Wednesday, March 30, 2011


lately, i've been thinking a lot about my past years - e.g. what i've done throughout my college years? how many people i have inspired? and etc..

but, to the best of my knowledge, i found that my contribution was very minimal..maybe, from the bright side, i may forget what "good" things [if any] that i have ever done..yet, i don't really care much - it was my past; nothing i could do to fix them..

so, here is my advice to all my juniors;

"don't be afraid to explore new things and ideas..don't be afraid to dream BIG...don't be afraid to say/do things that you really believe..and the most important thing is don't show excessive respect to others, being that they are religious leaders, lecturers, or your lovers! plus, don't be "plastic!" 

again, here is my another advice;

"do seek knowledge at anywhere, and anytime; do explore your inner-self, do respect yourself for what you are by doing things that you wanna do, and not what people want you to do; and the most important thing is do worship GOD with your true heart! plus, do chase your dream by throwing away anythings that will distract you from achieving IT!"

thus, at least, 30 years from now, i'd know that i have done "something good" for my juniors! [if this blog were still existed by that time] - to all, SAYONARA! 

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