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"We search constantly for love, a nature of humans, to want and wanting to be wanted. To love and to get love. I am no expert in this matter, by far I am a novice. A novice that doesn’t have feelings, not that I don’t want to feel, it’s just that I can’t.

You know how we all think that the first is always the best? The one that you’ll remember the most, the best that you can experience? All subsequent are downhill from that. The first date, the first wedding, the first sight, all are precious and significant to us, the first anniversary…

But the thing about love, which puzzles me, is that it does not follow the rule of nature, where the first one to cross the finish line is the winner. Love, rather, go against every single logic and thinking, it works on its own realm. 

The best love, is the last love that you can experience, the one that when you’re battered and stripped  down and you have absolutely nothing, and the world is all against you, yet you know there is your other who still stands by your side.against everything, with you. [my favorite lines]

The best love is when you’re 90 yet you’re still holding hands, wrinkled the face and hands, weak and counting days, yet you still have each other. That you feel calm and fulfilled.

With regards to love, we should gun for the last, the one that has no other right after. Throw out the logic and thinking, because to be happy, we need to search for our last love. The love that would last forever."

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this post reminds me of one particular scene in "Growns Up" movie;

guy    : do you know that you're my 26th girl? [note: i just make up the number]
girl     : i don't care how many girls were before me as long as i am your last one!    ;)

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