Thursday, April 21, 2011


have you ever been in situation in which people asking you silly questions like, "tengah makan ker?"  "tengah buat kerja?" or even worse "tengah buat apa sekarang" whereas it's clearly that you are on phone with him/her...haha..sometimes,i found it to be very funny, but most of the time, it just seems stupid..

dudes, can we be more selective or thoughtful before we start talking? or are we really a society for asking stupid questions? hahaha..

but, as i was  going through the twitter updates recently, i found some people trying to make big of non-important issues, such as 1malaysia email, ***** sex video and etc..dudes, instead of discussing the feasibility of having 1malaysia email, or anything sewaktu dengannya, could we actually engage in more crucial issues, such as Lynas issue? or are we not only a society that asks stupid questions, but also discusses dumb issues? hahaha


  1. Or maybe because we're ruled by the dumbs that we're influenced to ask effing stupid questions? Or maybe we're just too curious over stupid matters that the government is trying to prove? Or maybe we're just too blind to see the big things? Or it could be the leaders itself is playing dumb over something not really important? What say you? Coz from what I see, it's not stupid discussions or stupid arguments. It's just how people express themselves. So to get better understanding, they rather ask the so called stupid questions and making big fuss out of it than being fooled by the society. Doesn't it work that way? Oh well, when people asking you questions they don't know, doesn't mean they're stupid. LITTLE DO YOU KNOW IT. Or maybe you're just don't wanna know. IDK. But yeah, stupid questions are indeed stupid. But if everyone were to ask the same questions, then it's not stupid anymore. Geddit? OR wait, some people may see something unimportant or out of their interest. But not everyone has the same perspective. So I prefer not to judge the majority and try to be different.

  2. on "maybe because we're ruled by the dumbs "

    yes, i agreed.but, do we have to be as dumb as they are?

    on "some people may see something unimportant or out of their interest"

    yes, each individual has his/her own perspective..but, don't get yourself diverted from the real important issues - that's my point

    on "So I prefer not to judge the majority and try to be different"

    anyway, i'm not against the majority. don't get me wrong here..disagree doesn't mean you are totally against it.. ;)

  3. I dont think we should blame others for our dumbness.
    just saying.

    if he's a dumbs i'm not sure if i'm a dumb too.

    i do agree with you mr optimist.
    and I dont understand why people make big fuss of an unnecessary matter.

    feels like everything had been politicized.

    ergh. dont you think that's sooo annoying?


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