Thursday, June 9, 2011


can we just see a person as an individual, not by his race, religion, or even his family line?

for example, if i made any mistakes, can people put all blame only on me, instead of my religion or race? if i was lazy, it doesn't mean all Malays or Muslims are lazy..if Bin Laden was a terrorist, it won't justify that we, the Muslims, approve violence as a means to speak our mind..these are merely 2 out of thousands examples, which occur in our everyday lives..well, you may disagree with me, but can we just agree on the fact that each of us is created distinctly, and therefore unique..can't we? if you're on my side, we should now stop identifying people by their color, or even gender...

kids are color-blinded as for them everybody is their friends - Pic taken @Washington Park, NYC

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  1. boleh mandi ey dekat situ? nice. bole la ak join



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