Tuesday, November 9, 2010

English Pronunciation is just INSANE!

yesterday, while doing a volunteering work, i met with one old guy..he was also there so to prepare foods for homeless..so, as we were peeling potatoes, he suddenly asked me to pronounce this one word : GOTHI

well, as a non-native English speaker, i pronounced it in a way that the nons are supposed to speak..so, i pronounced GO as go, and THI as tea..and, then, he laughed at me..well, not an evil laugh, as far as i was concerned..and then, he told me that English pronunciation simple doesn't make sense..anyway, he told me the right way of pronouncing that word was as follows:

G as is enouGh
O as is wOmen
THI as is naTIon

and simply by combining the phonetic of each alphabets/words, the word sounds WAAAAAAAAYYYYY different then its spelling..oh, gosh! i never thought that English can be this difficult..anyway, there was a women, whom I called as Elizabeth (Austin girl..no wonder she likes to wear cowboy hat together with her)..she was fluent in many languages, such as Spanish, French, Italian, German, and of course English..and she reaffirmed the fact that among all the languages she has mastered so far, English is the  hardest one!  ;)

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