Friday, December 16, 2011

life is a struggle

whether you like it or not,
life is nothing but a struggle,
a struggle for the better,
a struggle for one's survival,
a struggle so the truth prevails over the false.

whether you realize it or not,
it's a struggle that keeps us alive,
it's a struggle that motivates us to "give" more,
it's a struggle that makes us celebrating every little things in our lives.

struggle is like any other journey,
only that,
it drains our energy,
it requires our commitment,
it tests our patience

it's a struggle,
that defines who we are,
in the eyes of the people,
and most importantly,
in the eyes of God, the Almighty! 

so folks,
do champion any cause,
that you think it's good for the people,
do choose any ways you prefer,
as long as,
it doesn't cross the boundaries,
as long as,
it makes you closer to God, the Merciful!

"salam perjuangan!"

1 comment:

  1. struggle with an objective because without objective human will lost


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