Saturday, August 6, 2011

Credibility & Losers


1. if u're a Harvard graduate, u're entitled a very honor place in ur society..ur words/voices would be heard, regardless how nonsense they're

2. if u're a college dropout, and thus possessing no diploma, people won't listen to u, no matter how smart ur ideas might be

3. but, as Muslim, i mean the practicing one, we believe that all things (e.g. inspiration/ideas) come from Allah, the Almighty.

4. in the Holy Koran, Allah mentions that He has the absolute authority to inspire anyone He pleases

5. thus, discriminating ideas based on one's qualification seem inappropriate and is not in line with the teaching of Islam

6. we should, therefore, analyze an idea solely based on the content/argument provided, and not anything else


1. Allah mentions many times in the Holy Koran that the unbelievers are the actual losers

2. Allah refers the unbelievers as the one who really don't understand (Christians, etc), and pretending to be one (Jews)

3. so, deductively, we can conclude that those who don't understand/pretending to be one are the actual losers..

4. but, ain't that also happens among the Muslim community? there are still many who really don't want to understand their own religion. in fact, many has taken it for granted..

5, thus, can we also consider them as losers? 

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