Friday, July 22, 2011


while i was in MV yesterday, i stopped by at MPH (oh yeah, my first place to go while in shopping mall)..well, it was like a "heaven" to me, seeing thousands of books properly arranged on racks..and as usual, i directed myself to my favorite reading section, which is business & entrepreneurship..while browsing to find good books to read while waiting for my friends, i noticed that there were too many books on "how-to-become-good-entrepreneur," and it brought me to this one conclusion - if it was this easy to become entrepreneur, everybody would be one! but, the reality is different..a successful entrepreneur has to do a lot more than the ones stated on these books..well, but that's fine! for a beginner like me, these books seem appropriate..but, my only concern was that they might give wrong perspective, that becoming an entrepreneur is easy, to the newbies..

anyway, i chose not to read entrepreneurial books for i had read them a lot enough lately (tired of seeing numbers and projection as well), i picked a book on self-managements from HBR (Harvard Business Review), one of my favorite online journals..but, this time these journals are grouped and piled into a book..and guess what the price for each books is may sound too pricey, but the content worth your every penny..and out of 8 or 10 articles (or case study) on this "self-management" book, i found a very interesting post in regards to ADT (Attention-Deficit-Trait) & ADD (Attention-Deficit-Disorder)..and of its most obvious symptom is lacking of attention..and believe it or not, many CEO's (e.g. JetBlue CEO) are having this disorder..and few tips to treat ADT/ADD are as follows:

1) get enough sleep - to know you've enough sleep is when you can wake-up without your alarm clock..
2) get good diet - we should take more complex carbohydrate from vegetables and fruits, as well as whole-grain.
3) plan sufficient exercise - while doing exercise, our body will release essential chemical substances (e.g. endorphin, endocrine, etc) needed for our brain
4) take supplemental vitamins (e.g. B, E, etc) and omega-3 products..

insha-Allah, if we practice all these steps, we can improve our brain performance, and thus will increase our today's world, only productive people will be favored! 

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