Monday, March 28, 2011

my Dream

i believe everyone has his/her own dream, regardless how BIG or SMALL it may be..i got one too..but, mine is something that, i'm quite sure, couldn't be achieved during my lifetime..or maybe, it is just impossible to begin with..nevertheless, it is this dream that keeps me alive! it is this dream that motivates me every morning! in fact, it is this dream, which always reminds me to work hard!

so to those [you know who you are] who belittle me for having such BIG dream, you are already a criminal by my definition..and, by law, a criminal should be punished accordingly..yet, don't worry! i won't do any harmful things to you..for me, it's simply enough to just ignore you and your existence - and, that's how i punish people!  ;)


  1. Don't get affected. Just forgive and continue your life. (negative feeling is no good according to law of attraction)

  2. I agree with anonymous.. negative feeling is a bad thing according to law of attraction. Just believe that youll get it someday, betul dow. :) tak payah stress2

  3. guys,

    thanks..for the fact, i've never been affected by these i mentioned, they're no longer existed in my life..haha

    anyway,for ur info HD, anonymous is BO!

  4. what do you mean by BO? what is BO?


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