Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Reasons of Blogging

Finally,I have decided to start blogging..Yeahhh...It's kinda worthy to tell you that I have been thinking of doing this a long time ago..I asked some of friends the reason they are blogging..Many gave me a common answer: "To share our thoughts, and experiences with others." Fuuhhhh..That's not really a convincing answer, tho..Then, what does really encourage me to have my own blog? Here are my reasonings:

1) I'm bad in writing..Perhaps, my writing skills would be improving after tonnes of postings.

2) I'm lacking of expressions..It is absolutely true that I can't even describe myself in more than 5 minutes. Hopefully, by blogging, i could express myself in a more enthusiastic way. Expressing myself in a way that people could understand me better.

3) My instinct told me to do so..Yeah, it is true that sometimes you need to believe in your inner thought. Your subconscious mind would never tell lies ;)

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