Tuesday, March 2, 2010


....thank God, finally, i get my resume done...now, i just need it to be proofread, before i could submit it to my advisor for final approval...

...and next is to draft my proposal for this summer research...hopefully, i could get it done by the spring break...

...speaking of spring break, i have no plan so far..staying on campus for the whole week, maybe? hahaha...that's not a good idea..indeed, it would be my worst holiday ever if i do that...as far as i'm concerned, some of my friends are going to Texas..or should i say, they're gonna have a road trip to Texas...ain't it crazy? haha...but, i guess that's what we, the youngsters, like the most; doing the craziest ever thing while we still can..

....but, just before the break, i have to prepare myself for two midterms, and one test...the first one would be on this Thursday...please pray for my success! amin..not to forget, my group mates and i have to submit a report for our design 6 project...this project is more likely gonna be our senior design project...so far, we have decided to work on an autopilot airplane...speaking of this project, it would involve lots of image processing, which i have no idea so far...hopefully, my group members could guide me...but, one thing for sure, i'm already excited to learn this new stuff...

....besides, i haven't completed my previous wishlists yet...LCD HDTV? wedding's gifts? and etc....i wish i could buy all these things in one shot..but, due to my current financial condition, i have to say NO to any irresponsible spending...haha...but, i always believe in one thing; if i was meant to have all these things, i would get them eventually..ALLAH will help me in one way or another..but, with one condition, which is i have to, first, fulfill all my responsibilities as a Servant to My LORD!

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