Tuesday, May 17, 2011


i've been doing some readings on self-improvements books lately, as suggested by one of my friends (JIMBO, i owe you this one advice)..well, to be honest, these books are damn boring, and normally i can only handle 20 pages before i fall asleep..but, at the end, they are worth to read! ;)

but, i'm not gonna talk about the contents of these books for i believe you can find all these wisdoms in any books you read! so, what should i write here? JIHAD? oh, not yet..haha..(you should laugh if you knew this joke)

anyway, i just had a great discussion with one of my friends today, whom by wisdom i do respect..we talked much about the future we might have to face - what kinda life we want, what good job prospect we should look into, and etc..and all of these topics, there was one question that really bothering up till now, which is "how i could be self-sustainable?" (please understand this question from right perspective!)

of course, now, many are pursuing higher level of education, such as Masters of PHD..but, how many really understand the purpose of achieving all these high standards? how many of them are preparing to face the harsh facts of real world? how many of them are really setting their long-term goals? and many more..and alas, i was one of these people, who are planning to get as high level of education as possible without knowing my real purpose! in fact, my goal used to get a good job with considerably big pay from any multinational companies, and after years of service, i would enjoy my big pension with my future grandkids..i may have a considerably good life, but was that the maximum thing i could do? NOPE! what if i were using my skills and knowledge to get myself richer rather than merely making big money for the riches? well, i left this question for you to answer...salam

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