Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i was used to complain every time i didn't get what i do really want..especially, when i have put too much effort on seemed like this world acts unjustly to you, and you're just the victim of this unfair system! but, the more you think about it, you would eventually realize the fact that you're behaving not better than animals; complaining and complaining!

my point here is, how could you, with such comparably limited knowledge, could know what is really the best for you! yes, you could and should plan your future..i want this and that when i am at this certain age..indeed, i do really agree that "those who fail to plan is planning to fail!" but, regardless of how perfect or thorough your plan is, ALLAH's plan is always better! He, the Almighty, knows what you and your comrades don't know! so, bear in mind that, whatever it is, ALLAH will never act unjustly to patient, and keep asking for ALLAH's favors so that He would ease your affairs in this dunya and Hereafter..amin..

* spread the words of God to mankind even it is only a verse!

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