Monday, December 28, 2009

Florida Beaches or B******??

As I am writing this, it is only two days left before I'm flying to Florida..Speaking of Florida, I have one interesting story to share with u..I was damn excited when I knew I would be going to Florida during this winter break..To make it much much fun, this trip would be a "BOYS' TRIP." [Boys just love to travel with their boys buddies, especially when they are going to Florida....Well, I'm pretty sure that many boys would agree with me]

ANYWAY, that's not the story yet...So, it has been my routine to inform my parents [for me, PARENTS means MOM, lol] whenever I'm travelling..Hence, as a tradition, with my usual tone and voice, I told my mom that I would be going to Florida..Once I mentioned the word Florida, she gave me this quick reply, "Hey, are you going there to enjoy the beauty of beaches or b******?" Well, as a good son, I replied my mom with three simple words, "What about both?" And, here is the funny part when she gave me her very cool advice, " Nanti Jangan Lupa SEMBAHYANG TAUBAT di malam hari!" LOL...I never expect that kind of answer from my mom..

But, for me, Florida is much much more attractive than their infamous b******! Anyway, there are a lot of interesting places that you could visit..Here is the list of places that I would be visiting during my 9-day stay in Florida:

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  1. fuiyoo...
    org tu pegi florida....
    ramai gile org g florida
    ko xde terserempak dgn mana2 org mlayu ke
    dak vandy ke?


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