Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Week, but....

This week is the busiest week ever...two tests, followed by some group meetings, and etc...i know mine is "nothing" as compared to those successful, and great people like Bill, Bill Gates works 24/7, that is why, he could be such a billionaire...i'm not sure the fact is true or not, but that was what i have been told by my lecturer..yet, i'm pretty sure, he is such a busy guy! no doubts!

...and thinking from the bright side, keeping yourself busy is such a good way to avoid you from thinking useless things, like a saying, "an idle brain is the devil's workshop!" but, to be honest, i'm physically, and mentally exhausted right now! i really need a break...

..but, as Ust. Hasrizal said during an interview with MHI (if i'm not mistaken), those, who can enter JANNAH (Paradise) are those great people.. and as far as i'm concerned, great people will never ever give up...and there is one more thing that really keeps my spirit up! i quoted from fazrul's fb status:

"Antara 'Saya tahu" dan 'Allah Tahu" - dua perkataan berbeza yang membawa attitude berbeza dalam memahami ihdinas siral al mustaqeem. Bila kita amalkan 'Allah tahu', kita akan menjadi amat resourceful dalam hidup seharian dan tidak cepta hilang semangat."

..and if God-Willing, i'll try my best to keep myself survive! :)

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