Saturday, April 16, 2011

[mini] - LIBRARY

nowadays, you can easily get one e-book reader with considerably cheap price; yes, very cheap since there are zillions brands of e-book reader are now available in the market - so, the developers are now competing with the price so to get buyers  - the cheaper their product is, the more potential customers they might have! yes, it happens almost everywhere in technology-based business; plus, with "reverse-engineering" technique, people can easily come up with new "model" of iPhone, for example! thus, it makes me wondering what Patent Protection is actually doing! 

well, back to the actual topic, though there are many cheap e-book readers, i don't find any of them to be very appealing since i'm still an "old-fashioned" reader. I STILL LOVE paper-based BOOKS! well, it's kinda different for me to read "book" on black/white screen..if you were like me, the old-fashioned reader, you might know that each book would give you different "SMELL!" it's that smell that keeps you reading the book over and over again! with the e-book reader, the smell is gone!

so, i've decided to not invest my money buying the e-book reader! but, somehow, i need to "spice up" my reading experience! haha .. so, i found all these cool pictures:

i call this as "biblio-bed"

simple, but seems so appealing to me

another creative design: "biblio-chair"

well, combing all these, i might have books everywhere in my future house: in my bedroom, living room, as well as my office room! it may sound too "BOOKISH" tho! hahaha "happy reading, guys!"


  1. nice. i agree with the 'smell' part. that's the exact reason why i don't really like reading on screen stuff actually.

    btw, bukan kita tak elok duduk atas buku ke? hehe. just saying..

  2. e-book is one of the alternative to preserve the nature. cutting down forest to produce limited excess of knowledge is not efficient.

    by having e-book more people could excess to it plus you are now at the moment one of the e-book style writer as you are using blog to express yourself.

    old-fashioned is always the best but do we really need the best in this modern world? we just need efficiency :D

  3. n:

    on "bukan kita tak elok duduk atas buku ke"

    - i was used to believe that too..but, i realized that book is just a pile of papers arranged in logical order - so, one way to show respect is by spreading & practicing the knowledge acquired from it


    on "e-book is one of the alternative to preserve the nature"

    - totally agree! but, it's just my personal preference..yet, if the world was really "dying", maybe i'd consider to buy e-book reader so to conserve our forest..

    on "e-book style writer as you are using blog"

    - u got me! haha

  4. DUDE!!!! i agreee! hahaha i need to hold the book and i need to buy the fucking book even though it is expensive..

    Im building up my library of self development books. Very interesting and very informative rather than fiction books.

    But yes i agree, i need the smell, the texture, some deformed alphabets, and so much more. That is reading BOOK! thats why it is called as A BOOk not E-Book.. EW- book hahaha

    cheers mate.
    and goodluck for your senior design. must be hellish huh?

    bila grad? tak nak ajak aku ke?


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