Thursday, January 26, 2012


salam folks,

1. in my previous post, i've shared some tips on developing productive rituals (i hope it works for all of you)

2. but, building those rituals alone is not enough

3. with way many distractions surround us, (e.g. facebook, emails, etc.) we really need a sorta mechanism to keep us focus!

4. so for this entry, i'd like to share some tips to re-prioritize our lives.

5. according to following article,, there're four important steps to have more "intentional" life:

  • Schedule in our calendar things that are important, but not really urgent:
    • normally, we'd overlook on things that aren't urgent. as a  results, we end up completing those tasks at the very last minute. so, putting those in our calendar would make us more aware!
  • Set aside sufficient time to 'reflect' and to 'plan'
    • this's normally the most difficult/daunting thing to do. as time is precious, some may argue that reflecting on the past is unnecessary, or to the extend is wasteful. but, it's actually very important for us to re-asses all things that we've done all day long - e.g. what we've been accomplished, what haven't, and why we couldn't finish this and that, etc.
    • then, after understanding all problems that hinder us from accomplishing some things, we really need to move onto "tomorrow's plan."  this is very crucial so to ensure that we're not piling our problems day by day. 
  • Do VIT (very important thing) first in the morning - 
    • typically, we're more productive, and less distracted in the morning. as suggested by the author of this article, we should turn off emails, internet (for those who don't need internet to work), and our cell phone (it's like isolating yourself)
  • Take some breaks
    • one in the morning, and one in the noon
    • for Muslims, we're encouraged to perform solat sunat Dhuha! why? it's time for us to relax, and re-energize our soul! ;)
6. let's re-prioritize, folks! ;)

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