Monday, March 1, 2010

Ecuador or Norway? of course, not Malaysia!

summer is getting closer...i can't wait to feel the heat since i'm so done with this cold weather..unlike the last summer, this one is promising a new experience for me, i mentioned in my previous post, i'm planning to do a research project for about 10 weeks..and of course, other than priceless experience i might get, my school is also paying me 350usd/, in total, i could get around 3500usd, together with free summer housing..yet, i'm still undecided on what project i might be working of now, i'm pretty sure that i'll be working in wireless communication area..and the deadline to submit my proposal is due in a month..i guess i should start seeing my faculty more frequently...

anyway, as i'm preparing myself to do the whole 10-week research in Stevens, i just got an email from Dean Shepperd...he offered us, the scholar students, to do part of the 10-week research in other countries like Norway, Ecuador, and Malaysia..yet, the airline fee would be on our own expense..the school will only cover our tuition fee while we are there...

so, from all these three choices, i have already discarded one of them; environmental research in UKM, Malaysia...of course, among these three options, this one is the cheapest one...yet, quoting from Dean Cescmibasi, my undergraduate dean, "well, since you are from Malaysia, i don't think you might want to do the research need to find new places so that you'll get new experiences." and i think he was, i am left with two, here are the pros and cons for both options:

  • Ecuador : the research would be conducted in 3-week time..and it will be about sustainable engineering stuffs..i guess, it would be more like green engineering...yet, as far as i was told, the cost for the whole trip would be more or less 3000usd...that'll cost lots of money...

  • Norway: the total cost is yet to be disclosed..i bet it would be lower than the Ecuador one..nonetheless, this research is yet to be confirmed since they need certain number of participants from our, if there is inadequate number, the collaboration would be cancelled..

...and i haven't decided on either of these trips yet...the excitement to get knowing new places and new people is, undeniably, overwhelmed...i have to admit that..but, i have to consider many stuffs before i could come up with a decision..for example, i have to consider about my health insurance, visa, and etc....anyway, now, i'm preparing myself to write a proposal for my research in any ideas about wireless communication??? please let me know!

...and on the other hand, i think i can now feel the spring breeze...the today's weather is really's above freezing it a sign that the winter is already over??

* the only thing i would be missing is that there is no more snow fight when the winter passed..sigh!

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