Sunday, February 27, 2011

just another thoughts

1) religion

i can see the beauty in Islam, and thus i'm very proud to be Muslim..the fact that i was born and raised as a Muslim is a great privilege to me - i don't have to struggle to find the TRUTH since it's already parents have done great job so far by providing a very good basic understanding of Islam..and for that again, i'm so grateful..but, for all the knowledge, pertaining to Islam, that i have acquired so far, i'm still longing to know more..

but, as far as i appreciate all the knowledge taught to me by either any Muslim scholars, peers, roommates, or strangers, i, personally, prefer to know more about values in Islam..i don't agree when someone puts too much stress on, "what should/shouldn't do (halal & haram)" in Islam..yes, it's true, that everyone should be reminded of that for as a human being, naturally, we're forgetful..yes, it's true that in Islam, HALAL and HARAM is very clear...but, quoting from one Muslim scholars, whom i forgot his name, we should now see the world not only in black and, my humble suggestion is that, instead of keep telling others about HALAL & HARAM in Islam, what if we tell them the real Islamic values: justice, respect, tolerance, hardworking and etc..that i believe would be more effective since it's the values that do matter at the end..yet, it's not that i'm saying we could do everything we want..what is HARAM remains HARAM, and vice only concerns is for us to not put too much stress on that scope: we should broaden our understandings by promoting & practicing all the good values in Islam.. 

2) pics

there was someone asking me, during a Malaysians conference, which keeps me wondering a lot: "why for every occasions, there should be a photo session at the end?" well, it seemed funny at first, but once i gave it some thoughts, it did make sense! i'm not a fan of photo-taking! yet, i do appreciate all wonderful pics, captured by some people since not everyone could do the same..however, i partly agree that pics could tell you everything for as far as i'm concerned, not every photo we see is REAL! sometimes, we could see a photo of married couple smiling and holding each other's hand, like they are happy being together..but, the reality is way different from what is shown in the pic! hence, don't get ourselves easily deceived by photos, especially when they are pics of politicians - you know what i mean, right? haha ;)

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