Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ipman (Yip Man) ~ Inspired!

things have not been so well for me lately - all projects i'm working right now seem not very promising, in which the chance of failure is way higher than success..yet, i don't really care much about the results; it's the process that matters to, i'm really in a confusing mode right now - this explains the reason for me to seclude myself from others..i think, it's better to let only myself to be confused, rather dragging others into this disarray..sorry, if i seem to be a bit cold! ;)

anyway, enuf of complaining for  it's not what i really want to share with u today! i was blessed, i guess, for being able to watch ipman (1&2) lately..tho, i'm more to believe that everything shown in the movies, was way much to be exaggerate,d but deeply inside, i was and am really inspired with this man's characters - of all good things about him, i prefer his integrity! i have never seen such a noble man like he was - a very good father and husband, as well as a loyal person to his communities and friends..seriously, you guys have to watch these movies..

while watching these movies, i was wondering, if Yip Man could be such a great guy, what about our Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h)? .i assume, Prophet Muhammad should be way way way way better than Yip Man! in fact, our Prophet is declared by Allah to be the best human being in the Koran..with that in mind, try to imagine how great Our Prophet was - his r/ship with Allah, his families, his companions, and etc..this really tickles my curious mind to know more about his characters and life..if only i could live during his lifetime, i would be the luckiest man in the world..but, that's not gonna happen.. ;)

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