Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tun Mahathir's Biography

i just finished watching the documentary of Mahathir's biography on History channel..and as a matter of fact, i'm so proud to have a great, and visionary leader, like him, in Malaysians history..for me, regardless of how disastrous policies he might have adopted throughout his premiership, that was part of being a leader: to make mistakes..yet, he's not a populist, as some current leaders are..he charted policies for the best of people's interest..and as far as i'm concerned, most of his visions were not warmly accepted by many Malaysians at the very beginning..but, as the time passed by, people started recognizing their benefits

but, i could surely say that i'm one of Mahathir's product, whom values educations and progressive more than my ancestors did..

for Tun, i pray for your well-being, and may Allah rewards you for all good deeds, and i, myself, have already forgiven you for all your mistakes.i will continue your struggle to change the Malays, so to be more progressive..but, in my own way! ;)

" I have failed to change the Malays throughout my 22 years of premiership"  - Tun Mahathir


  1. Usaha beliau untuk memberi keyakinan kepada kita bahawa kita akan lebih berjaya tanpa menggunakan tongkat adalah antara usaha yang tidak berapa berjaya tapi sekurang-kurangnya ada mata yang terbuka. Salah kita orang-orang Melayu sendiri.

  2. "memberi keyakinan" = giving hope.. reminded me to Sheikh Omar's talk that a great leader is the one who can create hope for his followers..

    -yes, agreed much!we are too dependent..myb we are still inherited oppressed mentality due to long time of colonialism..skang tugas kita makin berat.. hehe


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