Sunday, May 15, 2011

my first ADVENTURE!

3 years ago, i came to the States with one wish - to graduate as an EE major! and, Thank God, now, i'm just two weeks away from that big day (i.e.  my commencement day)..throughout these years in the States, i believe i have grown up to become a different man - i've started to look things from unconventional perspectives, i've been taught to challenge all norms that happen unquestionably around me, and etc..and perhaps, the best thing i've learned so far is to see my religion from 'real' angle..and for all these things, i'm so grateful..

i can still vividly remember my early days in the States, in which our seniors (i.e. arip, sureen, and tim) were kind enough to be our tour guides in NYC - we've been shown the halal restaurant (at that time, there were not many halal stalls as they are today), mosque, times sq, and etc..and being the first time coming to the States, specifically NYC, i was deadly amazed by the prosperity of this city, called Manhattan - i could feel the energy of all these people, and for that, i am very proud to be called as New Yorker..

but, perhaps, during these years, i've learnt to become a better person, if not a leader! it was a privilege for me to lead this UMNO club..well, i was quite sure how hard it was to have that 'UMNO' title! and till now, some people remember me not because of my name, but this 'UMNO' thingy! yet, that's life! you could not do anything to shut people's mouth - the more you fight against them, the stronger they will repel back to you! nonetheless, it was such a good experience for me and my team!

then during last summer, it was unexpectedly that i was offered a chance to do study abroad in Norway - all expenses would be covered by Stevens..this was 3-week program, in which we (10 of us altogether) would have to integrate our engineering skills with entrepreneurial knowledge.Yes, i was excited about that..yet, as it was destined, a week before the program started, our trip was cancelled due to some was a bit disappointment to me! yet, as a saying goes, " as one door closes, another one would be opened for you," i was offered to do like 10 weeks research program..and i did finish the program (i was lucky to have a very understanding adviser tho)

next, as fall 2010 begun, i was so busy with my Senior Design was such a burden to mesince all my seniors did well on their, by hook or by crook, i have to be on the same level as they were..although it was a year project, i already felt the pressure from the beginning of the fall, most of our group members were not really sure which project we should go the end, we decided to do a project, called "reconfigurable projected keyboard!" and Thank God, after two depressing semesters, we nailed it! yeah!

yet, the final project was not my only problem - it was the desire to work and gain experience in the States that killed me at most! i can't help to resist this temptation! sometimes, it was good since it 'powered' me up to do all these job application processes (attending job fairs, making different resume for different companies, sending lots of 'follow-up' email, and etc)..but, as time passed by, i noticed that things didn't go well..not only i wasn't offered any jobs, but also i was not called for any job interviews..i know it's not a characteristic of a real man to quit, yet i have to be, i have changed my plan, and hopefully, it is gonna work this time. i believe everything decided for me is the best! yet, as much as i believe in God, i'm pretty sure nothing could happen by itself , and thereby, it takes courage and countless efforts to carve our own "history!"

well, all things that i have accomplished, or might accomplish, will not be true without the support of my parents, my close family members, as well as my fact, i was lucky to have very understanding friends, who are always there for me - being that they are my batch mates, my juniors or even my seniors..and of course, i'd like to thank my previous, and current roommates, who could stand by my bad cooking! LOL

 ...and of course, my first ADVENTURE tho might not be perfect, but it is something that i would treasure for the rest of my life.. and may God bless all of us and may God bless America for being my second home! ameen!

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