Sunday, December 27, 2009

Moving Out in Cold Weather is NOT REALLY COOL!

My house mates and I will be moving out in a two-day time..We will be temporarily staying in one of our junior's on-campus house..It's lucky enough for us since they won't be on-campus for at least 2 weeks..Their house would be OUR HOUSE then..

But, moving out during winter is not cool enough..I think it's kinda curse for us since this would be our second time carrying our stuffs from one house to another. Considering how difficult it was when we were moving out last winter, I could say that this time would be even worse..Unlike last year, this time would be waaaaayyyy troublesome since our belongings are much much much a lot and bigger...Only God knows!

But thinking of all hardship that we had and would endure as we're moving out, I could say that it is "nothing" as compared to other's adversities..At least, we still have our friend's house..Let's consider those homeless guys, who have no place to sleep, no money to buy "good foods," no family members to cling on, and etc...

I have included a picture of those unfortunate people sleeping at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, in Manhattan, NY..This picture was taken on the Christmas Day this year..

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