Friday, December 25, 2009

My Way of Living My Life


Life as a college student isn't really fun...Isn't it? Tonnes of HW's and project papers just make my life more miserable.. But, by hook or by crook, i have to go through this misery and hardship for at least 1 and half years... To make it even worse, i have to start thinking about my Senior Design (SD) Project. There are always many questions popped up in my mind when talking about my SD: What project should I choose? What area that I'm really interested in? and the list goes on...Yeah, I know that it is kinda pathetic for me to start worrying about that..But,i can't get rid it off from my mind. I even feel sorry to myself :[

As i said, my life is getting worse day by day, month by month...But, fortunately, I've found a very interesting way to live my life from today onwards..Although, it is just a flowchart, I found it very helpful..So far, it works for me..I would recommend to those who have the same trouble as mine...

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  1. dis is my favorite one so far..the chart was a great help,haha..:)thnx and gud luck wif the new semester..write sumtin funny,will definitely be a stress reliever for me..haha,thnx again


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