Friday, February 4, 2011


1) is it interesting to see how a small country like Tunisia can aspire people of Egypt to fight their current corrupted, and incompetent oppressive government?

2) who are the people behind Hosni Mubarak? i suppose these people, whoever they are, must be very powerful, and thus very much influential..anyone to make a guess??

3) what would really happen after all these upheavals and struggles? who will then restore the peace and stability of these countries?

4) what really make these people upset towards their government? is it because of poor economic management, or the denial of their basic human rights?

5) who will be benefited from the current revolution? is it the people or the sponsor of the newly formed government? if the later was true, who would then be the sponsor?

6) why it takes so long for people to realize? 30 years living under oppressive government was not a short period of time..

7) and the questions go on..

8) but, as much as i'm happy for the current struggles of Egyptians, i believe that change can always go into two directions: better or worse..i hope it would lead to the better future for all these countries..

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