Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Studying in America is Awesome!

I just had a little conversation with my friend a few days ago..We were studying in the same high school..Indeed, we had been in the same class even since we were in form 3..Well, he's now engaged with someone also from our high school..Congrats for both of you..Hopefully, I could attend your wedding day [Honestly, I'm looking forward to attend my first ever bachelor party]

Anyway, he had also mentioned his plan to pursue his tertiary study abroad. Of course, it would be typical of me to get excited for other's success..He asked my opinion in regards to my so-called experience studying in the States..

Well, my answer [as expected] was that I have been enjoying my 1 and half year in the States..The education system is not as rigid as it is in the UK..But, to say that you would spend more time playing rather than studying in regards to US education system is absolutely ridiculous and ignorant...[Believe me, at least, there are still a few in Malaysia thinking this way]

Hence, to justify my statement that "Studying in America is Awesome" I have listed a few reasons as follows:

  • The purpose of US education is to build up people, not to judge them.
  • There are many presentations, waiting for you..
  • Some of my professors do not believe in memorization. Hence, we don't have to "burn our midnight oil" remembering facts and figures.
  • Understanding of a subject is very important. More time is utilized to give students better understanding of a given topic..Thus, the exam's questions would be more general rather than being too detailed.
  • Students' are encouraged to challenge the professors rather than nodding their heads..
  • Last but not least, we are allowed to make mistakes. I still remember this so-meaningful advice given to us by my very-own EE Professor during our final class of Fall2009, "Those who don't make mistake are learning nothing." [Well, he's telling us this as a response to our final projects..Almost of us failed in completing this project..Of course, that includes me]
Anyway, at the end, all these reasons are just based on my observations and limited experiences..I know some would come up with different arguments as to justify his/her stands.. By the way this is my own blog..Hence, I have the authority to speak my minds..Well, My Words, My Freedom

p/s: I'm leaving to Florida in 12 hours..Hopefully, I would enjoy this trip..Please pray for my safety during my 9-day stay in the Southern part of the States... :p

Monday, December 28, 2009

Florida Beaches or B******??

As I am writing this, it is only two days left before I'm flying to Florida..Speaking of Florida, I have one interesting story to share with u..I was damn excited when I knew I would be going to Florida during this winter break..To make it much much fun, this trip would be a "BOYS' TRIP." [Boys just love to travel with their boys buddies, especially when they are going to Florida....Well, I'm pretty sure that many boys would agree with me]

ANYWAY, that's not the story yet...So, it has been my routine to inform my parents [for me, PARENTS means MOM, lol] whenever I'm travelling..Hence, as a tradition, with my usual tone and voice, I told my mom that I would be going to Florida..Once I mentioned the word Florida, she gave me this quick reply, "Hey, are you going there to enjoy the beauty of beaches or b******?" Well, as a good son, I replied my mom with three simple words, "What about both?" And, here is the funny part when she gave me her very cool advice, " Nanti Jangan Lupa SEMBAHYANG TAUBAT di malam hari!" LOL...I never expect that kind of answer from my mom..

But, for me, Florida is much much more attractive than their infamous b******! Anyway, there are a lot of interesting places that you could visit..Here is the list of places that I would be visiting during my 9-day stay in Florida:

Moving Out = Throwing A Lot of Stuffs Away!

Note: The first picture is not the THRASH...they are our belongings! Don't get me wrong :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Moving Out in Cold Weather is NOT REALLY COOL!

My house mates and I will be moving out in a two-day time..We will be temporarily staying in one of our junior's on-campus house..It's lucky enough for us since they won't be on-campus for at least 2 weeks..Their house would be OUR HOUSE then..

But, moving out during winter is not cool enough..I think it's kinda curse for us since this would be our second time carrying our stuffs from one house to another. Considering how difficult it was when we were moving out last winter, I could say that this time would be even worse..Unlike last year, this time would be waaaaayyyy troublesome since our belongings are much much much a lot and bigger...Only God knows!

But thinking of all hardship that we had and would endure as we're moving out, I could say that it is "nothing" as compared to other's adversities..At least, we still have our friend's house..Let's consider those homeless guys, who have no place to sleep, no money to buy "good foods," no family members to cling on, and etc...

I have included a picture of those unfortunate people sleeping at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, in Manhattan, NY..This picture was taken on the Christmas Day this year..

Fasting on The "Day of Ashura" :)

10th Muharam is a very special day for Muslim all over the world. It's known as "Day of Ashura." In Muslim History, there were so many significant events occurred on this day. The list is as follows:

  1. Sayyidina Hussain was killed in Karbala'. He was the grandson of Prophet Muhamaad p.b.u.h
  2. Prophet Adam p.b.u.h was created by Allah S.W.T
  3. Prophet Adam p.b.u.h was sent to Paradise
  4. Prophet Adam p.b.u.h was forgiven by Allah S.W.T
  5. Prophet Abraham p.b.u.h was born
  6. Prophet Abraham p.b.u.h was saved from the fire of Namrud
  7. Prophet Moses p.b.u.h and his followers was saved from danger
  8. Prophet Jesus p.b.u.h was born
  9. and the LIST GOES ON!
Thus, we are encouraged to fasting on either the 9th and the 10th or the 10th and the 11th of Muharam as a way to honor this very special day. The reason for us to fasting a day before or after this Ashura Day is to differentiate between Jews and our way of fasting.

NJ Nets vs Houston Rockets

It was raining 5 hours ago, and I was in Izod Center, watching a NBA game. It was between NJ Nets and Houston Rockets. To be honest, at first, I was damn excited to watch Rockets playing..Yeah, who on earth is not excited to have great players, such as Yao Ming, and Trevor Ariza, playing right in front of you..

Yet, as I was entering the game arena, the feeling turned otherwise..The spirit of supporting our not-so-great home team was mounting...I started to join the crowd to cheer for the Nets...Yeah, "GO NETS!" :-) But, as I was screaming for the Nets, there were two drunken girls sitting not-so-far behind me..These girls were the die-hard-fan for Rockets...Sometimes, their voices could be barely heard, chanting for their team..Damn it! They might be very happy as Rockets beat Nets by 98-93, 5 points victory.

Nevertheless, I think this game was won by Rockets simply by the fact that Nets is not being a good team..If it was Cavaliers that played Rockets just now, the result would be simply overturned..Rockets was not playing at their best level, I guess..Merely because Yao Ming was not there..Speaking of Cavaliers, I would be missing their match on January 2nd..They will be coming here, entertaining NJ Nets. Although the results could be known even without watching the game, I'm just disappointed for not being able to watch my admired player Lebron James playing..Yeah, thank God I will be in Florida when the Cavs are coming here..

Anyway, I'm thinking to come again watching other games. I know NJ Nets is not a really strong team, in which you can devote your time and money, but I just love to be in the "game-mode." The feeling is awesome, watching thousands of people with their very own ways supporting their beloved team..Furthermore, it is really sweet just to see so many people coming with their families..I think this is a way of strengthening the bond between their family members..and for me, it works!

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Way of Living My Life


Life as a college student isn't really fun...Isn't it? Tonnes of HW's and project papers just make my life more miserable.. But, by hook or by crook, i have to go through this misery and hardship for at least 1 and half years... To make it even worse, i have to start thinking about my Senior Design (SD) Project. There are always many questions popped up in my mind when talking about my SD: What project should I choose? What area that I'm really interested in? and the list goes on...Yeah, I know that it is kinda pathetic for me to start worrying about that..But,i can't get rid it off from my mind. I even feel sorry to myself :[

As i said, my life is getting worse day by day, month by month...But, fortunately, I've found a very interesting way to live my life from today onwards..Although, it is just a flowchart, I found it very helpful..So far, it works for me..I would recommend to those who have the same trouble as mine...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Reasons of Blogging

Finally,I have decided to start blogging..Yeahhh...It's kinda worthy to tell you that I have been thinking of doing this a long time ago..I asked some of friends the reason they are blogging..Many gave me a common answer: "To share our thoughts, and experiences with others." Fuuhhhh..That's not really a convincing answer, tho..Then, what does really encourage me to have my own blog? Here are my reasonings:

1) I'm bad in writing..Perhaps, my writing skills would be improving after tonnes of postings.

2) I'm lacking of expressions..It is absolutely true that I can't even describe myself in more than 5 minutes. Hopefully, by blogging, i could express myself in a more enthusiastic way. Expressing myself in a way that people could understand me better.

3) My instinct told me to do so..Yeah, it is true that sometimes you need to believe in your inner thought. Your subconscious mind would never tell lies ;)

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