Wednesday, January 18, 2012


salam folks,

1. i wish it's not too late for me to wish all of you a happy new year - 2012, according to Chinese Lunar Calendar, is a year of "water dragon."  ;)

2. as for me, a new year is nothing rather than myself getting a year older! unlike previous years, for 2012,  i hadn't set any new year's resolution.

3. but, as some of you may realize, i have changed the title of this blog; from "against all odd" to simply "making things happen!"

4. fyi, this change is not merely a name change so that it would sound more mature or catchy - it's indeed a change in my paradigm of life.

5. if in my previous posts, my focus was merely on the question of "WHY," i hope in my future articles, i'd be able to go a bit deeper by tackling the "HOW" kinda question

6. it has come to my realization that, theory itself is valueless if there's no feasible solution.

7. as my mentor telling me, learning new things is indeed very good. but, the more important part is  how could you translate all your knowledge into actions. and i believe, it's the most trickiest and daunting part ever! ;)

8. and guys, if i had to make a wish for 2012, it'd be simply for me to MAKE THINGS (i like) HAPPEN!


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