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"if it is to be, it is up to me," by Syeikh Omar

I just finished listening to this lecture, "if it is to be, it is up to me" by Syeikh Omar..i guess it is appropriate for me to share with all of you what i got for this lecture..the following is some notes that i was able to take..sorry for any mistakes and grammatically incorrect:

MASTER PIES - "if it is to be, it is up to me!" by Syeikh Omar

Islamic perspective (the lecture):

-clearly right.
-when one is very close to Allah: Hadith - when he grabs something, it is like Allah grabs that thing.
-Allah's will is one's will - if only one is close to Allah
-working under Allah's will --> working things that have been destined.
-if you become loyal to the cause of Muhammad, Allah will be with you!
-surah Ta Ha:
- chest : - the intelligence of oneself
- can strecth and shrink
-are we comfortable with our Islam? ashamed, perhaps?
- we must have certain level of understanding of Islam.
- so that, we could be independent from any abuse (inside or outside)
- Nuh (conveyed message of Allah (da'wah) for 900 hundred years.

-the attitudes of mu'min:
- reaches for the stars (but never ask for any difficulties to reach the stars)
- Rasulullah said, "don't ask for difficulties"
- there is nothing easy except what Allah has made it easy
- your goal must be very clear, don't be vague!
- do it something that is very useful for human being
- don't just do it something randomly with goaless attitude!
- study Islam in an organized way
- understanding of the goal (broader than knowledge - specific)
-has complete determination
-admit one's weaknesses -->seeking support from his brothershood!

-surah al-Falaq:
- lesson: Ibn Qayyim: a believer should never take a test by himself, unless he has five believers with him -> there is a need to have partnership/companionship
- especially when your family is not supportive in Allah's cause!

-understandig of the will of Allah:
- ask Allah to give one support!
- when u have determined to do something for the sake of Allah, then let it to Him
- determination is very essential --> but, one should have clear goal
- one must be aware of one's weakenesses --> find someone with have specific strength that one is lacking of.

-two ways of getting closer to Allah:
- doing things that are mandatory
- extra things like tahajjud!

-sweetness of doing tasbih is different when you are in different situation. i.e. one is in Allah's cause with one is not part of the cause
- to avoid of being hyprocritical.
- when one is saying bad to you, your soul would be dirty. only the time of remembrance of Allah, your soul would be cleansed.
-it is impossible that Allah won't help one, who is in the cause of Allah
-if your will is line with whatever that Allah has decided to you, you are part of making history
-the rise of Islam is happening --> Islam has been the center of discussion --> e.g: doing da'wah
-it's a trick of syaitan to alter your priority when you are working in the cause of Allah
-every test begins with communication --> one should perferct his communication --> so that one can move people in right direction by creating the emotion
-calling Muslim to shariah, but calling non-Muslims to Allah
-look for one's family first to seek support
-if you ask Allah's help, but you don't work for the cause of Allah, then you just make Allah like your luckycharm
-starts from firaid
-change begins with choice
-life is a choice we made
- be a person who accepts the will of Allah --> Allah's will is in line with where history is moving


-be with the people, who make you better
-to have behavior to engage in constructive people
-to look from perspective of behavior
-perfect imaan - one who loves things for Allah, and dislikes some for the sake of Allah

-how to build relationship with Allah:
- doing something that is easier for you for the sake of Allah first
- can you do something consistently for what Allah has made easier for you?
- eg: fasting
- read something that you like and easier for you
- make firm what you are already good..and then add on!

* spread the words of Allah to the mankind if it is only a verse!"

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