Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great Lesson

if there was a lesson that i'll pass to my kids, or my grandkids is to always be humble..i just learned this from one great man, whom i recently got to know personally..prior of this, i barely knew him tho i read some of his fact, he was not ashamed to acknowledge his weaknesses, regardless of  how prestigious his current reputation is..well, i might disagree with some of his views, being that politically, socially, or even religiously, yet i do subscribe to his idea that we, as a human being, should be humble enough to keep learning; being that from tonnes of failures or successes we might may assume i do exaggerate as i described him; and yes, you're right..i did exaggerate bout him..yet, deep down in my heart i already assume him as my mentor; and for those, who were lucky enough to join Alif Ba Ta conference this year, you might as well know who this person is..

well, some might admire a person who has the same belief as he/she does..but, in my case, it's entirely different..between him and me, there are a lot of differences..and these contradicts have made me to reconsider all my views again..maybe there were some fallacies of which i am yet to identify..besides, i also learned on how to show respects to others: it's not about laying down red carpet to show how we honor a person; rather how we value all the advices he/she might give to fact, i was told not to show excessive respect to people since it might lead me to be a stupid follower, instead of the supportive one..

and for all these lesson, i feel blessed..maybe this's how Allah teaches me by sending a person, whom i rarely meet, but once met, i am significantly inspired...

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