Saturday, February 19, 2011

Congrats Egyptians!

Salaam Alaikum,

i think it's still not late for me to congratulate my brothers and sisters in Egypt, regardless of their religions and backgrounds, for a very sound victory to defeat the Mubarak's regime. now, it's time for them to change the whole corrupted system for the better. May Allah bless all of them for this struggle.

anyway, in reality, the struggle of Egyptians is far away to be done. The victory to dispose Mubarak and his cabinet buddies was just a beginning..there're lots of things to be done in future, which demands more commitment and sacrifice..yet, i'm very optimistic that these people, especially their youths, would be successful in forming a new fair and just system, regardless of any!

but, it's not the issue far as i'm concerned about the Egyptians struggle, i'm more worried about our people..when the turmoil started in Egypt, i was happy to see how many of my friends were very concerned - almost everybody changed their FB status, for example, to show their strong support for these Egyptians..i was surprised, but more likely to be amazed with this sudden change of fact, i was learning a lot from them: the history of Egypt, their struggles, and etc..yes, it sounded very promising to me! alas, when the turmoil settled, i rarely see or hear any comments of Egypt..are they not interested anymore? or do they think the struggle of Egyptians is over? and many more..

well, if the answer was yes for any of the above questions, i might be happy..but, if not, something might be wrong! it leads me to this very crucial question: "adakah kita berbunyi mengikut trend semasa?" if that was the case, i feel so sorry..maybe, we should tell our people to start doing something because they believe so, not merely because of others! otherwise, we could easily be fooled by mass crowd! think before act! ;) 

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