Friday, May 20, 2011


1. Democracy:

is democracy the best way of governing a country? if you were thinking so, please consider this situation;
" there are three best friends living together - 2 of them are wolfs, and another one is a chicken. then comes a difficult situation (i.e. they're very starving, and there was no food nearby), in which three of them have to vote what kind of food they'd have for dinner.."

so, according to democracy, the majority wins..but, would it be fair to the chicken? nope..

well, i'm not suggesting that democracy is bad, and thus should be replaced with new way of fact, most of democratic countries are doing way better than monarchic governments..yet, my point is democracy alone is insufficient. it should be supported with good ethics and high standard of morality of the people..indeed, the people should be educated to always be respectful, and helpful to each others..only then, the country will prosper, and the people can live happily ever after.. 

2. Capitalism

capitalism is always considered as a rotten system..but, is it true? doesn't capitalism promote fair competition? doesn't capitalism produce many blue-chip companies, which eventually providing millions of jobs to middle class?

yet, because of extreme practice of capitalism, America now is so divided - 99% of US accumulated wealth is owned by only 1% of US citizens (read as capitalists)..and also, many so-called capitalists (most of them don't really understand the concept of capitalism) have made used all these middle-class people for their own interest..and the list goes on..

nonetheless, my point is that capitalism isn't really bad after some sense, it does contribute to the well-being of the people...yet, only when extreme capitalism is practiced, the very bad consequences would occur..

3. Temperance 

thus, i believe moderation is always the best way of living..don't ever go for only one radical point of view..always consider different opinions, and only then you would finally find your idealistic paradigm of life..good luck in your searching, and may God bless us in our journey..ameen

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