Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Racial Tension!

is there any racial tension in malaysia? i don't think so..if it was, the situation isn't as bad as we might imagine..how do i know? go ask your Chinese, or Indian friends, if you're Malay, about this issue..and i can bet you, of 10 people you ask, only one would barely notice about this tension..so, don't get yourself easily influenced by some politicians, who play all these racial sentiments..they do that for the sake of their personal interests..nothing has to do with US, the people..so, stay clam, and stop degrading others..respect your friends, regardless of their races, for we're all the people of Malaysia..yeah, about the rights or privileges, i still believe it should be done based on merit system..if you were working hard enough, you will succeed - that's it! ;)


  1. yeap there is some racial tension in malaysia.
    only inside people know this.
    Believe that.
    between malays and indians are really..... not good nowadays.
    when it comes to the hindraf movement.. hm very extreme. even some indians hate that hindraf thingy.

  2. true enuf, but that only involves small group of people (the extremists)..generally, we're good! and, i tend to believe these extremists are actually "funded" by somebody to instigate such tension..

  3. I have to agree with you on that.


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