Sunday, December 27, 2009

NJ Nets vs Houston Rockets

It was raining 5 hours ago, and I was in Izod Center, watching a NBA game. It was between NJ Nets and Houston Rockets. To be honest, at first, I was damn excited to watch Rockets playing..Yeah, who on earth is not excited to have great players, such as Yao Ming, and Trevor Ariza, playing right in front of you..

Yet, as I was entering the game arena, the feeling turned otherwise..The spirit of supporting our not-so-great home team was mounting...I started to join the crowd to cheer for the Nets...Yeah, "GO NETS!" :-) But, as I was screaming for the Nets, there were two drunken girls sitting not-so-far behind me..These girls were the die-hard-fan for Rockets...Sometimes, their voices could be barely heard, chanting for their team..Damn it! They might be very happy as Rockets beat Nets by 98-93, 5 points victory.

Nevertheless, I think this game was won by Rockets simply by the fact that Nets is not being a good team..If it was Cavaliers that played Rockets just now, the result would be simply overturned..Rockets was not playing at their best level, I guess..Merely because Yao Ming was not there..Speaking of Cavaliers, I would be missing their match on January 2nd..They will be coming here, entertaining NJ Nets. Although the results could be known even without watching the game, I'm just disappointed for not being able to watch my admired player Lebron James playing..Yeah, thank God I will be in Florida when the Cavs are coming here..

Anyway, I'm thinking to come again watching other games. I know NJ Nets is not a really strong team, in which you can devote your time and money, but I just love to be in the "game-mode." The feeling is awesome, watching thousands of people with their very own ways supporting their beloved team..Furthermore, it is really sweet just to see so many people coming with their families..I think this is a way of strengthening the bond between their family members..and for me, it works!

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