Sunday, March 21, 2010

Step 1

"first" steps of being a successful engineer:

--> i'll be concentrating more on technical more politics, or whatsoever, that has nothing to do w/ engineering stuffs..this's so important as to build up this so-called engineering mindset..the way you think is very crucial to determine what course of action you might take..yeah, like my professor said, "when you see something, you should see it from an engineer's perspective!"

--> a good engineer is indeed a great problem solver! so, instead of seeing a problem as a problem, one should see it as an opportunity..meaning that, an engineer has no fear facing w/ problems, given that they are technical or not...

--> "engineer is the best and coolest profession in today's world." yes, i should keep reminding myself that this statement is TRUE! hey, can anyone tell me other professions, which had contributed to this world as much as engineers did? hehe (am joking!)

--> keep telling myself that i would eventually become an engineer! i should, from now, be able to imagine myself having my own engineering firm! hehe...(law of attraction!)

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