Sunday, April 10, 2011


i pray that someday in the future, Malaysians would finally have open access societies, in which people, regardless of their regions, religions, or races, would have fair access to quality education, good jobs, reliable social security system, and capital. Plus, i wish at that time, the middle-class would be substantially empowered in which their voices and concerns are attentively heard by the gov in charge. I also hope that the role of gov during that time would be minimized as much as possible so to allow the creation of small-government system..The debate that would take place in Parliament would be more matured, and have more substance! i wish, at time, people in every places can speak and write well in English. Also, difference in term of faith would not be manipulated by any group, and every people respect each others. and i really hope entrepreneurial attitude would flourish in every societies - only then, we could live happily ever after!  ;)  

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