Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Studying in America is Awesome!

I just had a little conversation with my friend a few days ago..We were studying in the same high school..Indeed, we had been in the same class even since we were in form 3..Well, he's now engaged with someone also from our high school..Congrats for both of you..Hopefully, I could attend your wedding day [Honestly, I'm looking forward to attend my first ever bachelor party]

Anyway, he had also mentioned his plan to pursue his tertiary study abroad. Of course, it would be typical of me to get excited for other's success..He asked my opinion in regards to my so-called experience studying in the States..

Well, my answer [as expected] was that I have been enjoying my 1 and half year in the States..The education system is not as rigid as it is in the UK..But, to say that you would spend more time playing rather than studying in regards to US education system is absolutely ridiculous and ignorant...[Believe me, at least, there are still a few in Malaysia thinking this way]

Hence, to justify my statement that "Studying in America is Awesome" I have listed a few reasons as follows:

  • The purpose of US education is to build up people, not to judge them.
  • There are many presentations, waiting for you..
  • Some of my professors do not believe in memorization. Hence, we don't have to "burn our midnight oil" remembering facts and figures.
  • Understanding of a subject is very important. More time is utilized to give students better understanding of a given topic..Thus, the exam's questions would be more general rather than being too detailed.
  • Students' are encouraged to challenge the professors rather than nodding their heads..
  • Last but not least, we are allowed to make mistakes. I still remember this so-meaningful advice given to us by my very-own EE Professor during our final class of Fall2009, "Those who don't make mistake are learning nothing." [Well, he's telling us this as a response to our final projects..Almost of us failed in completing this project..Of course, that includes me]
Anyway, at the end, all these reasons are just based on my observations and limited experiences..I know some would come up with different arguments as to justify his/her stands.. By the way this is my own blog..Hence, I have the authority to speak my minds..Well, My Words, My Freedom

p/s: I'm leaving to Florida in 12 hours..Hopefully, I would enjoy this trip..Please pray for my safety during my 9-day stay in the Southern part of the States... :p

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