highlight of his advice to me was:
  • to always be a risk taker as to be real success!

of all the events that i managed to attend, there is one point in common:

in order to succeed, one must be brave enough to get out from his/her comfort zones, and live up to his/her own expectations..everything is's just a matter of attitude..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wall Street

wall street? it was used to be my dream to be part of it..making million of dollars, just thru selling, and buying other words, i want to make easy bucks thru out my life.., i bought some books in regards to wall street..yet, the more i know bout it, the more scared i am..i don't know..and then, i got to know how these people can easily push one company up and down in just a split takes one a few decades to build up his(her) company..but, these greedy figures can ruin it in less a's really UNFAIR..

but, what really makes these people this cruel? it's not MONEY folks, it's the GREED! making millions of money is fine!..but, to own it by manipulating others is a big NOOOO! you create millions of dollars for yourself, while at the same time, you send thousands of workers out of jobs! well, i think i should settle down in business, rather than tainting myself w/ all these dirty plays..yes, i like to play the game! but, not the one that kills thousand of people!

*but, i'm still interested to know bout wall street: how they manipulate the market, and etc! 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meeting Up with Prime Minister for Eid Celebration in NYC

i just hit my couch while i'm writing this..and, am still exhausted as i just came back from almost 3 hrs social event with Prime Minister and many Malaysian communities in NYC..tho i did expect to be standing like min 2 hrs for any social event i attended, but, this time, it's much more tiring..a small banquet room is used to accommodate like more than 200 people, i's kinda crowded, but it turned to be a very positive outcome: i got to socialize with many people, as we are relatively "closed" to each others..of preparation-wise, i could give the organizing committee was superb as everything went smoothly.. (something i have to learn from the committee)

but, this such perfect event does make me thinking of one particular point: how about the content of the event? do the people learn anything from it? yet, based on my random observation, the efforts have been put so much in ensuring the event to run smoothly (that's good)..but, i think they did overlook of another important aspect of any functions: THE do they ensure that every messages conveyed by the Honorable Prime Minister would reach the audience? well, i know it's kinda hard to control everybody so that each of them would carefully listen, and learn something..but, i guess, we need to do something..we need to start worrying of the content aspect for every functions we host..then only comes the protocol, and etc...well, as a matter of fact, i, myself, don't have the solution for that too..but, the bottom line is to start prioritizing! anyway, i would like to paraphrase of one line from  PM Najib's speech today:

" we are not just to achieve the targets of all new strategies employed by the present government..we are actually transforming Malaysia!" (well, it's not exactly what PM said..but, the meaning is most likely the same)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Day I Would Die!

"i know the time, of which i leave this world, will eventually come regardless of what..but, the question is (as most people used to say), am i preparing for that crucial time? what have i done so far? and etc.."

well, it's hard to say, but most people do always misinterpret their own religions (in this context, we're talking of Islam)..for some, who call themselves as religious, this world means nothing to them..well, their typical, and thus pathetic argument is that "the world is mortal! so, why bother so much on that?" ..but, my friends, is that true? is Islam stopping their followers from progressing? if the answer for the latter was yes, i could say that Islam is not the proper religion then..yet, the reality is different..Islam does encourage their followers to progress, but in a way that they won't hurt one can be a successful businessman, for example, but you cannot do so by manipulating others' money (am talking about money trading, which is mainly based on speculation)..

so, to be really religious, we have to do lot of things other than merely practicing some ritual an easy way, how could you call yourself as a good Muslim, if, when you were given a task, you cannot perform it could you talk about the hadith, while you're sleeping in your could you preach Islam to others, whereas you are menipu while exam! come on, dude! it's not you have to be perfect before you can talk about Islam..but, my point is have to translate your understanding towards Islam in everything you do, not merely while you're performing solat, or etc..believe me, if most of us  are practicing the actual Islam (not the conventional one), no one would have any problems with us..and as a matter of fact, Islam is preaching their followers to avoid of being extreme! don't go beyond limit, as we're better if we're just being in kelompok pertengahan! 

Monday, September 20, 2010


hai salam,

malam nie turn aku masak..seperti biasa, resipi yang mudah dan senang adalah ayam masak kicap..curah separuh botol kicap ke dalam periuk + beberapa ketul ayam = siap! simple, but delicious (okay, this is so overrated)

anyway, tue bukan cerita sebenar..saja nk digress..but, while i was cooking just now, something popped up in my mind..kenapa ramai sangat yang tentang DEB (Dasar Ekonomi Baru)? know more, just click on the following link:

okay, hujah penentang2 nie, adalah kerana DEB ini adalah dasar bersifat perkauman (not inclusive)..ada jugak yang tentang sebab dasar ini hanya mengkayakan 2-3 kerat kroni pihak atasan..and, etc..well, i could say that i agree w/ most of the  reasons as to abolish this affirmative policy (tho, i am right now enjoying the benefit of DEB)

then, a group of people, (i prefer to use group, instead of party since those people, who oppose the DEB, are coming from various political beliefs), come up w/ a novel idea so to implement a more fair, and inclusive policy..this policy goes beyond racial, each of us, regardless of our skin color or culture, will be given an equal opportunity to succeed..but, the priority is given to those in needs..hence, in a nutshell, this policy is more towards helping needy people! but, my question is, will this policy help the Malays (the majority, and sorry to say, the "developing" race in Malaysia) to move forward? it's worth to note that, if the Malays are not moving forward, it's more likely that Malaysia will do the same so, since they are the majority (almost 60% of the whole population)..well, my reason to say so is very simple..this new policy will help only those in needs, which mean these people are the ones who live in remote area, with no access to basic facilities, or those who are living in urban or suburban, but are categorized as poor (low income per household), i fear that this new policy, which is supposed to help people across of racial background, will eventually be the policy for Malays..considering the current state of mind among the Malays, most of them, with no shame, prefer to be helped instead of being independent..hence, i'm so critical that this new policy would actually hold the Malays from moving forward since most of them prefer to be living in needy groups!

so, i would suggest a new policy that would help those that deserve, regardless of their races..well, this might sound better, and it won't lead the Malays to remain in their malaise state..again, this sounds better since it would transcend beyond races..but, speaking of current reality, won't it be that way? i can say that based on the huge difference in term of attitude among Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other indigenous sub-races..i talked w/ a friend of mine, who is used to be teaching assistant in one of public university in question was simple, and thus expected: do you see any differences between Malay and Chinese students? well, his answer was simple, and also anticipated: yes, it's huge..they are very different in term of attitude..and, i know, you guys can guess which one is better, right? so, i'm wondering if we implement this policy, would it be a fair policy that would go beyond races? or would it be only for one race? so, if the answer for the latter was yes, this policy is nothing better than the previous one (policy based on those in needs) or even the DEB itself!

so people, it might easy to say this one policy is bad because of bla bla bla..but, we have to see the point here is very simple..regardless of any policies adopted, or whose in power, if we still cannot change the attitude of our people, our country won't do any better...we might as well have to postpone our vision 2020..well, for me, vision 3030 would be more realistic then, considering the current state of attitudes among the people! (lol, i might be exaggerating here! the current situation is much better than that!)

p/s: i'm just speaking my view here..i hope no one would be irritated..i can accept any criticisms, but please do it w/ high integrity and good manner..i know i'm not that good, but at least i know that i have lots to ameliorate! hence, i'm improving myself! anyway, am glad to hear to any responses from you guys! jangan lupa puasa 6!   ;)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


i have refrained myself  from taking soda for about a month (including today)
i have stopped eating junk foods (with the exception when i come to party)

well, these are two things that i've promised to one of my dear friends a very long time ago..alhamdulillah, i managed to keep my promise even tho it takes me like forever to do it..well, i've to admit here that it was very hard to get rid off all these bad diets (habits?)..anyway, i'm looking forward to keep up w/ the remaining promises i made before..

happy weekends, guys! 

My New Outlook!

so far, i've managed to attend various lectures and seminars, organized either by Stevens or other organizations.. and thus, it has been very awesome experiences for me since i got to know some new, there was one occasion, of which i met w/ a Jewish guy! yes, i really mean it! this guy took a year leave from his study just to learn Hebrew in Tel Aviv University (he's American born, by the way). well, i was used to very suspicious w/ Jewish people since i was told and taught that most of them aren't good people.but, while meeting with this guy, i found it to be the other way around..this guy was so good, and helpful..the idea that Jewish people are bad was something that my mind can't really understand..btw, i don't want to make any conclusion here since i just met and befriended w/ one Jew..there were like millions of them, whom i am yet to get along with..but, my point is, why should we ignite hatred towards these people? they are also human like us..yes, as a Muslim, i'm and will always be supporting the struggle to free the Palestinians..but, please don't make such bad stereotyping to the whole Jews..because, there were some of them who are very kind and concerned towards us..

p/s: you have to know one person, before you can have the rights to say anything about him/her..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy BestDay, Malaysians !

hi guys,

it's been awhile since i post anything..tbh, i've lost my interest in writing, lately! maybe, i'm still in the "Eid" mode (asyik makan kuih, kerepek, and etc)..anyway, recently i found this link from a friend of mine..(click on the following link to watch)

well, i do agree w/ him to the fact that there's no such a "perfect" soul-mate, created for each of us, existed in this real world..he might argue that from a philosophical point of view, of which i, as an engineer-to-be, feel a bit, let's analyze it in a more mathematical way!

ok, let say there was a perfect soul created by God just for you..this one person was so special in a way that, even just by one glance, you would easily fall in love with him/her..but, here's the fact!

the probability of finding this one person is very unlikely..however, for some, regardless of how improbable one event would be, they still believe it to happen..if you're one of them, i cannot do anything to convince you that this such "perfect soul-mate" doesn't exist at, for those, who aren't, here is my simple argument:

let's say there are 100 people, whom characteristics fit you the best! whenever you see these people, you would smile..your heart is beating faster than can just feel these people are the one created for you, (and some other overrated & overreacted emotional feelings described by those who are in love!) but, to find these 100 people are almost implausible! 

P(success) = 100/4.3billion 

(u can do the math to know of how small the number is)

*so, for me, for a thing like this to happen, it requires more than just a needs sort of divine intervention..otherwise, let's just forget to find/get one since the maths has proven that it just won't happen in any way! 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bill Gates speech: 11 Rules Kids Didn't & Won't Learn in School

Rule 1: Life is not fair - get used to it! 

Rule 2: The world doesn't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself. 

Rule 3: You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both. 

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. 

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity. 

Rule 6: If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault, so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them. 

Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation, try delousing the closet in your own room. 

Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. In some schools, they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life. 

Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you FIND YOURSELF. Do that on your own time. 

Rule 10: Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs. 

Rule 11: Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.

*by Kent Summers

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


jet-lag (tiredness):

okay, i need at least a week to recover from this mental problem...i sleep on the day, and stay up till the late night! i know, there's a way to avoid it..but, i cannot help myself from sleeping for the whole flight (some believe that as to fix our biological clock, we should sleep based on our destination's local time)..honestly, i didn't like sleeping all the way long, but i have to! if not, my stomach will be killing me! it's that hurt, and thus, i had to take some sleeping pills..and according to a physician, i met in M'sia, i might be having a sort of psychological trauma whenever i am on flight! uh, it doesn't make sense to me tho! i am, and will never be afraid of height! but, i did ask him to get me some sleeping pills, and as a result, i slept almost the whole 19 hrs (just woke up for foods)..

things i'm missing:

  • berbuka and bersahur with my parents..the meals are so-so, but the situation is awesome..
  • berjemaah for every prayers at my local mosque, of which i met w/ many random people..and sometime, i did engage w/ a very strange discussion w/ them..and the best part, i was the youngest one!
  • to tease my little was funny to see these two little kids sulking..and sometimes, it took me like 'forever' to put smiles back on their faces! oh yeah, i do miss them badly!
  • there was a special 'kebab' sold near to my house! the taste was not very unique, but i just like it..
  • to help my mother in the kitchen! well, it's more to create chaos rather than helping actually! but, it was the best time, in which we, me and my sisters, told my mom every little things of our lives
  • to give my father a very good massage! well, it was during that time, i was seeing myself in 20-30 years ahead! well, with here and there aches! yes, time does fly really fast
  • and of course, to 'berterawikh' in the mosque..tho i just made eight times (that's the maximum, haha), but the feeling was very different..i cannot describe that in words! but, it was totally and definitely AWESOME!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5hrs Visit to Seoul

i've never amazed w/ any culture's kind of sensible since i was born & am currently living in an era, in which culture is less appreciated..but, since my first visit to South Korea, which was 3 weeks ago, i was highly amazed w/ their great and tremendous cultures...yet, during my first visit, i just had enough time to visit a temple, of which i learned a lot about Buddhism: from their ritual activities to their symbolic religious representations..

but, today i managed to get myself into 5 hrs trip to Seoul (i was lucky enough since i was the last person allowed to register for the trip)..i went to Gyeongbook Palace, Indasang Cultural Market, and a place so-called 'town-to-town gate.' but, i spent most of the time in Gyeongbook far as i was told, any Kings during the 'dynasty periods' were highly revered by the people as they did believe that the Kings were the representatives from, the Kings' orders were assumed to be the orders from Heavens.. (from Islamic perspective, each of us is Khalifah [representative], and thus is entitled to enjoin goods and to discourage evil deeds)..furthermore, any Kings, determined by his own influence, were allowed to have more than one Queen [the practice of polygamy], and thus, the King and His Queen(s) were living separately (in different Resident Palace) as for the King to be fair to all of his Queens (two of my trip-mates, both are girls from Chicago, were so irritated to know this fact since both, i believe, are hard-core monogamous advocate..seriously, it was really funny to see their reactions)

and then, we went to Indasang cultural market, in which i bought myself a handmade painting..the actual price was 20000won (about 20usd), but after doing some bargain (taught by our tour guide), i managed to get it only by 18000won..i was so proud with my persuasive skill (lol) since i got 10% off (our tour guide told us that the lowest discount we could have is normally 5%)..anyway, the painting was so significant to me, in which i reserve to make any comments here..

oh yeah, actually our first stop was a place so-called 'town-to-town gate!'  but, it was just a short stop, only for photo-taking..well, it was nothing much, except a man-made river of length 6km..and also, a great 'spring' sculpture, in which i am yet, till now, to understand the important of its existence! lol

before we headed back to the airport, we stopped in a Korean traditional restaurant, in which i bought a kind of Korean traditional vegetarian meal..okay, honestly, i didn't like just didn't fit my taste.. 

below are some photos i managed to take..enjoy! ;)

Gyeongbook Palace:

King's Throne Palace
King's Passage
Royal's Private Palace (for private party)

There should be 7 monkeys (see at the tip of the right roof),
but one broken due to severe storm recently
(# of monkeys will determine the significant of a building)

Indasang Cultural Market:

More like China Town in States. only, cleaner!
The Street View w/ shops on both sides!

The Handmade Painting that costs me 18000won,
but it is significant in meaning to me!

Town to Town Gate:

The man made river at the back! it runs 6km!

The Spring: blue & red as the main color!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


di sini disisipkan kisah seorang kenalan yang ketabahannya menghadapi dugaan hidup adalah luar biasa:

"pelajar ini adalah pelajar tingkatan 5 di sebuah sekolah berasmara penuh..ibu bapanya sudah berpisah..oleh itu, dia tinggal dengan ibunya, yang disahkan mengalami penyakit buah pinggang..menurut khabar, pendapatan ibunya tidaklah selumayan mana..jadi untuk tidak menyusahkan ibunya, pelajar ini telah pernah suatu masa tidak pulang ke rumah selama 3 bulan..dikhabarkan baru-baru ini, rumahnya rentung dijilat api..Masha Allah, sungguh besar ujian yang dihadapi oleh pelajar ini..juga, saya dimaklumkan, banyak barang berharga yang tidak dapat diselamatkan..

Sebelum kejadian ini, pernah suatu ketika diceritakan pelajar ini hanya tinggal di stesen bas kerana walletnya telah dicuri..tetapi demi untuk tidak menyusahkan hati ibunya, dia 'berbohong' dengan mengatakan dia menumpang di rumah kawannya..Subhana Allah, sungguh maha hebat ujian Allah kepada hamba ini.."

dengan SPM yang semakin hampir, saya khuatir dan bimbang akan masa depan pelajar ini..menurut sahabat dekatnya, pelajar ini tidak sedikitpun menzahirkan rasa sedihnya..namun, saya masih bimbang kerana jika semua masalah dipendam sendirian, maka jika ditakdirkan Allah, pelajar ini sudah tidak mampu menanggungnya sendirian, mungkin kesannya akan menjadi amat teruk..Na'uzubillah! 


when i heard this story, i felt so guilty of not doing anything..while he was suffering mentally and financially, i was enjoying my meals and luxury of being accompany by my dear families..i felt so useless..hence, from that day onwards, i tried to cut my meals so that i just ate what i really need...also, i tried not to spend unwisely so that the extra money i have could be donated to those in need! Masha Allah, i hope i'll be consistent on this standard of living! and to this guy, i really hope that he will be rewarded for all the tests given to him! may his future sparkles, and thus, he could change his family ways of life! Amin...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hai Lailatul-Qadr

Sabda Nabi Muhammad S.A.W:

"Semua umatku akan memasuki syurga, kecuali mereka yang tidak sudi"

Para Sahabat bertanya, "siapakah mereka yang tidak sudi?"

Jawab Baginda, "Mereka yang enggan mentaatiku!"

Ramadhan: Antara Keberkatan & Kemurkaan

Ramadhan adalah bulan yang penuh keberkatan dan keampuanan;

beruntunglah mereka, yang mana, pada setiap kali datangnya Ramadhan, hatinya sentiasa melonjak kegembiraan;

beruntunglah mereka, yang sentiasa menganggap setiap Ramadhan adalah yang terakhir bagi mereka;

beruntunglah mereka, yang memenuhi Ramadhan dengan aktiviti2 ibadah yang tidak putus-putus;

beruntunglah mereka, yang membersihkan hati mereka dari perasaan dendam dan hasad dengki;


kerap kali kita lupa, Ramadhan juga merupakan the best indicator untuk menilai kemurkaan Allah kepada makhluknya;

mereka adalah, pabila datangnya Ramadhan, tidak memperbaiki diri mereka menjadi lebih baik;

mereka adalah, pabila disebut tentang syurga ataupun neraka, tiada lansung wujud perasaan cinta dan takut akan kedua-duanya;

mereka adalah, pabila disebut soal dosa dan pahala, hanya sinis mentertawakannya;

mereka adalah, pabila dihulurkan perdamaian, lebih menyukai permusuhan;

wahai saudaraku, 

it's now the best time for us to know to which group we are belong to..hence, w/ the remaining days of Ramadhan, let's work harder to get ourselves closer to God!

 "from Him we come, and to Him we shall return!"

Tersentak! ;)

one of my friends told me how disgusted she was while reading some of my posts..

so,  i would like to take this opportunity to make my stand very clear, that it has never been my intention to compare US and Malaysia..i'm still a Malaysian, and i am always proud to be one! 

yet, given a little advantage of studying in one of most developed countries in today's world, i am always wishing to see Malaysia to be better..also, i am always longing to see Malaysians to have first-world mentality..and if i were to be labeled "lupa daratan" for the sake of this cause, i'd have no problems at all..indeed, i'm more than happy to fight for the better Malaysia..

but, i do accept all the criticisms..i know i have been sometimes too arrogant, and egoistic..and for that, i would like to apologize..and in conjunction of Ramadhan, let's change for the better! 

"Salam Ramadhan"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gaji Minima

"Minimum Wage:" it's a very important topic, which is yet to be really highlighted by our local media..most of the people, therefore, are less informed, and thus, do care less!

anyway, i found this issue to be very substantial in fixing our social problems as well as to drive our economy towards higher level..but, why? here are my logics:

'pros' of minimum wage:
  • we'd motivate our workers to work harder, and therefore, would increase their productivity
  • foreign workers would be less favorable since their wages are no less than our a result, we could reduce their numbers in our country (could reduce the issues, caused by illegal [legal] immigrants, such as burglary, robbery, etc)
  • purchasing power of our people would increase, as long as the gov can control the prices of goods & services..if the prices were to increase in the same rate as the wages, it won't do any good to our economy tho!
  • as the purchasing power is considerably high (indicator of low inflation rate) , we could then attract foreign investors to invest here..we, then, can generate new jobs for our locals..since the current economy is based on knowledge, we have to make sure our workers are equipped w/ substantially good knowledge and skills (from low-skilled to semi-skilled workers)
'cons' of minimum wage:
  • our locals are yet to be interested to work in certain sectors, such as plantation and construction..hence, most companies would prefer to employ foreigners..since these workers are paid w/ considerably high wages (as compared to the time before the implementation of min. wage), more of our money will outflow to foreign countries..these foreigners are not spending much in our country, which is not good for our economic sense..
  • if the skills and knowledge of our workers were yet to be improved, our country would then be less favorable for (foreign) investment..even, to make it worse, many of the companies, which already have bases here, would find other countries since the operation cost here would increase significantly..or else, the number of employees would be reduced, of which later would increase the unemployment rate in our country..high unemployment rate would then lead to high inflation (people tend to do savings rather than spending)..consequently, the purchasing power would degrade, and this will affect our local businesses also..
hence, i'd suggest this issue to be very well-discussed since its impact is larger than it might seem..we should stop discussing nonsense topics, such as "prayer for LGE," which i consider to be insignificant..unity can be achieved only and if only the wealth of a country is well distributed among the people, and therefore, the people could live economically happy..therefore, i really wish for many significant changes, in terms of economic policies, to be announced by our beloved Prime Minister, Najib, when he discloses our New Economic Model (NEM) in October!  anyway, i should applaud YB Khairy Jamaludin, whose approaches, to do the reform, are a bit different as compared to his predecessors..

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