Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone!

just imagine how scare was our Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) when he first got the revelation from Allah to spread His Message to the all mankind.. was it easy for the Prophet (p.b.u.h) to teach his ignorant people of this new faith (Islam)? Alhamdulillah, the Prophet  (p.b.u.h) managed to get out of his comfort zone so to spread the message of Islam..and now, there are billions of Muslims all around the world! We should thank  the Prophet  (p.b.u.h) for his struggles so to free us from all kinds of superstitious rituals, practiced by our ancestors, to the worship of the one and only God, ALLAH! 

now, if we really love Prophet Muhammad  (p.b.u.h), we should follow all of his footprints - firstly, by getting out from our comfort zone! once, we manage to live outside of this zone, only then, all subsequent changes (i.e. mindset, attitude, etc) will take place..but, how to define this zone? frankly, i, myself, don't have any ultimate answer for the question for it varies individually..perhaps, for me, my comfort zone is to live my life as others do, which mean i don't have the gut to do differently..maybe, my comfort zone is to get myself surrounded with people, of whom have the same ideology as mine! possibly, my comfort zone is to always depending on others to get all my works done, w/o me, putting sufficient efforts on it..and the list goes on!

in conclusion, getting out of this zone might not be a pleasure thing to do..instead, many times, you'd find that you're indeed fighting w/ your inner-self (soul).. and, believe me, it is the most unpleasant, terrible fight ever! don't easily give up, and  blindly follow you heart - indeed, use your mind, and have firm belief that Allah will help you on this so-called self-war! 


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