Tuesday, December 6, 2011

some updates

salam folks,

1. it has been awhile since my last post - nonetheless, lately, there have been many things happening in my life

2. firstly, my 2nd eldest sis is now married, while my eldest sis is about to deliver her first baby (thus, my first nephew) within this week; i pray to Allah so that she and her-yet-to-be-born baby are in good conditions! ;)

3. my beloved aunt had just returned from Mecca, and i've noticed she's changed a lot since (for the better, for sure)..i pray to Allah so that her Hajj will be accepted

4. last week, UMNO just had her last general assembly before the 13th election; i'm pretty sure this assembly was held specifically to prepare the party members for the election; i hope UMNO, under Najib's administration, would reject all dirty politics in her campaign - to all young party members, you should remind your senior party members that we can no longer stick to old strategies to win people's vote - the political landscape has changed dramatically since 2008

5. Alhamdulillah, yesterday i managed to attend a kuliah at the nearby mosque - the message conveyed by the speaker was simple, but very clear..it reminded me again about our purpose of life; 

6. i've been talked to one of my senior colleagues - again, this conversation have reminded me that i'm not a kid anymore; hence, i should become more responsible not only to myself but people around me..i should, then, utilize my life to the fullest so that i won't be regret when i'm dead! ;)

7. yeah, that's it for now..i wish you guys all the best; remember, whatever path you may have chosen, it's the best for you; whatever problems you may encounter in your life journey, they are actually opportunities for you to grow! folks, go check Surah At-Talaq, verse #3 - it's very meaningful! ;)

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  1. setuju! cara pendekatan 'Ustaz' juga harus berubah agar menitikberatkan juga nilai kemajuan seiring dengan nilai keagamaan. Semoga kegemilangan Islam kembali semula~just my 2cents


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