Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go Cavs!

The Cavs defeated the Nets by 19 points..and of course, Lebron James was the man of the match, i guess...he was simply too good for the Nets...anyway, the game was a bit boring...The Nets not even gave the Cavs a good game...

...since i forgot to bring my camera to the game, there would be no pics i could show you..anyway, one thing i'm pretty sure about this game is that it did attract big crowd..but, ironically, most of the them were Cavs' fans..only a few did support the Nets..

...anyway, the Orlando Magic is coming here on Friday...again, they will go against the Nets...based on the previous records, i could say that the Magic would have an easy win over the Nets as the Cavs did..

...what a pity Nets...even me, who is living in New Jersey, is not a fan of them...hehe

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